• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glynis Dowson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Birmingham National 13th May 2018

Australian Shepherd

Firstly my thanks to the committee for their kind invitation to Judge the Australian Shepherds thoroughly enjoyed my day.Thank you to all the exhibitors who entered and showed their dogs under me and to my two excellant stewards Neil & Christine Morgan a huge thank you.

MPD (1) Abs 0

1st Hawkins Glamour Aussies Addicted To You Naf (imp)

7 Month Red Tri Good ear & eye,Good neck & shoulders. Neat feet.

Gave his handler a hard time on the move ,what little I could access he moved ok for age.

PD (2) Abs 0

Davies Ninja Iskander Warrier Du Reverse Du Revede Shania

10 Month black Tri Masculine head.Lovely eye and expression.Good reach of neck into good shoulders.Level top line Moved ok for age.BPD

2 Turner Mr D Tanmark’s Peter Pan (imp)

Well shaped eye and good ear carriage.Longer muzzle than one Level top line.Another who gave his handler a hard time, but when settled moved ok for age.

Junior Dog (4) Abs 0

1st Timperon Triforce Silver Surfer

16 Month Blue Merle

Well shaped eye, and Good ear carriage.Lovely neck and shoulders.Good depth of chest.Firm level top line which he held on the move.Good Bone and feet Moved with ease.

2nd Ambler Ewbell First Addition

14 Month Black Tri.Good length of muzzle, Good eye & ear.Good neck into firm shoulders.Level top line.Moved ok when settled

3rd Downes Damani Dream Give me Five at Milwyr (imp)

YD (4) Abs 0

1st Gerona Multi Rthreed Airplanes Magnum Made The Dream (ATC AU00969CYP)

Black Tri Excellent head & expression, Good neck and shoulders.Lovely bone good feet Good top line Moved well covering the ground with ease, In excellent Coat & condition,Just didn’t move as well in the Challenge.

2nd Milligan Jotars Lies and Deceit with Alfsden

Blue Merle of good colour.Pleasing head & eye.Good ear set.Neck ok into reasonable shoulders.Level top line.Played his handler up a bit today but when settled moved well.

3rd Barron & Jenkins.Rannalroch Jeremy Fisher

ND (2) Abs 0

1st Fuller Allmark Willy Wonka with Jacanshe

Black Tri Good eye and ear shape.Good reach of neck into firm shoulders.Good level top line.Little straight in stifle.Moved well.

2nd Barr Allmark Yogi Bear

Blue Merle Litter brother to 1st.Nice eye & ear shape.Good reach of neck.Shorter muzzle than one bit just prefered movement of 1st on the day.

GD (1) Abs 0

1st Barr Allmark Yogi Bear 2nd in previous class

PGD (4) Abs 0

1st Gatenby Green & Holligan

Black Tri, Good masculine head.Good length of muzzle,ample stop Good eye & ear shape.Good reach of neck leading into strong shoulders.Good firm level top line.Well muscelled.Moved with drive .Considered him for RCC.

2nd Bradley.Jenkova The Dark Lord.

Black Tri Masculine head.Good eye & ear shape.Good neck & shoulders. Good level Top line & tail set.Moved with ease

3rd Bell & Newlands Triforce Black Diamond.

LD (4) Abs 1

1st Such Soloyal Valentino

Black Tri Masculine head & expression, Good neck & hindquarters Good angulations, Good bone & feet.Moved well coming & going covering the ground with ease.

2nd Turner Harmonyhills Ticket To Ryde to Chakona (imp)

Blue Merle. Slightly longer than one Masculine head. Good reach of neck into strong shoulders Nice tight feet.Good angulation.Level top line kept on the move.Just prefered movement of 1st on the day

3rd Knott Lyveden Texas Ranger

OD (4) Abs 1

1st Mee Lamintone Celestial Storm at Soullaria SHCM

Black Tri Super head and expression,well shaped eye, Good ear carriage.Nice neck & shoulders good top line & hindquarters. Moved with ease.Very attentive to his handler.In good coat & condition.

2nd Jones Miss H & Gibbons Miss S

UK INT CH IR CH LUX CH Austrian Dream Well Suited of Wispafete JW SHCM IR J CH (imp)

Red Tri of good colour.Good bone and feet.Good depth of chest.Well muscelled.Strong top line kept on the move.

3rd Arnell Miss R Allmark Jo Malone SHCM

VD (2)

Two beautiful examples of the breed who could change places on another day.

1st Gerona Mr L Multi Rising stars Royal Flash Ddc Energies (ATC FRA)

Nine & half year old Black Tri in excellent Coat & condition, Well placed & carried ears.Masculine head with good eye.Good neck into firm shoulders.Good level top line, correct angulations.Moved with ease and purpose.Covering the ground well. Pleased to award him DCC BOB & BVIB

2nd Simmons Mr P & Strachan Ms Y

SH CH Allmark Licence to Thrill.

Well balanced seven & half year old Black Tri A dog that has needed time to mature and didn’t disappoint today.Good outline Super masculine head with correct eye & ear shape.Moderate neck leading into strong shoulders.Good muscle, & bone.Showed & moved well.Pleased to award him RDCC

MPB (2)

1st Allan Mr N & Mrs A Allmark Black Sheep

Well presented 7 Month black Tri.Pretty head & expression Neat ears & well shaped eye.Moderate length of neck Good feet & bone.Moved well for age.Would just like a bit more length of leg but her overall balance is good.

2nd Gerona Mr L Allmark Mephis Belle

Blue Merle of good colour.Litter sister to 1st Pretty head & expression, Good coat for age, lovely neck and shoulders Good bone & feet just could not match the movement of her sister today.

PB (5) Abs 0

1st Mee H & Holligan Ms J Lamintone Enchanted Fire (Ai)

This 11 Month Red Merle girl cought my eye on entering the ring and didn’t disappoint Very well balanced for age.Very attractive head & expression, Good top line, Good muscletone bone & feet.Moved very well for age shall watch her progress she should have a bright future Pleased to award her BPIB.

2nd Allan Mr N Mrs A Allmark Black Sheep 1st in MPB

3rd Brown Mrs GM Triforce Morning Mist Over Shepwood

JB (4) Abs 2

Two lovely bitches both out of coat but hiding nothing.Could swop places on another day.

1st Such Miss J Soloyal Secret Romance

Beautiful Red Tri girl .Pretty head & expression, lovely eye & well set ears.Good neck and shoulders. Moved with ease

2nd Turnbull Mrs J & Mostert Miss P Breezy Thorn Valley Red Sunset ( imp)

Another Red Tri of good shape,close up to 1st so similar remarks apply, just prefered movement of 1 on the day.

YB (4) Abs 0

1st Timperon Mr J S & Mrs R Durena Scrumplet By Triforce

Another who left her coat at home today, but she still deserved this class win.Lovely balanced Bitch, Feminine head & expression. Well set & carried ears,Good eye shape.Good length of neck into good shoulders.Level top line held both on the stand & on the move.

2nd Haddock Miss V Miss Atomic Bomb Elvikam (imp)

Pretty head,Good eye & ear shape. Good length of neck.Good angulations.Moved with ease.Just prefered top line of first standing & on the move.

3rd Ellrich Miss R & Allan Mr N Allmark Cinderella

NB (1) Abs 0

1st Timperon Mr J & Mrs R Durena Scrumplet By Triforce

1st in YB

GB (4) Abs 0

1st Turnbull C & J Clegram J & Holligan J Jenkova Dark Secret

Pretty Black Tri Pleasing head & expression. Good eye & well carried ears.Good front. Excellent neck & shoulders,Good top line and length of rib.She is balanced and moved with ease.

2nd Haddock Miss V Miss Atoic Bomb Elvikam (imp)

2nd YB

3rd Deakin Mr D C & Mrs C Allmark Fairy Dust.

PGB (5) Abs 0

1st Wilson Mr DW & Cudworth Miss R C Wilduc Syndicate

Lovely balanced Black Tri, Pretty head.Good front, moderate bone,lovely neck & shoulders.Good level top line which she held on the move.

2nd Bland Mrs H R Soullaria Back to Black at Hilandes

Well presented Black Tri .Good eye & ear shape.Good angulations. Firm level top line.

3rd Deakin Mr D C & Mrs C Allmark Fairy Dust

LB (8) Abs 4

A lovely class to Judge and they could swop places on another day.

1st Fort Miss J M Saussurea Grand Entrance By Shulune (Imp)

Beautifully balanced Red Tri Feminine head & expression with well set ears. Correct shaped eyes. Good neck & shoulders, Good body proportions, Well muscelled.Moved well Maintaining a firm Level top line.Pleased to award her BCC

2nd Longhurst Mrs J & Mr P Wilduc Next To Me at Sportarton SHCM

A Red Tri of good quality.Lovely feminine head with the sweetest expression.Correct eye shape.Good length of neck.Firm level top line.Good angulations front & rear.Moved freely.Not in as good of coat as 1st which was my deciding factor on placings.

3rd Venton Mrs & Miss K & G Liitle Red Capp Du Chemin Des Karrigans (imp) Another Red Tri of good quality .

OB (5) Abs 2

1st Challenger Mrs A CH Lyvendon Texas Rose JW

Beautifully marked Red Merle of good colour Lovely outline on the stand & on the move.Pleasing head & expression, Good neck and shoulders Good tail set Moved well.

2nd Jones Miss H Gibbons Miss S & Blyton Miss Mangry's Need For Speed with Wispafete IR J CH CJW

Black Tri Shorter in length than1st Pretty head, Good eye & ear shape.Good reach of neck into good shoulders.Top line ok.Well muscelled.Moved well.

3rd Barron Mr J & Jenkins Ms C Rannaleroch Beyond Shame.

VB (2) Abs 0

1st Gerona Mr L Multi CH Bleuroyal Midnight Wishes Seven & half year old Black Tri in super condition. Pretty feminine head Correct shape eye Good ear carriage Good neck into good shoulders.Firm top line Moved soundly Pleased to award her RBCC

2nd Challenger Mrs A Lyveden Rairock Rytham

Another lovely Black Tri Bitch in good condition.Feminine head with well set ears.Good neck & shoulders, firm level top line Moved well.

Glynis Dowson