• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

City Of Birmingham Canine Association 2018

Old English Sheepdog

Judge: Mr G Hill

BEST OF BREED : 3886 BACKHOUSE Mr & Mrs L J & P A Zottels Ferrari Fantasy At Noggybanks

Best Dog : 3886 BACKHOUSE Mr & Mrs L J & P A Zottels Ferrari Fantasy At Noggybanks

Res Best Dog : 3887 CHESHIRE Mrs A & Mr J Molyneux Start Me Up

Best Bitch : 3888 CRANE-DUPLOCK, Mrs I & DUPLOCK Mr G Shaggy Blue Bob's Way To Go With Mirene (Imp) JW

Res Best Bitch : 3902 NAISMITH Mrs C Zottels Honey Moon At Shaggybo Sh.CM

Best Puppy : 3904 PULLEN, Mrs L A & RUTLAND, Mrs S & PORTER Mrs T Honky Tonk Blues For Meadowbears

Best Veteran : 3912 WINSON Dr S & Mrs S Meisan Roly Poly Angelique

Best Junior : 3887 CHESHIRE Mrs A & Mr J Molyneux Start Me Up

‘Thank you’ to all today’s exhibitors for their entry and support. I enjoyed my judging of this fascinating, very old breed. When you have a breed with an abundance and particular texture of coat it always presents a challenge to all judges who have to get their hands through the coat and onto the body to very much balance conformation and breed characteristics. My observations in the main were of hindquarters needing to strengthen and rear movement to very much improve.


Class 1273 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3898 LAYBOURNE, Mr C & JOHNSON Miss A Mellowdee the Magician In Dominoesdale Sh.CM a 9 years old and in commendable coat and condition. Attractive head of pleasing size and proportion to the rest of him, dark eyes, strong jaws. Well arched neck, well boned true front, pleasing spring of rib and depth of chest, full bodied and satisfactory top-line.  Moved with purpose around although unsettled in rear action.

Class 1274 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3904 PULLEN, Mrs L A & RUTLAND, Mrs S & PORTER Mrs T Honky Tonk Blues For Meadowbears an 11 month old good natured puppy having a pleasing square profile. Well grown and well boned and looking more mature than 2nd. In profuse correct textured coat. Pleasing head and eyes; head set on well to satisfactory developed, true well boned front, pleasing angulations, sturdy body and stable hindquarters. Stands well over the ground and moved well both front and rear being more precise and controlled than 2nd. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: 3899 LAYBOURNE, Mr C & JOHNSON Miss A Mellowdee Paw In Thyme in Dominoesdale a very smart clean outline 6 month old youngster giving much away to 1st. Pleasing bone and body for his and has very promising conformation and scope for future development. I liked his head and overall construction though very much in the early stages of growth. Needs to stand out to show himself off to his best advantage. Movement was unsettled with a tendency to crab.

Class 1275 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3887 CHESHIRE Mrs A & Mr J Molyneux Start Me Up a very striking 16-month-old of pleasing overall size and proportions. One that was good to go over. Masculine well-proportioned head, strong deep jaws. Good length nicely arched neck, well-made front, ample body with tighter elbows than others in the class. Sturdy moderately angled hindquarters. presented an even proportioned well coated appearance. Moved well and free although close in rear action. Reserve Best Male.

2nd: 3895 JONES Mrs A Hickorystix Mr Bojangles At Cooljays a profusely coated 16 month old who did not present the pleasing proportions in side profile as 1st. Super temperament. Attractive head all together in expression, size and shape. True, strong boned front, substantial in body. Firm in back and broad in loin but needs to strengthen and come together in body to improve the look of his side profile. Moderate in hindquarters having desirable low hocks but need to be more parallel. Active movement but weak in hocks.

3rd: 3891 HALLADAY Mrs J & Mr M Royal Croft Kaboom Key (Imp)  

Class 1276 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3896 KIRBY Mr R & Mrs J Macopa Moment In Time a 20 month old heavily coated male who has a strong masculine head of good size and proportion. Dark eyes set well apart and giving a confident, friendly expression. True strong boned front, slightly long in body in proportion to height but having good ribbing and substance. Acceptable on the move going away but tended to pull to one side on return.

Class 1277 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3886 BACKHOUSE Mr & Mrs L J & P A Zottels Ferrari Fantasy At Noggybanks an imposing sturdily built male of attractive side profile being obviously masculine of square proportions and in impressive coat of correct texture. Strong and masculine in head totally in proportion to body. Well boned true front, well-made compact body with pleasing spring of ribs and being ribbed well back to a short gently rising broad loin. Good length well angled hindquarters with pleasing low hocks of parallel width which scored over others today. Moved with purpose with true forward extension and good width drive behind. Best Male and Best of Breed.

2nd: 3905 RATHBAND, Mr A K & FEALY Miss J Keynell Midnight Moon a 2½ year old well-presented and well-coated good-sized male. A little unsettled. Pleasing in side proportions and outline. Head and body compatible in proportions. true front and satisfactory conformation of forequarters. Pleasing spring of rib although would prefer more depth of chest and tighter elbows. Needs to be more settled on the move to give of his best.

3rd: 3890 FERGUSON Mrs A Mellowdee Moriarty with Lexalby Sh.CM

Class 1279 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3912 WINSON Dr S & Mrs S Meisan Roly Poly Angelique a 8½ year old of satisfying size and proportions. Mature coat of desirable texture. Very attractive head feminine in expression and in proportion to her body. Well made true well boned front with pleasing fore-chest and width. She has substance of body, spring and depth of chest and correct in top-line. Movement was a bit lethargic.

Class 1280 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3889 DEAKIN Miss S J Holanja Goody Too Shoes At Darwillow a very promising 11 month old very attractive in side profile presenting an appearance which is of correct proportions and outline. I liked her head both in size, shape and expression. Pleasing reach of neck and balanced in angulations front and rear and top-line with a gentle rise to loin. Very promising in conformation and satisfying in coat and coat texture. Impressed when standing but let herself down on the move when challenging for best puppy. Better days to come.

2nd: 3909 WHEELER Mrs E Makaylen Miss Money Penny a very attractive 8-month-old well shaped quality bitch who has a very attractive overall shape and “chocolate box” appearance. Very smart head, dark in eyes and sound bite; well boned and desirable development of body. True front and balanced in angulations front and rear. Well coated but still a bit ‘raw’in outlook. Movement was typical ‘puppy’ and needs to settle.

3rd: 3894 JOICE Mrs J Raynham Good Day Sunshine

Class 1282 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 3888 CRANE-DUPLOCK, Mrs I & DUPLOCK Mr G Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way To Go With Mirene (Imp) JW a rising 2 year old profusely coated young bitch of pleasing proportions and balance. Attractive head, eyes and expression; nicely shaped good length strong neck set on well laid shoulders and true strong boned front. Pleasing fore-chest and shaped width all through. Sturdy in body which has spring and depth. Moved the best of this class particularly in front action. Best Bitch.

2nd: 3913 WINSON Dr S & Mrs S Jandoes Cristal Sparkles At Meisan a similar aged bitch to 1st who is very breed typical in appearance both in coat and side profile proportions. She is of notable make and shape and was impressive when standing but let herself down on the move.

3rd: 3892 HOWSAM Mrs J & Mr D Jandoes Blazin Georgie Girl

Class 1283 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3902 NAISMITH Mrs C Zottels Honey Moon At Shaggybo Sh.CM a 2 year old super coated bitch who is of very attractive proportions and presents an ‘eye catching’ side profile. Lovely head both in shape and proportions to the rest of her. Satisfying conformation in forequarters and so good to find she has a fore-chest and pleasing width all through. Well made in body with good spring and having tight elbows. Breed typical in top-line. Moved the better of this class. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd: 3893 HOWSAM Mrs J & Mr D Jandoes Angel Glory a substantial 5½ year old bitch who has a mature coat of pleasing texture. Attractive head, strong in neck and sturdy in body and bone. Needs to stand over the ground to present her correct proportions to advantage. Not moving well.

Class 1284 GCB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3900 LAYBOURNE, Mr C & JOHNSON Miss A Mellowdee Patsy’s Spirit In Dominoesdale a 16 month old good natured bitch of good size and proportions who has plenty of coat of pleasing texture but needing help in presentation to show off her merits to advantage. Attractive head and a friendly expression. Head in proportion to square body seen in profile but would prefer better angulation especially behind. A free mover although needing a more controlled gait.