• Show Date: 01/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Georg Walther Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Utility Breeds Association

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Minor Puppy Dog

First 852

Nice size, balanced outline, strong body. Beautiful head, eye and expression. Good coat. Movement has to settle.

Second 867

Correct size, bone and build. Great coat. Weak rear end. Hocks turned out.

Puppy Dog

First 864

Nice outline, strong body, correct head, eye should be more almoned shaped. Moves well

Second 828

Squarely shapped dog, good bone, correct head and expression. Good coat. Lacks depth of chest. Movement hast o settle.

Junior Dog

First 836

Outstanding dog, great body, correct bone, handsome head and expression.

Moves well, balanced and typey.

Second 876

Balanced dog, beautiful head and expression, good body, rear end a little weak. Today not in full bloom.

Post Graduate Dog

First 884

Very balanced outline, good size, correct depth of chest with well rounded ripcage, eye a touch too light. Moves well.

Second 847

Nice outline, good bone, excellent head and expression, in full coat, rather close behind.

Limit Dog

First 837

Beautiful type, pleasing head, dark eye, correct expression, strong body , excellent top line,

great coat and condition. Moves well.

Second 827

Dog of good size, strong body, correct head and expression, good bone, excellent coat and condition. Very typey.

Open Dog

First 830

Dog of great breed type. Impressive head and expression. Strong body . Lovely top line. Full coat . Moves very well.

Second 866

Balanced Dog, very masculine, good head and expression. Well developed body. Appealing coat and color. Moves well.

Special Beginners Dog

First 840

Nice dog, good breed type and expression. Lacks depth of chest, still moves well.

Second 891

Nice dog, good size, lacks fore chest as well as depth of ribcage. Movement hast o settle.

Special Beginners Bitch

First 834

Nice bitch, good breed type. Beautiful eye and expression. Excellent coat color and texture.

Front movement has to settle. Shows well.

Second 897

Charming bitch, beautiful face, expression and dark almond eye. Well put together. Needs ring experience.

Minor Puppy Bitch

First 849

Lovely pup! Medium size bone, Typical expression. Well developed body. Toes out a little. Great coat. Shows well. Movement has to settle.

Second 824

Appealing puppy, correct bone. Excellent type, pleasant face. Already great body. Hocks out a little. Needs ring experience.

Puppy Bitch

First 822

Most typical bitch. Lovely face, great body. Immaculate coat and condition. Moves well with poise. Very hopeful!

Second 834

See special beginners

Junior Bitch

First 878

Lovely bitch, very sound. Good bone. Excellent head and expression. Not quite in full bloom. A touch low on leg. Excellent movement and showmanship.

Second 894

Hopeful Junior! Excellent bone. Typical head and expression. Correct coat. Moves well, though lacks carriage a little.

Post Graduate Bitch

First 885

Very well put together. Excellent breed type. Great coat and color. Moves well with style. Head and expression should show a little more femininity.

Second 835 

Charming bitch. Good body. Well shape skull. Eye should be darker. Tail set should be higher. Feminine bitch shows well with good carriage.

Limit Bitch

First 825

Bitch of excellent type. Lovely condition. Excellent head and expression. Good movement. Shows well.

Second 859

Nicely framed bitch. Good body. Medium bone. Excellent head and expression. Moves well

Open bitch

First 841

Very attractive bitch. Good, strong body. Excellent head and expression. Dark Points. Excellent coat and condition. A touch too short in back.

Second 877

Bitch of correct type. Correct size. Excellent head and expression. Dark pigment and eye. Excellent shape. Unfortunately, not in full bloom.