• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Keeshond

The Welsh Kennel Club. Keeshond 19.8.2018 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 




Class 2504  VD  ( 3 ) 

1.  Mesd. Wilkes’ HELKEESEN SURFIN FOR DAKARAIKEES. Compact outline with lovely off-standing coat in shades of grey and black with no suggestion of red, rust or orange spoiling the effect. Strong masculine head with balance between broad skull and dark muzzle. Well defined “spectacles” and shoulder markings. Has forgotten nothing he has learned about showmanship and possessed the best front and rear movement in this class. Best Veteran 

2.  Mr & Mrs Hill’s  PLYMKEES COOL DUDE ShCM Lovely arched neck carrying head high at all times and another superb showman. Lots of expression in those dark almond eyes, well marked “spectacles” and shoulder markings. Excellent coat, but slightly longer in outline and not moving as convincingly as my winner. 



Class 2505 PD ( 2. ) 

1.  Miss S Lush’  EDNAARON MOONLIGHT. More mature than his opponent, but still very willful when inclined. Looked up to size and that was not just his well marked coat. Good arched neck, well sprung ribs and high-set well curled tail. Better movement of the two. Best Puppy Dog. 

2   Wilkin’s  WHIZZKEES OPAL SOLOMON. Young, inexperienced with head and coat still to develop. Untidy puppy movement, but very attentive to handler and already displaying good showmanship when settled. 


Class 2509 LD ( 3.) 

1. Mrs S Lindsay’s MEZANDA MERRY STARSHOWER. In correctly textured and marked coat, good length of neck, lovely tailset and carriage. Showed a compact outline and well proportioned head to best advantage and with true, balanced movement. Reserve Dog CC 

2. Mrs JE Williams’ MEZANDA MASTER OF SECRETS AT DRUITZ. Showed very well, excellent coat, good tailset and carriage. Pleasing head with dark muzzle and excellent teeth and bite which seem to be a feature of the breed. Less compact in outline. 



Class 2510  OD  ( 6,2 abs.) 

1. Mr & Mrs Rose’ CH ROSSVALE MASTER OF DESTINY FOR ESORKEES. Compact outline, well sprung ribs, depth to chest and high-set tail carried well. Outstanding balance which showed in his natural stance and brisk true movement. Excellent coat presentation, revealing correct markings, good ruff and good feathering on fore and rear legs. Well proportioned head with broad flat skull and good earset. A joy to watch, Dog CC & Best Of Breed 

2. Mr C & Miss NL Hickson’s KICHIGAI’S ONLY THE LONELY. Another compact well constructed exhibit who also showed well, carrying head high on arched neck. Sound mover with strong hindquarters, Lovely well proportioned masculine head with strong jaws and good stop. Dense ruff, good depth to brisket but slightly less well furnished trousers upset the visual balance a bit today. 



Class 2512  PB ( 5 ) 

1. Lindsay’s COSMIC DREAM’S DAMN YOU LOOK GOOD FOR MEZANDA ( Imp.) Like puppies the world over did not always stand to best effect, but when she did, a lovely compact almost square outline. Good puppy coat well marked, eyes dark, nose and lips black, high tailset. In my notes I twice mention her sound balanced movement so I was obviously impressed. Best Puppy In Breed. 

2. Mr & Mrs Marshall & Mrs Atkinson’s WINKLESTAR SERENDIPITY WITH DEVONIA. Also compact, very balanced and sound. I liked both these pups with their promising heads and dark, expressive eyes. Both showed extremely well for their age and what could be said for one could pretty much be said for the other. Seemed almost a shame to choose, but this was my choice though I’m sure they will often change places. 

3. Messrs M & D Mathews & Mrs L Mathews’ SZARYK APHRODITE AT VALLINDALE  naf 


Class 2513 JB  ( 2.) 

1.   Mrs S Schulz’ NERADMIK POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES TO SKYDUST (Imp.). In excellent well-marked coat, compact outline, well sprung ribs and high tailset. Well proportioned wedge head with strong dark muzzle, flat skull and well placed small, dark, erect ears.Moved very well when settled. 

2.   Mrs & Miss Newman’s WOLFSWINKEL MARIA OGREN AT LEAZEHOND. Lovely overall proportions, good use of neck, well trained, moved soundly, but somewhat out of coat today. 


Class 2514 NB  ( 1 ) 

1.  Hill’s WHIZZKEES OPAL SOLITAIRE FOR PLYMKEES. Compact, sturdy and soundly made youngster in puppy coat with some cream shading around the head which I hope soon disappears. “Spectacles” and shoulder markings quite clear, well placed ears, high tailset, presently in need of more ring experience. 


Class 2515 PGB ( 3.) 

1.   Newman’s LEAZEHOND PRAIRIE FLOWER. Best overall for colour, soundness and compact outline, although the desired paler shading under and above the eye were not clearly evident today. Arched neck and good head carriage, excellent harsh outer coat texture, showed and moved the best in this class. 

2.   Wilkin’s WHIZZKEES EBONY SLIPPER. A little reserved but handled well and in my opinion the second best mover in the class. Good balanced wedge head with well marked “spectacles” but I was a bit uncomfortable with the russet highlights on the muzzle. 

3.  Mesdames Wilkes, Mr S Clarke & Mr Peck’s DAKARAIKEES SILVER CHARM 


Class 2516 LB  ( 6,3 abs) 

1.  Wilkin’s WHIZZKEES EBONY SINDERS JW. Very showy, attentive to handler and one of the best movers here today. In excellent well marked off-standing coat all in shades of grey and black. Well proportioned wedge head and dark, expressive almond eyes with black eye-rims. Reserve Bitch CC 

2.  Marshall’s TORIKEES MADE IN HEAVEN AT DEVONIA . Excellent well marked coat, pleasing head carried well on arched neck.Slightly longer in outline but moved and showed very well. 



Class 2517 OB ( 2. ) 

1.  Ms DC Gregory’s CH AMIKIRS FABULICIOUS TIME JW. Well proportioned, soundly constructed,  very feminine in size and bone with well marked coat in soft shades of grey. Excellent showmanship and delightful expression. Loved her. Bitch CC. 

2.  Lady KS Hickson & Mr C Hickson’s CH KICHIGAI MAGIC DANCER JW. Another splendid example of the breed in every respect except that I preferred the movement and charisma of the winner. 


Judge…Dr Geoffrey G Curr