• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Southern Counties CA. Championship Show. English Toy Terrier 1.6.2018 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


English Toy Terrier 


Class  PD ( 2. ) 

1. Mr & Mrs Thorne’s AMALEK CAPPUCCINO AT WINKLEFRED Confident showman carrying head high on good length of neck. Skull narrow & flat with lovely dark almond eyes. Coat in excellent condition with rich tan markings. Moved superbly when settled. 

2   Ms M Martinez’ NANOZOVA SHOOTING STARR. Another lovely head with high-set ears and good length of neck. Tan markings not so rich in tone and movement less smooth and fluid. 


 Class JD  ( 1.) 

1  Mr J Wood’s MORETONIA EASTER PARADE. All the basics of a promising outline are there with depth of chest, length of neck and a good tuck-up. Pleasing head. Rear movement better than front. 


Class PGD ( 2.) 

1. Mr & Mrs Warren’s NEERODAN JUST IN TIME. Graceful, alert showman making good use of ears and neck, though I would prefer a little more length to the latter. Well formed narrow head, in good coat and a smooth balanced mover in outline. 

2. Mrs S Leigh’s MANSIYA TAKE THE STAGE. Floppy ears today and much broader in head almost to the point of coarseness. Good length of neck, strong rich tan markings but not showing well today 


Class LD ( 1.) 

1. Miss LL Allsop’s PELUGIAS ALL FIRED UP. Wedge-shaped head with flat skull, excellent teeth and bite, though the ears could have been better used. Good neck and topline, excellent rear angulation showing strong drive on the move. Elbows close to chest with excellent reach of forequarters. One of the few exhibits today showing parallel movement front and back. Coat thick and glossy with rich tan markings.Res. Dog CC. 


Class OD  ( 7.) 

1. Messrs. Forsythe & Milkins’ WITCHSTONE TOMMY HAWK AT RICHPIN. Correct tailset, though tail carried a little high at times as to be expected of a confident alpha male.True candle flame shape to ears which were used well. Lovely outline, not heavy in bone, well groomed with rich tan markings and moving extremely well both ways. Dog CC. 

2. Mrs J Jolley’s WITCHSTONE DON’T CROW AT DEKOBRAS ShCM. Also in good coat with rich tan markings, head long and narrow with high-set ears and a flat skull. Good depth to chest without excessive breadth. Showed well, but my personal preference would be for a little extra neck length and slightly more rear angulation. 



Class Veteran  ( 2 ) 

1.  Mrs DA Dicker’s NEERODAN JAZZ YOU HAS. Good narrow wedge-shaped head with correctly placed well used ears and lovely dark almond eyes.Good outline and tail carriage. Slightly wide in front but a very active and otherwise sound mover. BV.                                                                                  

2.  Mesd. English & Mason’s WITCHSTONE JUST FOR KICKS AT HONEYWAND. Lovely alert showgirl with pleasing head and excellent coat. However her outline was spoilt by presumably age-related weakness in the rear. 


Class Good Cit.  ( 2 ) 


2.  Mesd Crowley & Adams’ TILLARN KILGHARRAH. Whatever slight reservations I had regarding my winner, he completely outshone the competition here, especially with regard to outline. 


Class PB ( 2) 

1. Mrs HJ Haffenden’s NASABE BOOGIE WOOGIE JUMP. Lighter in weight but smarter in appearance. Very well balanced and sound, moving and showing with great aplomb.BP. 

2. Leigh’s MANSIYA OBSESSION. Rather heavier set and not so keen on showing, but basically well made, moving soundly when settled.Tan leg markings still rather obscured by dark hair. 


Class JB  ( 2.) 

1.   Mr G McGowan’s PENMARLAM U GOT THE LOOK. Lighter build with more compact body and a superb arched neck. Ears well used, good tan markings. Showed with style and confidence 

2.   Mrs V Love’s WITCHSTONE HALO. Longer  back with perversely shorter neck. Beautiful head, eyes and expression, though could do more with the ears. Sound mover. 


Class PGB ( 2.) 

1.   Haffenden’s MORETONIA WICKED IN OZ AT NASABE. Long narrow head, excellent neck, depth to chest and light elegant build overall. Used ears well and although the eyes were more round than almond, it was much the better mover of the two which is more important. 

2.   Mrs A Pothin’s SILVANESTT’S TINY DANCER. Good rear angulation, pleasing head with obliquely placed almond eyes and in good coat with rich tan markings. Unfortunately the front lacked the excellence of the rear.. 


Class LB  ( 5 ) 

1.  Mr & Mrs Harman’s BOIMANS GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Long narrow wedge-shaped head with flat skull and well placed ears and eyes. Thoroughly good outline overall both moving and showing well. 

2.  Mr Francis & Miss Blatchford’s WITCHSTONE QUEEN OF WANDS FOR PEOPLETON. Not so outstanding in head but well balanced, sound, with excellent tan markings and clear thumbmarks and penciling. 



Class OB ( 5, 1 abs. ) 

1.  Mr A Leonard’s WITCHSTONE MINNEHAHA. Striking bitch, full of confidence with a lovely head, alert expression and good reach of neck. Rich tan markings with clear thumbmarks and penciling. Quite excellent on the move and a real joy to watch. Bitch CC. BOB. 

2.  Messrs. Burgess & Browne’s CH SHAREX BURNING LOVE FOR DOBRUGH JW. Beautiful head held high on good reach of neck. Soundly made, attentive to handler,. But not quite the ring presence of my winner today. Res Bitch CC 



Judge…Dr Geoffrey G Curr