• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gillian Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

East of England : Judges Report : Tibetan Terriers : 2018 

I enjoyed my judging appointment, exhibitors were very sporting and I had two good Stewards.  I was pleased to be indoors and not outside in the searing heat. 

The breed I feel in general has taken a backward step since my last appointment at Crufts 3 years ago. Flash and dash has taken over and type, quality and correct movement has been compromised. Too many rectangular TTs are being shown and square exhibits are in the minority. Heads need attention too many narrow skulls, long forefaces and poor expressions. I had a good few exhibits with light eyes and not only in light coloured dogs, pardon the pun this needs to be watched. Many were lacking in bone and substance and big flat feet were hard to find. 

I heard a pet owner at a recent Championship show when looking at a bitch class ask which ones in that particular class were dogs and which were bitches?  Worrying.   A positive was that presentation has been improved. 

I was happy with my placings, the entry was numerically sufficient to allow me to find what I was looking for - a typical Tibetan Terrier, square, balanced and free moving. My final two CC winners looked so good together, a mature classic male and a young quality bitch. A promising sound free moving puppy. 

Minor Puppy Dog (3) 

1 Meegan - Avaness Whatever the Drama – 6.5 mth black male, balanced outline, well-proportioned head, good mouth, enough neck. Correct topline and high tailset.  Plenty of body and substance, good ribbing, well-muscled rear.  Moved the steadiest in this class. 

2 Cooper – Susu Just You Wait – 6 mth black male taking it all in at his first show.  Very raw and colt like at the moment but I am sure he will grow into himself as time goes by.  Pleasing head and expression, correct neck, topline and tailset, correct feet.  Well angled rear.  Coat coming.  Just preferred the steadier movement of one today. 

3 Andrews – Lasang Mr Ivor Hardy 

Puppy Dog (6) 

1 Cross – Silgahi Quigley’s Quest – 11 mth black male catches the eye as he is of the correct size, shapely and well balanced that I was looking for.  He has a well proportioned head with resolute expression.  Strong bite with just enough chin.  Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good ribbing with plenty of lung room.  Well boned, big feet.  Level topline, high tailset, well angled rear which he used to drive around the ring.  Sound mover both ways.  Coat of correct texture and well presented but lacking in feet furnishings think he has been having a bit of a nibble. Should have a bright future BPD. 

2 Mackenie – Routenburn Agamemnon – 11 mth old black and white slightly taller than my class winner. Pleasing head, correct mouth and dark eyes.  Strong neck and good bone, body and substance.  Moved positively. This young handler gets the best out of her puppy well handled.  Just not the square shape of my class winner. 

3 Andrews – Lasang Jumping Jack Flash 


Junior Dog  (5,1) 

1 Davies – Pinrow Dark Treasure – 14 mth black that you have to get your hands on, underneath the abundance of coat is a dog to appreciate.  He is a very well-constructed youngster, the correct shape and balance with plenty of bone and substance and great big feet.  His head is well proportioned with dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, good mouth and strong chin.  Good depth of chest, correct topline and tailset.  Correctly angled at both ends enabling him to move true both ways.  Coat needs sorting out a little but with hard work he will do well in the future. 

2 Armstrong – Baltoro Hellcat At Tizzycharm – This 13 mth boy is well balanced and correct size.  His head is not overdone, enough neck.  Good topline and tight tail. He is mature in coat which was of good texture and well presented.  He has adequate bone and substance but would prefer a deeper chest and more ribbing.   Not as positive in front movement as my class winner. 

3 Taraband – Khatibi triple Fudge Sundae 


Yearling Dog (3) 

1 Stringer – Kyipo’s Keepsake Made for Incalux JW – Very masculine black and tan boy who won this class on his positive movement both ways.  He has a balanced head with correct expression, good mouth, dark eyes.  Would prefer just a bit more neck and a shorter loin to balance him up.  He has good angles both ends and plenty of bone and substance. Abundance of well presented coat.  Positive mover. 

2 DuCross – Tyngeli Will I Am for Regenka -  This pleasing young dog has a great head and expression I just wish there was a touch more of him all over to make him more masculine.  He has the correct neck, topline and tail.  Would prefer more bone.  Moved well but not the freedom of movement as my class winner.  Coat coming which was well presented, well handled. 

3 White – Araki Fabulous Figtal 


Post Graduate Dog (6,4) 

1 Inwood & Price – Lasang Mr Dick at Bedivere – 2 yr old black boy, what a handful he is for his owner a typical TT who wants to do his own thing at times.  His head is balanced with correct ear set and dark eyes.  Would prefer more neck to give him a better outline.  Enough bone and good feet.  Correct ribs and topline.  Well muscled and good rear angles.  Coat of correct texture.  Strong in front action, rear movement a little difficult to assess as he was playing up his handler but did enough to win this class. 

2 Elvidge & Webb – Abelenus Black Ice Ciel – 5 year old slate grey – I have in my notes what a whopper!! There is too much of him for me.  He has a huge head and very large nose, big feet.  Plenty of bone and substance.  He is not the correct shape for me as he is too long in loin.  Moved o.k.   Coat straight and well presented. 


Limit Dog (9,2) 

1 Stickley – Walkamile Here Comes The Sun JW ShCM – This 2 yr old black which on first glance is not a glamour boy at all.  You have to get your hands on him to appreciate him.    He has a well-balanced head with dark eyes, reverse scissor bite gives hm that typical TT expression not overdone at all.  He has a strong neck into well laid shoulders with plenty of ribbing, chest with enough heart room.  He has correct bone and substance with good feet. Level topline and high tailset.  His rear is well angled and he drives around the ring.  His coat is coming and was well presented.  Even though I feel he is not the finished article, I thought he was well worthy of the award of RCC today on his driving rear movement, strong head and expression and found him to be the typical square TT I was looking for. 

2 Thorold – Araki The Intimidator – This black boy is a good exhibit without being overdone.  He is of good size and is the correct shape.  Pleasing head and expression dark eyes. Would prefer more neck.  Enough bone and substance, would prefer a deeper chest.  Level topline and good tailset.  Coat of correct texture well presented.  Outmoved on the rear action of my class winner. 

3 Bridges, Rose-Dawson, Rose – Araki Tickle My Tiger 


Open Dog (6,1) 

1 Bateman – Baltoro Knowing You – What a lovely class of quality males which was topped by this exhibit, he was the correct shape I was looking for, square.  He has the correct length of leg to body ratio which was lacking in many today.  There is no doubt that he is all male.  He has a very balanced head with good length of muzzle and correct proportions, strong bite and enough chin, darkest of eyes and correct ear placement. Strong neck into well laid shoulders and correct topline, enough ribbing and tail set on high.  He has good bone and substance with large flat feet.  His grey slate coat is not over glamourous but is of the correct texture and very well presented.  He flowed on the move maintaining his posture throughout and was a joy to watch. Very pleased to award him his crowning  CC & BOB.  A very mature TT and a worthy Champion. 

2 Collinson – Cro/Ro Ch Ti La Shu Born This Way (Imp Deu) – this 4 yr old black and white mature in all departments.  His head is balanced with strong bite and dark pigmentation.  Neck of medium length flows into well laid shoulders, level topline, strong in body with good deep chest.   Good front and rear angles.  He was shown in good condition throughout.  He has an abundance of coat which was immaculately presented. Just a little bit too much of him for me. Very well handled.  Close decision between him and the Limit Dog winner for the RCC but just preferred the head and expression of the limit winner.  On another day who knows! 

3 Smith & Hadlington – Ch Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger 


Veteran Dog (3,2) 

1 Sutchbury – Nefertari Life on Mars at Kutula – 8 yr old black male in very good condition.  A bit on the larger size for me to be critical.  He has a large head and enough bone and substance, big feet.  His movement today was a bit sluggish but to be honest it was a very hot day and he has a huge coat which was well presented. Well handled. He moved better for Best Veteran which he won with ease BV. 

2 Nutt – Waterley Wonderwall at Zantestar – Another 8 yr old male.  A well boned and bodied exhibit and much of the same notes apply to my class winner.  Again effected by the heat today and not as positive in movement as 1.  Coat loads of it but for me not the correct texture felt greesy. 


Special Beginners Dog (5) 

1 Armstrong – Baltoro Hellcat at Tizzycharm 

2 Mackenzie – Routhenburn Agememnon 

3 Jones – Dobriach The Only Way’s Essex 

Minor Puppy Bitch (12,1) 

1 Stringer – Incalux Prime Suspect – 8mth black and tan.  For a youngster she held everything together to win this big class of babies today.  She is balanced in outline, the correct size and very feminine.  She has a pleasing head and expression, enough neck, good angles, correct ribs with plenty of chest, good topline and correct tailset.  She moved the steadiest and was true both ways in this class.  Coat coming nicely for age will watch her progress in the future. 

2 Skaboullos – Rogell’s Zesty Lady Cloudbuster (Imp Nor) NAF TAF – 7 mth gold and white.  Slightly taller than my class winner and a bit more all over than I prefer but you could not ignore her square balanced outline.  She has plenty of bone and substance, has the darkest of eyes and good pigmentation.  Enough neck and good angles with correct feet.  High tailset.  Well muscled.  Good movement both ways.  Another youngster which I will follow with interest. 

3 Gilbert – Gandaki Rock N’Roll 

Puppy Bitch (10,1) 

1 Allen – Doki Apsos Joy To Be Foxy at Balderstone (Imp Nor) – Stunning 11 mth old black girl.  A youngster that outshone all the other puppies here today.  She freestands like a rock, everything in the right place, has the free flowing movement I was looking for.  Very feminine.  Her head is balanced with the correct proportions, good mouth and dark eyes.  She has enough bone and substance with good feet. Good angles both front and rear, balanced.  Moving true both ways with good reach and drive.  Coat just right and immaculately presented.  This youngster is the one I would happily have take home - BP. 

2 Stringer – Incalux Prime Suspect 

3 Thurston – Tetsimi Slave to The Rhythm 


Junior Bitch (12,3) 

1 Smith – Tetsimi Rock Your Sox Off – 15 mth old quality black girl.  Very feminine in all departments.  Pleasing size and shape, with correct head and expression with dark eyes.  Enough bone and substance.  She has good angles both front and rear which enabled her to have good front reach and driving rear action.  Plenty of coat which was well presented  Well handled. 

2 Davies – Pinrow Precious Gem – This cheeky young girl gave her handler a hard time.  She is full of herself.  She is another that you have to handle to appreciate.  She has a good head with correct expression.  Plenty of bone and substance with correct feet.  Good angles both ends and correct topline and tailset.  Did not have the positive rear movement as 1 today hence her placing.  Correct coat of good texture coming. 

3 Andrews – Lasang Strike It Lucky 


Yearling Bitch (10,3) 

1 Honey – Khyibrang Queen Of The Straights JW – 20 mth old stunning black bitch.  She certainly is just what I was looking for.  She is first of all the correct shape – square.  She catches your eye as soon as she enters the ring, very feminine.  A well balanced head and true TT expression with correct skull shape and enough stop.  Nice muzzle with good bite and strong chin, good ear placement and dark eyes.  Medium length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders.  Good spring of rib, enough bone and substance and flat feet.  Good depth of chest, plenty of body, short loin, high tailset.  Well angled rear with plenty of muscle.  Sound movement both ways.  Coat very well presented.  In the line-up I felt her size and shape stood out and I thought her worthy of the CC. 

2 Smith – Tetsimi Panda Print – 15 mth black and white.  A pleasing exhibit but today just did not give me the wow factor.  She is the correct size with good body, bone and substance.  She has good muscle tone.  Her head is balanced with correct length of neck, level topline and good chest.  She moved well both ways but was unfortunate to meet 1 today.  Coat well presented. 

3 Coupland & Buckley – Pipalata Go Getter 

Post Graduate Bitch (8,2) 

1 Johnson, Johnson-Morris, Morris – Nefertari It’s My Thyme – In this class today she was an easy winner.  She is a slate grey bitch of what I would say the ‘old fashioned’ type.  She is square and balanced in outline with a pleasing head and expression.  She has the correct bone and substance with good topline and high tailset.  Good angles both ends.  Moved positively both ways. 

2 Stringer, Ford & Russell – Incalux As You Like It With Setrique – This black and white girl is feminine with the correct bone and substance.  Would prefer a larger head to give her the balanced outline I was looking for.  Correct deep chest and ribs, longer in loin than 1, high tailset moved o.k.  Coat needs to come on. 

3 Kemp – Yanlan Ice Chrystals 

Limit Bitch (15,1) 

1 Price & Leese – Araki Already Whispering – 2 yr old gold/white which was again one of the few that was balanced and square.  She is a pleasing size with the correct bone and substance but still feminine.  She has a well-proportioned head with dark eyes and good pigmentation, correct mouth and enough chin, good ear placement.  Medium length neck flowing into pleasing shoulders, good front angles with deep chest, good ribs, short loin, high tailset and strong rear angles.  She flowed in her movement both ways.  Her coat was of the correct texture and presented to perfection.  Unfortunate to meet the Yearling bitch today who stole the show for me.  A well-deserved RCC. 

2 Lawrence – Lamlux Coqo Amala For Ludgate – This slate grey bitch is not a glamour puss but a good solid exhibit which a breed person would appreciate.  She is a good all-round exhibit.  She has a balanced outline and is the correct size.  Her head is well proportioned and she has a reverse scissor bite and the correct amount of chin but not overdone.  She has dark eyes and correct ear placement, good bone and substance, correct feet.  She has good positive movement both ways.  Coat of correct texture and well presented.  Unfortunate to meet my class winner today. 

3 Willoughby – Baltoro Puss In Boots 


Open Bitch (10,3) 

1 Tempest – Shadeacre Fly The Flag For Alilah (Imp Swe) – This is a classic 2 year old black bitch of the correct size and shape I was looking for. She has a well-balanced head with correct expression, good mouth.  Strong neck, good front angles and has correct feet.  Enough ribbing, short loin and good tailset.  Good rear angles.  Well-muscled.  Good quality coat well presented.  Won this class on her overall shape and balance.  She moved positively to win the class.  Felt that in the challenge she was starting to feel the heat  which prevented her from taking higher honours. 

2 Johnson, Johnson-Morris, Morris – Ch Incalux Faith – This 7 yr old bitch is again built on classic lines.  Another one from this kennel which is a good quality exhibit and a worthy Champion.  In good overall condition.  Slightly taller than my class winner.  Her head is of correct proportions, dark eyes.  She has a strong neck and good body proportions.  Correct topline and tailset.  Good angles both ends and positive movement both ways.  Mature coat of correct texture well presented.  At one with her handler at all times.  Just preferred the shape and size of my class winner. 

3 Honey – Khybrang St Carmens Rose 


Veteran Bitch (2,1) 

1 Rutley – Ch Javeys Here Comes Summer JW ShCM – A worthy champion with an abundance of coat but for me she is not feminine.  She is a big girl with a large head and plenty of bone and substance – too much for me.  Her coat is well presented and there is loads of it!!  Moved well 

Special Beginners Bitch (4,1) 


1 Westerman – Colours Of The Wind – This black and tan girl is at the top end of the height scale for a bitch for me but is still square in shape.  She has a pleasing head and expression with enough body, bone and substance and good feet.  Coat well presented and she was very well handled.  Moved the best in the class today.  Best Special Beginners and was very pleased to see that she was SB Group 2 well done. 

Judge : Gillian Marley