• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Basenji

Bournemouth championship show – Basenjis


The weather was not kind to us, so we were relegated to the wet weather accommodation, which did not seem to suit some of the dogs. I would really hate it if dog shows were to become all about handling. In an ideal situation, the best dogs would always rise to the top, but there are limits to what a judge can overlook when assessing even a top class specimen which barely puts four feet on the ground. Basenjis respond best to firm yet sensitive handling, so please make an effort to give your dogs some ringcraft training or ask a senior breeder if you need advice. Basenjis are a challenging breed but the rewards are there if you take the right approach. I wish you all well for the future.

SB (0). PD (2) 1 Kalnina’s Frederick Fantastic Destiny, 8 months handsome lad full of quality, gave his handler a hard time, super head & fine wrinkle, long neck, very attractive leggy appearance, lovely fine coat, excellent tail set & curl. Certainly did not win this class on performance, a beautiful puppy who could have gone further in this entry if he had behaved better. Has potential if taken in hand. BPD; 2 Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi, alert 8 months youngster, very good long forearm, ideal amount of bone & body. Preferred shorter muzzle & squarer outline of 1. Held himself very nicely going around, good head carriage. JD (0). PGD (4, 1 abs) 1 Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream O'the Crop, very typical dog of excellent size & stamp. Did not seem overly keen on the venue to begin with but later settled & showed off his attributes including his lovely head, wrinkle & dark eyes. Could have made slightly more of himself on the move. Overall impression very pleasing; 2 Matthews’ Flugelberry Free Cuba, br/w dog with a very attractive leggy appearance, excellent level topline. Stepped out slightly better than 1 whose head quality I preferred. Very good tail set & curl; 3 Willsone & Stebbings’ Aksaifleet I'm Cougar. LD (4) 1 Grayson & Rowland’s Ch Embeau Sun Seeker, eyecatching masculine dog, quite tall, used his ears well, good wrinkle, long neck. Would prefer slightly more front angulation. Super square outline which he held well on the move; 2 Gaskell’s Memetuka Dealer's Choice, very neat & typical dog, attractive head, good skull to muzzle ratio, fine wrinkle, very good fine coat, level topline, good tail curl. Would prefer more width to hind movement & more slope to upper arm. Ideal medium width to front with clean bone; 3 Stewart’s Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi. OD (4,1) 1 Palubicki’s Ch Woodella True Song, masculine tri dog, very typical head & expression, small ears, long neck & forearm, lovely square outline with good slope to shoulder & ideal moderate stifle, very good tail & shelf. RCC; 2 Clinton’s Ch Westlawn Diablo, well balanced tri dog, alert & showy, sensible amount of angulation at both ends, good topline. Stepped out marginally better than 1 whose expression I preferred. Good curl to tail; 3 Dunsdon & Fox’s Ch/Aus/Am Grand Ch Kazors Breaking The Bank. VD (1) 1 Grayson’s Ch/Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau, 9 years r/w looking & acting like a dog half his age, the ideal combination of quality & masculinity, showy & alert, pleasing head & wrinkle, small ears, long neck, fine strong bone, lovely square outline, covered the ground with ease, a real credit to his owner for keeping him in such tip top condition at this age. Paints a very pleasing overall picture & left the youngsters in the shade today. CC & BV.

PB (4,1) 1 Richardson & Wood’s Mombatongaempress Eugenie of Cooperland, 8 months tri, feminine & leggy, an import but has a definite ‘look’ of British Basenjis I have admired in the past, used her ears well, good depth of chest for age, super tail set & curl with corresponding reachy buttock. Needs to firm up slightly in topline. Very gazelle-like on the move, really caught my eye, most promising. RCC & BP; 2 Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi, showy 8 months br/w, elegant & feminine, super earset, very good demarcation between background & stripes. Would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle & not quite as square as 1 on the move. Overall impression very alert & gazelle-like; 3 Dean’s Shyllar Head Held High from Bajenga. JB (0). PGB (4) 1 Gaskell’s Memetuka Rize'n Shine, very typical & feminine, super earset & wrinkle. Would prefer slightly more slope to upper arm & longer stride. Fine bone, excellent topline & tail, so dainty & pretty; 2 Matthews’ Flugelberry Cherie Trifle, lightly marked br/w, attractive head & expression, excellent earset. One of the better forehands in this entry. Did not hold her shape quite as well as 1 on the move. Fine bone & feminine; 3 Palubicki’s Nganga's Princess Snow-White. LB (5) 1 Gaskell’s Memetuka Hi Roller, eyecatching bitch, dainty & small, beautiful head & expression so typical of this kennel, lovely fine wrinkle. Would prefer slightly more slope to upper arm & longer stride. So neat & together, very good quarters, super topline & tail, a real little gazelle so full of type; 2 Matthews’ Flugelberry Fizz Princess, lightly marked br/w, very appealing type, leggy & alert. Slightly straight in stifle but forehand angulation very good. Deep chest, slightly unsettled at first but soon settled. Preferred head quality of 1. Used her ears well, very alert & poised; 3 N Princess Snow-White. OB (2) 1 Dunsdon’s Ch/Aus Ch Zandeena Getn Cort In The Act, alert & well schooled showgirl, deep red coat in the most perfect bloom, made of a slightly sturdier frame than we are used to seeing in Britain but in no way coarse. Full of quality, used her ears well, one of the few who seemed unfazed by the cramped conditions, excels in topline & angulation, super tail & shelf, really came into her own on the move where she displayed good reach & drive without exaggeration, a clear winner today. CC & BOB; 2 Clinton’s Westlawn Aurora, fine & feminine bitch, lovely square outline, quite fine in muzzle, wrinkle OK. Needs slightly more fill in front & could not quite match 1 for angulation. Very gazelle-like & dainty. VB (1) 1 Matthews’ Gooses Glint Of Gold at Flugelberry, 7 years bitch, nice square outline, attractive head, good angulation at both ends, deep chest. Could step out slightly more. Single curl tail quite well set, lovely fine bone.