• Show Date: 14/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gillian Hutcheson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association Of Scotland

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Thank you to the Association for my appointment. I was looking for a balanced, well angulated dog with free flowing, ground covering movement. Ridges overall were good and temperaments were excellent.

PUPPY DOG (2, 0)

Whiteside’s Jimanns The Doctor – 11 months, good front, infill and nice lay of shoulder, well ribbed back, preferred the length and proportions of this boy. Good turn of stifle, moved well on good feet.

Lowson’s Jengachenga Ever Hasan – Very much a happy-go-lucky puppy who refused to settle. Handsome head of good proportion with a lovely soft expression, good depth to chest just at that awkward puppy development stage and will look more balanced when he is more mature.


Buchanan’s Nehando’s Excalibur – Dark red wheaten dog, strong all through, well ribbed with a strong topline. Stood well but I would prefer more turn of stifle. Moved OK.

Hall’s Matsushona Fire Opal – Wheaten dog, preferred the front assembly of my winner, moderate angulation, good ribbing and strong topline allowing him to hold his topline on the move, straighter in stifle, good feet.


Muir’s Saadani Show Off – Red wheaten, handsome head with good planes, dark eye and pigmentation, strong crest of neck, well balanced boy with good front assembly, excellent lay of shoulder and return of upper arm of correct length, prosternum well placed and filled, good depth of chest, good proportion of body length nicely tucked up into strong loin, lovely turn of stifle, well knuckled feet. This boy excels on the move and covered the ground with ease. One to watch for the future. Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate.

Lowson’s Jengachenga Den of Lions – Red wheaten, not as strong in front and topline as 1 but moved out well.


Farleigh’s Flying First Class Qwandoya with Kinabula (Imp Crz) – Wheaten dog, strong head on a powerful neck, good lay of shoulder, shorter in upper arm, depth of chest good, with a strong back and loin giving good overall body length, good turn of stifle, moved well although feet could be tighter.

LIMIT DOG (5, 1)

Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Taking Chances – Handsome wheaten dog, good length and depth to muzzle, correct planes to head, supported by a strong crested neck, beautifully balanced, good infill and depth, correct lay of shoulder, nice length of body, strong topline held on the move, relaxed turn of stifle, good feet, ground covering gait, moving with drive. Dog Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed

Geeves’ Sonstraal Dream On – Red wheaten dog, lovely head with the softest expression held on crested neck, correctly proportioned shoulder and return of upper arm with good prosternum and infill supported by tight elbows, correct depth to brisket and beautiful length of body with strong loin and topline, correct turn of stifle with well let down hocks, standing on excellent feet and moved out well.

OPEN DOG (5 ,1)

Piehl’s CH Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW ShCM – Light wheaten dog of 9.5 years, handsome head, strong neck, good topline and length of body, shoulder lay and upper arm correct with well filled depth of chest. Good turn of stifle with well let down hocks, moved out with drive and purpose, covering the ground with ease. 

 Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani for Jengachenga (Imp Ned) – Red wheaten, stockier type, not as balanced as 1. Moved OK. 


Bowers’ Celtic Lore Koos De La Rey (Imp USA) – Wheaten dog, good infill and lay of shoulder, nice depth to chest, good length of body, tends to fall at croup, feet OK but could be tighter. 

 Hall’s Matsushona Fire Opal 

 PUPPY BITCH (6, 0) 

Cunningham’s Walamadengie Coco Chanelle – 7m red wheaten bitch, such a pretty girl, beautifully balanced with correct assembly all through with lovely tight elbows. Still a little soft in topline but that will strengthen as she develops. Moved out with drive for one so young. Loved her, a bright future ahead I’m sure. Best Puppy. 

 Parson’s Priorpark Pipsqueak – Another lovely puppy with a bright future just unfortunate to meet 1 today. Wheaten girl of 7 months, balanced and poised. Lovely overall construction and moved out well. Another one to watch. 


Smith’s Sweet Little Wallflower – 18 month red wheaten bitch, lovely head and expression, held on a good length of neck, excellent shoulder placement with infill and good depth, strong topline and feet. Moved well. 

 Lowson’s Jengachenga Despicable Me – Pretty head and expression, softer in topline than 1, was a bit hesitant on the move but recovered well after a slight mishap in the ring. 


Gray’s Carlincox First Rate – Dark red wheaten, clean in neck and shoulder, would prefer tighter elbows, good ribbing, finer in bone. Moved OK but would prefer a longer striding gait. 


Forrester’s Hespa Heart of Gold – Pretty with a soft expression, good lay of shoulder but shorter in upper arm, good topline, OK for depth of chest & length of body, good feet, softer in croup, relaxed turn of stifle, moved OK, would like to see more drive on the move. 

 Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia – Bigger bitch, moderate balanced angulation, tighter in elbow than 1, good length of body but longer in leg so not correct in proportion, would like her more settled on the move to stride out more as she moved at too quick a pace. 


Maylor’s Mirengo’s Musola at Kamili – Pretty wheaten bitch, correct head proportions with the darkest of eye and pigmentation, lovely crest to strong neck, correct shoulder assembly with infill and depth to chest, lovely length of body, strong loin ensuring level topline, leading to well turned stifle, well balanced all through. This girl had bags of energy and drive and powered round the ring. Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate. 

 Hodge’s Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW ShCM – Red wheaten, similar qualities to 1 but finer in type. Beautifully presented, handled and covered the ground with ease. 

 OPEN BITCH (9, 0) Hughson’s Ballyriver Hot Caramel for Fahari – Red wheaten girl I have always loved, pretty head and expression, strong neck leading to a beautiful front assembly with correct angles and proportions, deep and well filled chest, good length of body, neatly tucking up into a strong loin, relaxed turn of stifle, supported by well let down hocks and well knuckled feet. Correct, free flowing movement with drive and accuracy. Bitch Challenge Certificate, her second and hopefully her third is not too far away. 

 Farleigh’s CH Kinabula Bin There Done That – Wheaten bitch I have admired ringside, top quality and pushed hard, just preferred the overall balance of 1 today. 


Forrester’s Hespa Heart of Gold