• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Thomas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Terrier Club

Breed: Cairn Terrier

My thanks to the committee for the invitation and to my efficient stewards for keeping things running smoothly. And of course the exhibitors for your entries. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and while numbers have dropped there is still quality in the breed. Quality in the lower classes was a bit of a mixed bag. But in the open classes in both sexes and in many of the bitch classes I was spoilt for choice and could have done with more than 1 red card. I do feel that heads have improved with many more having the desired deep stop. There were still a number with narrow snipey muzzles and a few with prominent eyes, which just spoils the expression. I only had 1 suspect bite. Many were shown in quite short coat, but all coats were of good texture, for me a part of the glory of a Cairn is that it should be shown in a natural but tidy coat. There’s trimming and then there’s trimming to within an inch of their lives! Sorry not for me. My winners were what I hoped I would find in the breed today and I’m sure they could hold their own in the best of company.

Spec. Beg D/B(3,1abs) 1. Metcalf-Saults, Cannwood Call Me Aggie. Wheaten bitch, just out of puppy. Has a well made head with width to skull and muzzle with neat ears, defined stop and big teeth. Feminine in outlook. Nicely balanced throughout with well made front and level topline. Shown in excellent coat, does not need to carry any more weight. Moves steadily and soundly when she settles. 2. Lunds Cairngold Brandy Snap. Clear red bitch. Feminine in outlook, has a well balanced head with deep stop and neat ears, not quite the expression of 1st. Nicely made with good neck, clean front and well sprung rib. In good coat of correct texture. Showed steadily, not quite as settled on the move as 1st.

MPD.(2,1abs) 1. Millers Cornton Fyne Fettle. Well grown wheaten brindle, masculine in outlook. Excels in head and expression with good width to skull and muzzle, correct bite and big teeth. Presents a balanced outline. Good angulations both ends, with well sprung rib. Shown in good coat. Movement needs to settle a bit, but he has time, shows confidently, BPIB.

PD.(2) Two nice puppies, splitting hairs, sure they will change places at times. 1. Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dance With Macmoon. Wheaten brindle, lovely type. Loved his head, so well proportioned with deep stop and broad jaw. Well balanced throughout, with good clean front and well laid shoulder. Just coming into good coat. Moved soundly and just covering the ground better than second. 2. Firths Cairngold Chico. Clear red, masculine in outlook. Another balanced puppy with good proportions throughout. Has a broad skull and neat well placed ears and correct bite. Shown in excellent coat and condition, an accomplished showman, just not as positive in movement as class winner.

JD.(3) 1. Percys Winetta Quest For Fame. Lovely grey brindle, beautiful head and intense expression. What a lovely dog to go over, good shoulder and forechest, firm topline and well ribbed. Shown in hard condition and excellent coat. On his toes all the time, when he settled moved with drive from behind . Has to be a contender for top honours when fully mature. 2. Keeves Seveek Treasure The Dream, light red. Lacking in maturity to 1st. Nicely made head with deep stop and keen expression. Short of coat at the moment but new coat of correct texture coming in. Held topline on the move, needs to fill out as just a shade narrow throughout at the moment. 3. Kippens Seveek Look To The Future with Chezaku.

GD.(3) 1. Reeves Cairngold Bubbly. Masculine light red. Well made head and keen expression, so well balanced with well made front, firm topline, good ribbing and well set tail. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Another accomplished showman who moved soundly and steadily. 2. Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Silver Askin. Masculine grey brindle, well made head, but not the intensity of expression as 1st. Presents a balanced outline, with good angulations both ends, firm topline and great quarters. Shown in a full coat of correct texture. Not settled on the move. 3. Kippens Seveek Look To The Future with Chezaku.

PGD (No entries)

LD. (7) 1. Shoplands Trekhilli Mister Bean at Cherrycrack. Masculine dark grey brindle. Classic head and expression with broad muzzle and correct bite. Not overdone in any way, so well balanced and excels in front with good forechest, firm topline and well muscled hindquarters. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Moved very soundly and shows steadily. Seriously considered for top honours. 2. Days Trekhilli Pepperazzi, another dark grey brindle, made in a bigger mould than class winner but no coarseness. Well made throughout, good head with broad skull and deep stop. Presents a balanced outline with well laid shoulder, firm topline and shows confidently. Moves soundly but not covering the ground as well as class winner. 3. Keeves Seveek I Spied That Dream.

OD. (6). Class of quality, sure these will change places on many occasions. 1. Mears’ Glenmear Mcintyre, red brindle, so masculine in outlook with the best of heads with classic proportions that give that true Cairn expression. So well made throughout , excels in front with defined forechest, firm topline and well turned quarters. Shown in correct full coat. Animated showman who can give his handler a hard time. Moves with reach and drive when he settles to it. Thoroughly deserved the CC, a worthy champion. 2. Cattos Birselaw Stay With Me. Dark grey brindle who was so close up to class winner, built in a bigger mould. Has to be gone over to be appreciated. Classic head and intense expression, so masculine in outlook and so well put together, beautiful clean front with well placed shoulders and defined forechest, firm topline and well muscled quarters. Shown in correct full coat. An accomplished showman who never puts a foot wrong, such a close decision, RCC. 3. Kintons Ch Woodthorpe I know The Code, pleasure to go over and worthy champion.

MPB.(1,1abs) 1.

PB. (2). 1. Lunds Cairngold Brandy Snap, 2nd Spec Beg. D/B. 2. Days, Trekhilli I Got Chills, Feminine grey brindle, well up to size. Good in head and expression with good width to skull, correct bite and big teeth. Well made front and good ribbing, topline needs to firm up. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Moves and covers the ground well, just not showing herself off today.

JB. (5). 1. Roberts’ Cannwood Chance The Moment. Clear wheaten, lovely type. Feminine in outlook with well broad skull and muzzle. Excels in front with pronounced forechest, firm topline and well ribbed. Nicely made quarters. Shown in first class coat and condition. Moves with drive and a confident showgirl. One who must be destined for top honours as she matures. 2. Thompsons Glenrood Love In A Mist. Smart feminine wheaten. Another nicely made bitch with a well made head, presents a balanced outline, with good angulations both ends and carrys a good coat of correct texture. Moves soundly when she settles to it, just not as polished in showmanship as class winner. 3. Metcalf-Saults Cannwood Call Me Aggie.

GB.((2). Two nice bitches. 1. Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Fennel. Red brindle bitch, a good honest Cairn, not overdone in any way. So well put together, with a well made head of correct proportions, broad muzzle and good bite. Excellent front with good legs and feet, nicely ribbed, well made quarters. Shown in a full coat that can hide her shape a little. Shows steadily and moves soundly. So pleased to award her the RCC. 2. Firths Cairngold Carolina, feminine red brindle. Well made head and deep stop. Another well balanced bitch with good front, firm topline and nicely made behind. Shown in excellent coat and condition and an accomplished showgirl, moves steadily but not with quite the drive of class winner.

PGB. (7,2abs). Nice class. 1. Felters & Rumens Lentricia Fame at Landbuck, ultra feminine grey brindle. Excels in head and expression, so well put together and presents a balanced outline. Well laid shoulder, firm topline and well set tail. Shown in good coat and condition. Moves with purpose and on her toes all the time, liked her a lot. 2. Hughes & Hootons Penticharm Party Popper, another totally feminine wheaten. Loved her head and expression. Nicely made throughout, straight front, firm topline and good quarters. Good coat coming in and of correct texture. Moved with drive and a confident showgirl. 3. Sopers Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds.

LB. (6). 1. Petts Brenndarcy Hunky Dory Among Doonrae. Feminine clear red excels in head and expression. Well made front, firm topline and well sprung rib. Good coat of correct texture. Moves soundly and a confident shower. Clear winner in this class and seriously considered for top honours. 2. Vaughans Penticharm Knight Star, feminine light grey brindle. Well balanced throughout, well made head with keen expression. Good front, well laid shoulder and good ribbing. Shown in good condition and good new coat coming in. A little unsettled on the table but gained in confidence on the floor and moved well. 3. Smiths Cannwood Misty Dawn at Gethlee.

OB.(6,2abs). Lovely class, a joy to judge. 1. Yates-Johnsons Ch Pendley Vivien. Beautiful light grey brindle, up to size but still totally feminine in outlook. Well made head with good width of skull and muzzle with intense expression. So well balanced with a clean front, well placed shoulder, well sprung rib and good hindquarters. Shown in a profuse coat tidied to perfection. Covered the ground with ease on the move and showed confidently. Well deserved CC and BOB. 2. Shannon & Storrs Brenndarcy Cloudbusting. Another feminine light red, so much to like about her. Beautiful head with keen expression. Built on a smaller frame than class winner. Well put together presenting a balanced outline and excels in front and forechest. Shown in first class coat and condition, a confident showgirl, just not covering the ground quite as well as 1st, but a close decision. One who will surely finish. 3.Keeves Ch Seveek Hopes ‘N’ Dreams. Long admired this girl and a worthy champion.

Geoff Thomas (Judge)