• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gillian Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Driffield Championship Dog Show : 23 September 2018 

Judges Report : Lhasa Apso 

Many thanks to the Committee of Driffield Championship Dog Soc for this very pleasant judging appointment.   


Minor Puppy Dog (3,2) 

1 Taylor – Kelankins By Design – 8.5 mth old gold/white who was well made in all departments.  Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes.  Strong neck, well placed shoulders, straight front.  Well bodied, level topline, correct tailset.  Good angled rear.  Moved well both ways.  Coat of good texture and well presented.  Enjoyed himself.  Best Special Beginners – very pleased to see him win the Special Beginners Group – well done. 

Puppy Dog (2) 

1 Hattrell - Khinjan Scarlett Pimpernel – 10 mth gold/white with black tips very eyecatching.  A well balanced compact youngster great size and shape.  Good head proportions with correct muzzle length, dark well placed eyes and strong bite.  Well arched neck, flowing into good shoulders with correct straight front and good round feet.  Level topline and strong loin, high set tail.  Coat immaculately presented.  Moved well both ways.  BPD. 

2 Anderson - Zentarr Albert – 9 mth gold and white, balanced and compact.  A shade smaller than my class winner.  Immaculate coat presentation, moved well.  I had today two quality puppies and much of the same comments apply to this youngster just preferred the head qualities of my class winner.  Close decision pushed 1 hard. 

Junior Dog (8,1) 

1 Taylor & Johnson – Sifrasons Military Hero – 17 mth dark gold/white.  A pleasing exhibit who was well balanced both standing and moving.  He has correct head proportions, dark well placed eyes, correct muzzle length with good mouth.  Heavily furnished pendant ears.  Enough neck, correct topline, good ribbing and correct body weight, heavily feathered tail.  Well angled muscled rear.  Moved well with handler – coat immaculately presented. 

2 Phillips - Dimara Cool Runnings – 16 mth shaded slate/cream another youngster that I liked.  Pleasing shape and balance.  Correct head proportions with good muzzle and stop, dark eyes and good pigmentation, good bite.  Correct neck and straight front, level topline and high tailset.  Immaculately presented.  Moved well.  Just felt my class winner was more mature in body today. 

3 Yaxley  - Dardanelles Nureyev 

Post Graduate Dog (4,1) 

1 Gregson – Gallerio Golden Boy – 3 year old pale gold.  Not quite the balanced outline I was looking for today.  In good overall condition, in both body and muscle tone.  Head proportions o.k. Enough ribbing and good topline which he held on the move.  Good furnishings well presented.  Moved true both ways. 

2 Maxwell & Chalmers – Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe – this youngster was 4th in a very strong Junior class.  He is a pleasing shape and size and of good proportions.  Just needs to mature in all departments.  Enough coat for age.  Moved well. 

3 Haigh - Marbeldale Jenson Button 

Limit Dog (5,1) 

1 Hall - Shenedene Trade Secret JW – 2yr old pale gold boy who was the correct size and shape, very balanced.  Pleasing head and expression with dark eyes and black nose, correct ear placement.  Arched neck flowing into good shoulders, level topline correct ribs, high-set tail. Well developed rear with good muscle.  Coat though well presented in the ‘inbetween’ stage.  Moved the best in the class today. 

2 Maxwell & Chalmers – Dimara To Be Shure of Aintshe – 3 yr old black boy, balanced and compact.  He has the correct body weight and is well muscled.  Not the strength of head as my class winner well placed eyess and ears.  Moved steadily both ways.  Coat well presented.  Just preferred the head qualities of my class winner. 

3 Schukardt & Schukardt – Timazinti’s Peppermint at Frenchlands JW Sh Ch 


Open Dog (8,1) 

1 McNally & Walker – Ir Ch, Jun Ch, Int Ch Timazinti’s Khyi of Dreams at  Ponpori CW16 Ir JCh CJW16 – this 4 yr old gold and white is now fully mature, he took my eye as soon as I viewed the class.  He is the correct size and proportions I was looking for.  Correct head proportions and typical expression, dark eyes, correct bite and good muzzle.  Well arched strong neck, good shoulders, correct bone and substance, straight front, good ribbing, level topline and high taileset.  Well developed in rear with good angles and good muscle tone. His fully mature coat was of the correct texture and presentation was first class.  His movement was a pleasure to watch.  Very pleased to award him the CC.   

2 Phillips – Dimara Soulboy – 3.5 yr old pale gold boy.  Another exhibit to admire, slightly taller than my class winner.  This is a balanced dog in all departments.  He has a pleasing head of correct proportions, dark eyes and good pigmentation.  Strong long neck flowing into good shoulder placement, correct topline and tailset.  Well muscled and moved well.  Abundance of well presented coat. Just preferred the overall size and shape of my class winner but felt he was a good quality exhibit – RCC. 

3 Watts – Ch Timazinti Britskii at Kenida 

Special Beginners Dog (3,2) 

1 Taylor – Kelankins By Design – Minor puppy dog winner. 

Good Citizen Dog (2) 

1 Maxwell & Chalmers – Dimara To Be Shure of Aintshe 

2 Maxwell & Chalmers – Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe 

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,1) 

1 Crook – Kelankins Beyond Style with Charjillaim – A mature 8 mth old dark gold/sable who performed well for one so young.  She is the correct size and shape for age.  Pleasing head proportions with dark eyes, good body and substance.  Well angled both front and rear, steady mover.  Quality coat well presented. 

2 Horn & Caswell - Hopeinns Visiting Order (TAF) – 6 mth dark gold/sable at her first show.  A pretty youngster who was giving her handler a hard time.  She is balanced and compact with good head proportions, good mouth.  Arched neck and level topline, high tailset.  Coat well presented. Movement a little hard to assess today but she did enough to win her place.  Two nice puppies. 

3 Culverhouse – Culversapso Issy Miyake 

Puppy Bitch (5,1) 

1 Hattrell – Khinjan Bellisima – This 9 mth old dark sable/white is very mature in both body and quality coat which was immaculately presented.  She is compact and balanced.  Excellent head proportions  with dark eyes, correct ear placement, good mouth, black nose.  Strong arched neck, good shoulder placement, straight front, level topline, good ribbing, excellent body weight, high tailset.  Well angled rear.  Moved true both ways. A quality puppy which I thought thoroughly deserved her BPB, BP and to top it off I could not resist awarding her the RCC. 

2 Horne – Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn – 10 mth old black, maturing well in all departments. When she settled she kept her shape and balance on the move but was a little naughty for her handler. She has good head proportions with abundance of head furnishings with good beard.  Enough neck and good ribbing correct tailset.  Good overall body condition maturing nicely.  Coat well presented. 

3 McWilliams – Chanceinns Crown n’Glory 

Junior Bitch (9) 

1 Blake - Marbeldale One and Only Gallerio – 14 mth old gold sable/white bitch who on first glance at this class was the correct shape and balance I was looking for.  She has good head with correct skull shape, good stop, dark eyes.  Good neck, good shoulder placement, well ribbed, enough body, correct rear angles and high set tail.  Coat maturing nicely which was well presented.  Moved the best in the class. 

2 Horne - Chanceinn’s Next Please – 16 mth old gold/sable/white girl who was of the same stamp as my class winner and much of the same comments apply.  Needs to mature in body and needs more headcoat but won her place on her strong rear driving movement over the other exhibits.  Coat well presented.  

3 McCraken & Cornwell – Marbeldale Kiss The Stars 


Post Graduate Bitch (6,2) 

1 Caswell – Amdo’s One and Only for Farrenmills JW – This 2 yr old girl won this class on her overall maturity in both body and coat.  She has pleasing head proportions, good mouth, enough bone, body and substance.  Good depth of chest straight front and well feathered feet.  Correct topline and tail.  Moved true both ways. 

2 Chalmers – Chethang Tanique – 19 mth old black slightly smaller built than my class winner.  Her head proprortions were o.k. but would prefer it slightly bigger to give her the overall balanced outline I was looking for.  Compact in body with good ribs and well angled rear.  Moved well, coat well presented, well handled. 

3 Chesterfield – Toynbee Gossip Girl at Burnsett 

Limit Bitch (5,2) 

1 Scarll & Sykes – Timazinti’s Kienke – 2.5 year old pale gold, a little taller than Iike.  She had good head proprotions with dark eyes and good pigmentation, good mouth and chin.  Adequate neck, good ribs and topline.  Straight forelegs well furnished.  Well angled rear.  Coat as always from this kennel immaculate.  Moved the best in this class. 

2 Himshelwood – Muirfauld Sunset on Silk - 2 yr old dark gold girl was the correct size and compact.  Not the head qualities of my class winner would prefer the muzzle slightly longer.  Good skull shape and ear placement, dark oval eyes.  Enough neck and well ribbed with good body weight.  A little erratic on the move and hard to assess.  Coat of correct texture, well presented. 

3 Thompson – Toynbee Miss Clemintine JW Sh Ch 

Open Bitch (7,1) 

1 Hall – Ch Shenedene Miss World JW – This 4 yr old gold bitch is now fully mature in all departments.  She has a classic head of good proportions and pleasing expression.  She has a great arched neck flowing into good shoulders, straight front and correct feet.  Well ribbed, strong loin and level topline, high tailset. She has good rear angles which she uses to drive around the ring with true movement both ways.  She keeps her shape both standing and on the move.  She has an abundance of good quality coat which was immaculately presented.  She gave her all in the challenge and I was pleased to award her the CC and in the final run off just gave that little bit extra to win BOB.  Well done. 

2 Reynolds – Kutani Jitterbug – At nearly 3 year old a fully mature girl in all departments.  Pleasing head and expression with fantastic headcoat, beard and whiskers.  Good arched neck flowing into good shoulder placement, good topline, well ribbed, correct body weight.  Good angles both ends, well muscled.  Moved well.  Just outshone by the puppy for the RCC. 

3 Scarll & Sykes  - Ch Timazinti Liberty 

Special Beginners Bitch (5,2) 

1 McCracken & Cornwell – Marbeldale Kiss The Stars 

2 Taylor  Sifrason Angel Mayfly at Billkenstar 

3 Grayshow – Seingtye Jade Marie 

Good Citizen Bitch (1) 

1 Reynolds – Kutani Jitterbug   

Judge : Gillian Marley