• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Swedish Vallhund

Welsh Kennel Club CDS.  18.8.2018……….. 


Swedish Vallhund………………………………………………………………Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


Class 1115  VD   ( 2,1 abs.) 

1.  Miss PD Lewis’ CH STARVON VANQUISH ShCM. Coming up to 8 years old and still in very fine shape though sagging a little in underline. Balanced free reach and drive, with head carried well on good reach of neck. Good breadth to body right through., level topline, well sprung ribs extending well back, short strong loin and sturdy, but not too heavy in bone. Compact well padded oval feet and well defined markings on head and body. Very masculine appearance and an experienced and successful showman who is still able to command attention in the ring. Reserve CC & Best Veteran 


Class  1116  PD   ( 1,.) 

1.  Mr K Jones’ TANELLIS BLOOMIN WILLIAM. Promising youngster of just 6 months. Wedge-shaped head, flat skull  and blunt muzzle with strong lower jaw. Assertive and confident, using his ears well. When settled displayed an attractive outline with sufficient forechest, good depth of chest for his age, well sprung ribs, level topline and good reach of neck. Again when settled he displayed strong balanced movement. Well defined markings complete a satisfying picture and when he settles into experienced show-mode he should have a very successful show-ring career..Best Puppy. 


Class 1117  JD  ( 2. ) 

1. Miss J Stockbridges’ VALLADAR CALL OF DUTY. Impressive young male who best maintained a level topline despite his energetic movement. Lovely outline displaying good forechest, well sprung ribs extending well back, good bone without being heavy and a strong masculine neck of sufficient reach. Strong lower jaw, well defined markings and a controlled energy suggesting he was well equipped for service as a heeler. Dog CC & Best Of Breed 

2. Mrs G Perry & Mrs L Etches’ STARVON CRYPTIC SPYDA. Much of the above praise could also extend to this boy, who was a shade longer in loin, not quite so strong in movement and he occasionally lost the level topline when moving. He did have a lovely well proportioned head/neck and a very confident demeanour.  


Class 1119 LD  ( 4,1 abs.) 

1. STARVON CRYPTIC SPYDA.  As in last class, except that this time round he was much more settled which played to his strengths. 

2. Mrs J Price’s STARVON YOU GOT IT AT CONINGSBEAR ShCM .Sturdy body right through with a good wedge head and dark oval eyes. Confident and showing well.  

3. Mr & Mrs Drinkwater’s GALERITA GOJI BERRIE 


Class 1122 PB ( 1 ) 

1. Jones’ TANELLIS BLOOMIN PRIMROSE. Sister to the best Puppy and also with promising head, neck, forechest and outline in general. Very strong front mover but still a little untidy behind, which is hardly unusual in such a young pup. Clear markings, well used ears and a great personality. 


Class 1125  LB  (( 1. ) 

1. Miss K Diamond’s ERIKSFJORD AURORA CHARM ShCM. Very well proportioned head and neck. Well marked in shades of grey. Feminine in size and appearance, sufficient width right through and ribbed well back. Very soundly constructed showing true reach in front movement and sturdy drive behind. Loved her positive, confident attitude. Bitch CC 


Class 789  OB  ( 3 ) 

1. Stockbridge’s THORJAKKER TOPSY TURVY AT VALLADAR. Excellent topline, forechest and well presented coat with clearly defined markings. Well proportioned wedge-shaped head. Good depth of chest, ribbed well back with short strong loin. Balanced movement in outline with  sufficient reach and drive.Presumably her neck has thickened with age making it appear shorter and in the challenge, after a lot of thought and on that relatively small matter this lovely bitch lost out to a younger rival and was awarded the Reserve Bitch CC. 

2. Mr & Mrs Dodd’s HURSTFIELD RENEN VIXEN AT TANELLIS. Lovely head, neck, topline and markings. Lighter in build than my winner, but overall more consistent to the type I had favoured throughout.