• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Champion Stakes

Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

The Eukanuba Champion Stakes 1

Judge: Mr Graham Hill


OVERALL RESERVE : 924 JAMES, Miss J & D'ARCY, Miss P & DUFFIELD Mr N Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelroc - POMERANIAN

It is a privilege to Judge the Champion Stakes which presents a ring of CLASS dogs to be gone over. The only regret is that there can only be 1 winner and places 1 to 5, with so many quality dogs having to leave cardless and without acknowledgement of their breed qualities and the fine lines which edged my preference for the winners.

Class 684 Ch Stakes (31 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: 924 JAMES, Miss J & D'ARCY, Miss P & DUFFIELD Mr N Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf At Angelroc a super quality 4 year old Pomeranian bitch who impressed me with her compact, sound conformation and her particularly free moving, true movement both in front and rear. Super head and expression compact well made body, standing true in front, short-barrelled body with stable good width hindquarter. Very satisfying to go over. She has an intelligent alert expression and is very confident in attitude. Particularly impressive in movement. Overall Reserve Winner.

2nd: 77 STAFFORD Miss G & Mrs L Ch Starforth Sweet Surprise a 2 year old quality Bichon Frise bitch who was impressively presented and is of smart appearance. She is well proportioned and well balanced in profile and presents an outline which is well defined and shows off her qualities to advantage. Beautiful head of correct proportions and shape presenting an alert interested expression enhanced by her sharp black pigmentation and dark correctly shaped eyes. Soundly made in body with fore-chest, spring of rib, tight elbows and correct length of body. Firm and level in top-line standing and on the move. Free, easy and true action in movement.

3rd: 475 LEONARD Mr A Ch Witchstone Cheyenne Falls an elegant 3 year old English Toy Terrier bitch has a super attractive head and alert expression. Very balanced and elegant in general appearance having clean lines and a well defined outline. Smooth and easy in movement

Res: 1872 HALL, Miss S & HARWOOD, Miss M J & SPOORS Mr H C Ch Minarets Heres Lookin At You At Darmistic a 3 year old, well balanced Miniature Poodle bitch who catches the eye with her elegant appearance and proud head carriage both standing and on the move. Moves well especially in profile..

VHC: 1706 ANDERSON Mrs M Ch Zentarr Tobias a 2½ year old well coated and well presented quality Lhasa Apso male.

Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

The Eukanuba Champion Stakes 2

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 1454 Ch Stakes (37 Entries) Abs: 15

1st: 4465 CRUMMEY, Miss S & ATKINSON, Mr T & YAU Mr A Sh Ch Afterglow Life Of Brian an impressive rising 2 year old American Cocker Spaniel male who has a handsome, strong, masculine head and a keen expression. He is strong, well boned, well proportioned in body with good depth and well sprung ribbing, short enough in loin and has well defined angulations front and rear. Super coat and presentation showing all his qualities to advantage. Effortless sound movement covering the ground with straight forward purpose. Eye-catching appearance both standing and moving. Overall Champion Stakes Winner.

2nd: 2403 STEELE Mrs P Ch Akmar Empress Of Egypt JW an elegant 2½ years old  top quality Basenji bitch who is impressive in side profile standing and especially on the move. She has a striking head of medium width and correct proportions all through with excellent parallel planes. She carries her head proudly on a strong, ideally crested, lengthy neck. Excellent make and shape of body possessing balance and having good spring and depth of chest. Pleasing height to length proportions with firm body and top-line with ideal reach of buttock. Excellent in movement with particularly impressive side gait. Moving with typical straight forward extension in front and drive behind providing an effortless action

3rd: 4627 BOTT, Mr R P & SAVELL Mrs C Sh Ch Art-wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie (Imp) a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel male who is impressive in stature, maturity and eye-catching in side profile.  He is of even proportions with everything in the right places and correct angles. Masculine and breed typical in head which is set well onto a strong good length neck. Sturdy in body of ideal firm cover giving a sleek appearance. Well boned, strong and workmanlike in appearance bone and in excellent coated condition. Moved out with a true forward front action and a good width parallel diving rear action.

Res: 3855 KNOWLES, Mrs S & KNOWLES , Miss S & GLEN Ms I Sh Ch Ir Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal At Bessalone an upstanding 3½ year old Italian Spinone male who is squarely built and of sturdy stature. True, free and easy in movement.

VHC: 4804 BATTY Mr A Sh Ch Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor JW Sh.CM a 4 year old top quality Weimaraner bitch who has a well defined powerful look. Steady, free and easy on the move.

Leeds Championship Dog Show 2018

The Eukanuba Champion Stakes 3

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 2398 Ch Stakes (35 Entries) Abs: 19

1st: 5743 ALLAN Mr A & Mrs N Multi Ch Allmark Vanity Fayre JW Sh.CM an impressive, soundly constructed 3 year old Australian Shepherd bitch who was presented in admirable coat and body condition. She impresses in conformation and breed qualities. Eye-catching profile presenting her balance, size and proportions to advantage. Excellent size and shape being true and sound in front, well proportioned and firm body and top line. Lovely head and expression, strong good length neck, firm well made body. Moved with great purpose and a freedom with true extension in front and parallel drive behind.

2nd: 6691 HALL & ELLIS Messrs C & L Ch & Ger Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW a 5 year old Border Terrier male who has a super well balanced profile and has a workmanlike appearance. Breed typical head with strong jaws. He is so well constructed and was a pleasure to go over. Sound front, firm good length body, narrows but sturdy all through with enough depth leading to moderate stable hindquarters. Ideal dense, harsh coat. Sound and effortless movement.

3rd: 5654 REES Mr E A Ch Winter Melody Hot On The Top At Amical JW (Imp) a super quality 6 year old Siberian Husky male who presents an imposing profile and the appearance of one that is elegant but workmanlike. Moved soundly with a free enduring gait.

Res: 5868 PEDDER Mrs A Ch Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW Sh.CM a mature well coated 4 year old Bearded Collie male of ideal proportions and of strong build. Impressive appearance. Moved with easy action covering the ground well.

VHC: 4935 BIRD, Ms K & BRIDGES Mrs S Ch Kernow Something Sh.CM an upstanding 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog male who is well made strong and is of sturdy build. Very good reachy, sound movement.