• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Open stakes & Junior Stakes

Houndshow 2018

Bill Home Memorial Open Stakes

Judge: Mr Graham Hill


Class 495 Od/b-St (15 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 99 ROBB, Mr G & PRITCHARD, Mr I & ROBB Al-dahna's Alouann Ace Of Hearts Gleniren (Imp) an elegant mature 4 year old gold Afghan Hound male who has an impressive well-proportioned and balanced side profile both standing and on the move. Super masculine breed typical head which is of good length and proportionally not too narrow and has a striking expression. Soundly constructed in front, body and hindquarters with good width all through. He was presented in excellent order and moved impressively with a breed typical gait and noble head carriage.

2nd: 1448 GARRATT, Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S Ch Caryna Neferti JW Sh.CM a super quality mature 4 year old cream Saluki bitch who is impressive in appearance with a graceful outline. She is refined in head and noble in expression made more attractive by being ideal in length and width with clean lines, refined veining and beautiful dark eyes. She is well made and has balance and good proportions all through. True and parallel in front with good forequarters. Pleasing depth and spring of rib with good length body and firm top-line. Moved with a good free action in front but a bit close behind.

3rd: 1399 HODGE Mrs K Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW Sh.CM a quality Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch.

Res: 175 ALLENBY Mr & Mrs J M & R Gouvier Charlotte La Bouff

VHC: 244 FOOTE Mr & Mrs R Erylan Aphrodite La Belle Ir J Ch

Houndshow 2018

Terry Thorn Memorial Junior Stakes

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Class 494 Jd/b-St (20 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1644 TURNBULL Mr J & Mrs V Turnstone Red Hot Diva a very impressive 11-month-old fawn Whippet bitch who has an eye-catching profile with all the correct angles and everything in the right place presenting an eye-catching picture. Super make and shape. Attractive head set on a firm neck of good length. Sound front, feet and forequarters; she is firm and sleek in body with a graceful top-line with enough spring and length of ribbing. Fluid free -movement with true front action and good width parallel rear action. Topped a line-up of excellent quality dogs                                        

2nd: 225 MILTON Mrs B Wilmit Independence Day a quality GBGV 12 months old quality bitch who has a super attractive head set well onto a good length neck. She is well grown, shapely and has a obvious breed qualities in appearance. She is a workmanlike hound and is of sound in make and shape. Balanced in side profile with a good length body having enough substance but will improve with more firm cover. Moved with a steady, true gait having sound extension in front and good width drive behind.

3rd: 1497 ANDREW, Mr K & REES Mr K Kierpark Hello Love a super quality Whippet male.

Res: 478 THORNTON, Mrs J & THORNTON Miss E Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

VHC: 174 ALLENBY Mrs H & Mrs R Nerac Du Rallye Saint Paul Avec Rangali (Imp)