• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Dowdy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

I would like to thank the officers & committee of Bournemouth Canine Society for the appointment to judge, I also thank the exhibitors for their entries. Since the last time I judged there has been improvement in both rear & front movement with more front extension evident within the breed today. On the downside handling of exhibits was not at its best with top quality exhibits being let down by their handlers. Teeth on some exhibits could also have done with a clean. I was very pleased with my principal winners & that we have some excellent youngsters coming through which bodes well for the future. PD(1) 1. Moles & Williams Celtannia Atlantic Gold. 11m old, lovely masculine head, dark eye & pigmentation, correct scissor bite. Excellent length of neck & shoulder placement, deep chest. A level topline with tail set on top. Excellent rear angulation & well-muscled. Best coat of the day for colour & texture. Moved with reach & drive, he stood out in the challenge so could not deny him DCC & BP. Thrilled to see him take PG2, a bright future ahead. JD (2) 1. Watkin & Snyder’s Calvenace Dizzy Coppertop. Presents an overall balanced outline. Strong Masculine head, correct scissor bite, alert expression. Adequate length of neck into very good shoulders. Level topline & good rear angulation. Moved straight forward & back, handled well. Coat maturing well with correct colour & wave. 2. Page-Ginnelly’s Glendowan Extra Special. Irish in type, another strong head & correct scissor bite with large teeth. Dark eye & pigmentation. Good shoulder placement, straight front. Well boned, good spring of rib & moderate angulation. Lovely Irish coat maturing well, just needs to settle on the move. PGD (1) 1. Barrett’s Saffini Shining Star. Excellent head properties, correct scissor bite, dark eye. A good flow of neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline & chest to elbow. When stood showed a balanced picture, moved straight front & rear. Coat of good colour & texture. Pleased to award him the RDCC LD (1) 1. Cooper’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Juke. Strong male head with level planes. Correct scissor bite, dark pigmentation. Enough length of neck, would prefer a better layback of shoulder. Depth of chest to elbow, good rear angulation. Coat of correct wave & colour, moved out well. OD (2) Both Irish in Type 1. Gleeson’s Oglyssanes Durango Dust. 6 Year old with good head properties & excellent pigmentation. Enough neck into good lay of shoulder, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Coat carrying a nice wave & texture, moved out well 2. House’s Glendowan Tarquol. 7 yr old dog many of the same attributes as the class winner. Good shoulders, deep chest, balanced outline. Coat soft with good wave. Just lost out on movement today. PB (5:1a) 1. Moles & Williams Celtannia Atlantic Aida. 11m Took my eye as she entered the ring. Lovely expression, correct scissor bite. Strong muzzle, well defined stop & small ears. Excellent lay of shoulders, level topline & great tail set. Lovely rear angulation which showed when moving. Good texture & colour to coat, pushed BCC winner all the way a close decision, pleased to award the RCC 2. John’s Dohoci A Taste Of Honey. 10m Dark pigmentation & eye colour. Lovely expression, moderate length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Level topline which she held on the move, lovey rear angulation. Coat of correct colour. Moved straight both ways but would like to see her a little more animated. 3. Grose’s Domoic Whipped Cream JB (7:2a) 1. Davies’ Janeyjimjams Jam Puff. 11m Showing an alert terrier attitude. Dark eye, correct scissor bite, flat skull & good ear set. Excellent reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. A little bit long cast for me, moving out with reach & drive. Coat pale wheaten in colour with good wave. 2. John’s Dohoci A Taste Of Honey 3. Switzer’s Starcadia Oh Dear PGB (3:1a) 1. Atyeo Kanjuley Scarlet Rose Irish in Type, correct scissor bite with large teeth, Excellent dark eye & pigmentation. Straight front, good bone & chest down to elbow, enough spring of rib. Level topline, strong well-muscled rear. Coat has excellent wave & texture. Moved well coming & going 2. Cooper’s Kanjuley Scarlet Ribbons Lovely dark pigmentation, strong jaw & correct bite. Enough neck, good shoulder placement, deep chest. Level topline, good rear angulation. Coat has correct wave but a shade too dark in colour. Moved out OK today but would prefer to see her a little more animated. LB (4:1a) 1. Jones’ Saffini Sugar Pie Honey Bunch This bitch took my eye straight away, for size & balanced outline. Lovely expression, dark eye & correct scissor bite. Lovely neck & lay of shoulder. Chest down to elbow. Level topline & good rear angles. Did just enough on the move today straight & true both ways. 2. Jeffries Frontline Simply Beautiful Dark eye & pigmentation. Good expression with correct ear set. Excellent reach of neck & shoulder placement. Level topline, well handled & moved out with purpose displaying reach & drive. Cost of good colour & correct wave. 3. Grant’s Gladly Godetia ShCM OB (7:2a) 1. Gale’s Flaxella Drop Dead Gorgeous JW I judged this bitch as a youngster & thought highly of her then, now fully mature she did not disappoint. Lovely bitch for overall balance. Dark eye, correct scissor bite, good ear carriage. Excellent neck & shoulders, deep chest & well sprung ribs. Lovely coat & texture. Moved around the ring with reach & drive. Pleased to award her the BCC, her 3rd, & BOB Also put on a good performance in the terrier group. 2. Moles & Williams Celtannia Extra Chic. Dam to my DCC & RBCC winners Pushed class winner hard. Overall a balanced bitch. Dark eye, correct scissor bite. Lovely neck & shoulders, straight front & deep chest. Coat very good for colour, wave & texture. Excellent rear angles & moved out well. 3. Howes New Vision At Daisymaes VB (2) Very close decision between these two 1. Busby’s Calvenace Killer Queen At Zakby 7 yrs, lovely expression with correct scissor bite & dark pigmentation. Adequate length of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Chest down to elbow with well sprung rib. Presents a square balanced outline. Moved with reach & drive, expertly handled. Best Veteran 2. Ford’s Kanjuley Scarlet & Gold. 9 yrs and clearly enjoying her time in the ring. Good head planes & defined stop. Well laid shoulders, straight front and chest well down. Good tailset & rear angulation. Coat of correct colour & lovely wave, moved out Ok but did not match the movement of the class winner today.

Graham Dowdy