• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: French Bulldog

Bournemouth championship show – French Bulldogs


Spent much of the day wondering if judging would take place indoors or out. In the end, we stayed out and I must say I think it was better for the dogs, being cool and comfortable. I feel breeders are doing a good job avoiding exaggerations. I did not notice any dogs with breathing problems and the number of pinched nostrils seems to have improved. Keep up the good work.

SB (2) 1 Timms’ Eastonite Moana, very pretty, neat and feminine 7 months brindle bitch, cobby body, correct overall balance, deep chest, alert showgirl, stepped out well. BSB; 2 Jordan’s Katakia Rocked It, 17 months pied bitch, nice general type, good skull shape and ear set, deep chest, good bone, slightly dumpy on the move. A close decision. MPD (2) 1 Ellis’ Eastonite Marko, well grown masculine 8 months brindle, very pleasing head and expression, good forehand, slightly too much angulation behind, deep chest, stepped out OK; 2 Rawson’s Rawshonbulls Ed Sheeran, smaller 9 months dark brindle, skull shape OK but ears a shade wide set, lovely size, could have a little more roach, compact on the move. PD (5) 1 Smith & Pratt’s Catrelma Petit Bateau avec Khanin, well balanced 11 months pied, holds himself together well, attractive head, good earset, gentle roach, held topline well on the move, moderate hind angulation, looked nice going round, full of quality. BP; 2 Morgan’s Tytomax Hugo Boss, 9 months brindle, attractive head, a shade too much roach to topline, good body proportions, not quite as firm in elbow as winner. Very typy all through and looked better as the class went on; 3 E Marko. JD (4) 1 Fiddes’ Nanterre Ultimate Deal, 14 months brindle, nice type and balance, good large head with broad muzzle, deep chest, good roach, feet a shade splayed. For me the best type in this class; 2 Snook’s Kanshim Seven Deadly Sins, 13 months masculine brindle, OK type, good roach, held topline well on the move, slightly longer in muzzle than 1 and lips could be neater; 3 Oakes’ Boule & Onuba Revelations at Luxbear. YD (4) 1 Coffey’s Feniton Fredrick at Raglenary, typy very masculine brindle, nice large head with good earset, good width through the front. Slightly short on leg but stood out in this class; 2 K Seven Deadly Sins; 3 Timms’ Izumis Eye Of The Tiger. ND (1) 1 E Marko. PGD (5, 1 absent) 1 Pearce’s Bullhawk Rasputin, very attractive typy brindle, super head and expression, decent neck, very showy and alert, deep chest. Perhaps could have a slightly better return of upper arm but overall impression is very impressive both standing and moving. Used his ears well, full of breed type and character. RCC; 2 Coffey’s Raglenary Red Russian Blue, naughty dark brindle of OK type, kept trying to scrape his face along the ground. Good bone, correct body proportions, large head, could use ears slightly more; 3 Scott’s Amuelle Little Tom Thumb. LD (8, 2) 1 Davis & Wildman’s Kingrock It's A Deal at Wildax Rowendale, small very neat brindle, slightly wary today but let me go over him OK, correct substance for his size, good skull shape, good ears, could have a shade more tuck-up, clean bone, looked well when he settled, loved his type; 2 Timms’ Eastonite Maui, larger 14 months fawn, very well balanced, lovely earset, open nostrils, deep chest, held his shape well on the move, gentle roach, just preferred winner’s size; 3 Cund & Harrop’s Chelmbull Moon Walker. OD (7,3) 1 Cund & Harrop’s Ch Chelmbull The Aviator, very showy and alert stallion of a brindle, large head with wide jaw, ears on top, super width through the front, typical topline, lovely straight front legs, so very typical and held himself together well on the move, handled to advantage. Frenchies are often their own worst enemy when it comes to lacking showmanship but not this one. Has the potential to scale even greater heights. CC & BOB; 2 Krall’s Ch Jafrak Much Obliged, very typical masculine brindle, very nice earset, slight frown. Deep chest, held his shape well on the move, typical topline and makes a very nice overall picture; 3 Ellis’ Ir/Int Ch Eastonite Hurricane. VD (1) 1 Cutter’s Dapledan Avec La Qualite, lovely showy 7 years well marked red brindle, nice large head, good bat ears used well, deep chest, front movement could be a shade more positive, slightly overangulated behind, no tail. Very masculine, stepped out well. BV.

MPB (5) 1 Hunter’s Kibyghan Band Of Gold, 7 months, chunky very typical brindle, carrying a shade too much weight but has all the essentials, good head and ears, nice width through the front, good bone; 2 Friend’s Louwrights Mon Chou at KingFriend, 9 months, very neat cute brindle, very cobby, nice head, eyes and ears, deep chest, very typical; 3 E Moana. PB (5) 1 Morgan’s Tytomax Guccirush, 9 months, top quality brindle, lovely head and expression, a tad upright in shoulder, deep chest, good neck, looked lovely going round. BPB; 2 Davis’ Rowendale Issey Miyake, 11 months brindle, very showy and alert, very well handled, attractive head, deep chest, not quite the shape on the move as 1 but very feminine and appealing; 3 Cheeseman’s Theapaul Indian Summer. JB (6) 1 Scott’s Amuelle Little Miss Artemis, 15 months typy brindle, very together and showy, super head and expression, deep chest, good roach, plenty of substance, stepped out well; 2 Hau’s Celticlibrid Stop'n S'dare, 13 months quality brindle, very feminine and showy, super earset, good width to muzzle. Did not hold her shape on the move quite as well as 1. Deep chest, lovely size, close decision; 3 K Rocked It. YB (4) 1 Timms’ Eastonite Lady Leia, 15 months, very attractive together fawn, alert and feminine, good skull shape, gentle roach, stepped out well though hind movement could be a shade truer. Clean bone; 2 Waterfield’s Kuredeux Shine Eye Gal at Lukesland, attractive brindle, alert and showy, used ears well, moderate length of neck, gentle roach, nice outline standing but not quite as shapely on the move as winner. Good depth of chest; 3 Tilley’s Kuredeux Hitey Titey Mossport. NB (3) 1 Williams & Morgan’s Gwynsel Chains Of Love, feminine brindle, very showy and alert, super earset, balanced body, gentle roach, deep chest, held outline well on the move; 2 K Band Of Gold; 3 E Moana. PGB (6, 2) 1 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Life Can Be So Nice, very feminine dark brindle, showy and alert, used her ears well, deep chest, good shoulder and forearm, gentle roach, looked lovely going round; 2 Hoddinott’s Silvestre Orlando Magic, feminine fawn, smooth outline, good skull shape, ears could be a tad higher set, gentle roach held well on the move, good shoulder and forelegs, deep chest; 3 K Rocked It. LB (6, 2) 1 Cawley’s Ossidcla Witchcraft at Cawenna, very together brindle, super head, earset and expression, nice width through the front, good gentle roach, never stopped using her ears, a picture of type and balance. RCC; 2 Johnson’s Bullhawk Matilda Wormwood at Tillcarr, brindle sister to RDCC, a quality bitch, used ears well, broad muzzle, deep chest, straight front, slightly lower to ground than 1 but still caught my eye; 3 Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus The Glamorous Life. OB (7, 1) 1 Mackie’s Ch Jafrak Sherbet Dab, feminine fawn, so together, really caught my eye with her super earset and gorgeous black mask and pigment, dark lustrous eyes, lovely straight front legs, an outline as smooth as glass, deep chest, shapely quarters rarely seen in the breed. Never stopped showing, so responsive to her handler, fluid mover, full of quality and type. CC; 2 Brown & Hutchings’ Ch Winuwuk Smartypants, very typical and showy brindle, attractive head, alert expression, good earset, clean bone, gentle roach, free mover, handled to advantage. Not quite as firm in elbow as 1. A quality bitch of pleasing balance; 3 Pleasance’s Katakia One And Only. VB (0).