• Show Date: 25/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gillian Burfitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Bearded Collie

SKC. August 26th 2018-08-29

Judge…Mrs. G.R. Burfitt

DCC  2653  Mrs. A Pedder – Ch. Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW SHCM

RDCC 2610 Mr. & Mrs. A E Burscough – Kilfinan Prince Hal JW SHCM

BCC     2654  Mr. G. & Mrs. L. Peirson – Kiltondale Pearls a Singer

RBCC   2671  Mrs. R.S. Wood – Larkslane’s Dream Weaver of Osmart (IMP CAN)

BOB    2653   Mrs. A Pedder – Ch Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW SHCM

BP        2642  Mr MJ> Mrs. E.A. & Miss L Jay – Talraz Relight My Fire

BV       2612    Mr & Mrs. A. E. Burscough – Kilfinan Country Colleen ShCM

Many thanks to the exhibitors for turning up on a wet day with what for many was a long journey.   I was so pleased that although the entry was relatively small the quality of the dogs was high.    I was more than thrilled when my three “bests” went on to win their respective groups, all under different judges, well done.  I did feel sorry however for the owners of a a number of dogs  obviously unsettled and not showing to their best, the noise from the fight and chaos a few rings over contributing to that I am sure.

Minor Puppy Dog… No entries

Puppy Dog  Entries 3  Absentees 2

1st  2611  Mr. & Mrs. A E Burscough – Talraz Light Up The Sky For Kilfinan

Although standing alone a sound, quality, puppy.  Lovely head good shoulder great depth of chest and length of rib.  Moved with purpose.  Looking forward to seeing him mature.

Junior Dog  Entries 5  Absentees 1

1st   2633  Mrs. B. Harcourt-Brown – Ororas The Emperor

Another super youngster who has a great future.  Lovely head, well laid shoulders, great hight to length ratio, all from rib.  Easy on the move with level topline.

2nd.  2615  VJ Rudd – Tolkein’s Dream On With Lubin ( IMP DEU) NAF TAF

Sweeet brown boy, with lovely harsh jacket, changing coat.  Nice head, good eye toning with coat.  Good length of rib.  Needs to settle on the move.

3rd   2615 Mr B & Mrs J Costello – Bradiba’s Brilliant Nutmeg Muffin at Calkylona (imp Deu).

Post Graduate Dog  Entries 6 Absentees 2

1st   2622  Miss A M Gibb – Snikkles Bluebeard At Pirateer JW SHCM

Quality slate in good coat and condition.  Well presented. Steady on the move.

2nd   2637  Mrs. Hinchliffe – Pretty Bear Beautiful Bill At Croftdale (imp DEU)

Very nice brown in change of coat.  Good head nice toning eye, not quite settled on

the move.

3rd 2630  Mrs B & Mr K Handley – Invercoyle Caperdonich at Barkenbear

Limit Dog  Entries 6 Absentees 2

1st  2625  Mrs. A M Glasgow – JB De Chester At Gallus (Imp FRA)

Lovely Brown in good coat.  Free flowing mover with drive.  Good head and eye, good length of back coming from rib not loin.

2nd 2629   Mrs. PA Griffiths -  Nellbrook It’s a Mystery at Whizzbomb

 Super head with strong muzzle and fore face.  Good harsh jacket, strong back.  Just not moving as I know he can today.

Open Dog  Entries 5 Absentees 2

Three quality dogs.

1st  2653   Mrs. A Pedder – Ch. Caldermist Kiss In The Dark JW SHCM

Long admired this boy, superbly put together and floated around the ring, consummate showman, showing his quality at every turn, perfectly in sync with his handler. Pleased to award the CC and  BOB

2nd.  2610 Mr & Mrs A E Burscough – Kilfinan Prince Hal JW SHCM

Slightly larger boy of quality.  Sound on the move. Super head with strong muzzle.

Beautifully handled and presented.

3rd   2634   Mrs B Harcout-Brown – Oroara’s Entertainer.

Another quality dark slate boy, just not as finished yet as the first two.

Veteran Dog  Entries 3 Absentees 1

1st  Mrs B & Mr K Hansdley – Ch. Bargemon Baryshnikov At Barkenbear JW SHCM

Quality boy, not showing his age at all.  Moved with ease, still eating up the ground.

2   2632   Mrs. B & Mr K Handley – Bargemon Beauford Tourer At Barkenbear SHCM

Larger brown boy in super coat and condition.  Great head with good eye colour, not quite a sprightly on the move as 1.

Minor Puppy B.  Entries 0  Absentees 0

Puppy Bitch  Entries 4  Absentees 0

Lovely class of baby girls.

1st  2642   Mr M J & Mrs EA & Miss L Jay  - Talraz Relight My Fire  

 Sweet young girl, showing her socks off.  Pretty head well laid neck into

correct shoulders.   Short pushy hocks allowing fluid easy movement, so light on her feet.  BP

2. 2621    MS V Gamble – Talraz Firelight to Capelaw

Another sweet baby, showing many of the same qualities as 1 but not quite as reachy

on the move.

3rd.  2623   Mrs. A & Mr A Gill & Hosie – Malandex French Xpectation for Gillaber.

Junior B  Entries 5  Absentees 2

1st 2643   Mr  M J & Mrs. E A & Miss L Jay – Talraz Gift Of Gold

Perhaps not in her best clothes at present, but lovely quality coat all the same.

Sweet head, good neck into well laid shoulder.  Super topline both moving and stood.

Another easy mover.

2nd….2623.   Mrs  A & Mr A Gill & Hosie – Malandex French  Xpectation for Gillaber

Well presented slate girl in good coat.  Excellent conformation throughout, just did not seem settled today.

3rd.. 2657   V J Rudd – Ramsgrove Sunburst Over Lubin TAF.

Post Graduate Bitch   Entries 10 Absentees 0

With no Yearling class this was a really mixed bunch of all ages.

1st  2671   Mrs R S Wood – Larkslane’s Dream Weaver of Osmart (Imp CAN)

Lovely bitch with sweet expression, with correct eye for coat colour.  Lovely arch of neck into her excellent shoulders.  Great depth of chest and length of rib.  Super level topline.  Showed well with reach and drive.  RCC

2nd  2649  Mr D Moir – Braemoor’s Fabulours Fennela At Winaria (imp NLD) JW.

Another quality girl.  Harsh dark well fitting coat.  Sweet head, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders.  Moved with reach and drive.

3rde  2641   Mr M J Mrs E A & Miss L Jay – Talraz May Queen JW

Limit Bitch   Entries 8  Absentees 1

1st   2654   Mr G & Mrs L Peirson – Kiltondale Pearls A Singer

Quality girl just coming into her prime.  A pleasure to go over and to watch move.

I was pleased to award her what was apparently her second CC, sure number 3 won’t be long.  CC

2nd   2665   Mr P & Mrs P A Styles – Ragellie Timeless JW

Super dark slate. Well fitting brown and harsh coat.  Nice level topline.  Excellent conformation, just a little more reluctant on the move today.

3rd.   2660   Dr S A & Mr D Savage 7 McLean – Clovabrae Solar Flair SHCM

Open Bitch  Entries 5  Absentees 1

1st  2668   Mr A & Mrs J Wood – Ch. Pipadene Visionary Spirit for Pepperjay JW

Quality bitch I have long admired.  Has everything one could ask for, just missed out on the challenge as she was not moving as I know she can on the day.

2nd   2609   Mrs D Barley – Braemoray Annie Laurie of Runival

Liked this girl a lot.  Very nice to go over and a pretty picture.  Moved well, just seemed a little unsettled at times.

3rd.  2014   Mrs B Cope -  Miss Dior De Chester At Menander (Imp FRA)

Well made slate, just has a bit of growing up to do.

Veteran Bitch  Entries 4  Absentees )

Lovely class of older girls.

1st.  2612   Mr & Mrs A E Burscough – Kilfinan Country Colleen Shcm

Hardly showing any age, dark slate in super coat and hard condition.  Lovely head, dark eye and pigment.  Still moving with purpose with plenty of reach and drive.  BV.

2nd   2652  Miss E J & Mrs J A Peart – Tgalluarchy Angel Wings Shcm

Another, hardly showing her age. Sweet head and expression.  Good harsh coat.  Moved steadily and with purpose.