• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Lancashire Heeler

The Welsh Kennel Club. Lancashire Heeler 18.8.2018 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


Lancashire Heeler 


I wish to thank exhibitors for their support and for their sporting acceptance of my decisions on the day. I realise this critique is late, but am making no apology for the fact that sometimes life outside the dog world does need addressing. 


Class 995  VD  (  ) 

1.  Mrs L Jones’ FOXTHYME MAORI. Very friendly exhibit welcoming me with a vigorously wagging tail (correct set & carriage) and a huge smile (superb teeth & bite).Ears well used, dark almond eyes with tan spots above, well balanced head and strong jaws. Of course age has made some changes like a little extra weight but a basically sound and sturdy boy with very strong parallel rear movement. Best Veteran 


Class 996 PD ( .1 ) 

1.  Mr WD Langford & Miss LM Nicholas’ ARENITE TRUE GRIT. Alert and eager showman with well balanced wedge-shaped head, broad, flat skull and strong jaws. Well presented short, thick coat with rich tan markings. Good spring of ribs which extended well back. Strong bone without being overdone. Driving rear movement not matched by similar strength in forequarters causing topline to dip behind the withers and arch over the loin. Front feet moving very close. 


Class 998 Post Graduate Dog  ( 3 ) 

1.  Miss A Merrells’  TAIGWYNION EWART JAMES. Good width to flat skull, dark almond eyes, ears well used and parallel planes to top of skull and muzzle. Well muscled strong hindquarters balanced by well laid forequarters with elbows against the chest. Moved and showed very well holding a level topline at all times. Ribbed well back, not excessively long in loin as some were: a joy to watch in outline. Dog CC & Best Of Breed 

2.  Mr B & Mrs S Everill’s AVICE SIR LANCELOT. When relaxed and standing he showed a very pleasing outline with good neck and forechest. Perhaps his forelegs curved a little too much, but the real problem today was that he did not want to show. 

3.  Miss J Grant-Parkes’ PARABAR PARATROOPER 


Class 999  LD ( 5,1 abs.) 

1. Mrs CA Fairest’s HENSON MARKALEX. Alert and playful chap with well balanced head with parallel planes to top of skull and muzzle. Lovely outline with excellent topline and well muscled hindquarters. Good lay of shoulder with brisk free movement both front and back. Reserve Dog CC. 

2. Miss D Dawes’ WELSHMOOR BOBBYSOX. Really sleek smooth coat with very rich tan markings.Good spring of rib and length of ribcage. Eyes and ears well placed and used. Excellent showman with good movement overall, but I preferred the front of my winner. 



Class 1000  OD  ( 8.) 

1. Mrs D Felstead’s  MILLIRENN HUGONIS AT FOVEAUX  ShCM. Carried himself well with a firm level topline: ribbed well back, good strong neck and excellent head with parallel lines to top of skull and muzzle. Alert showman with dark expressive eyes. Let down by his front where the usual eccentricities were over-exaggerated. 

2. Mr  & Mrs W & G Simpson’s CH COPPERCOAT’S CRUISER AMONG SIMONSVILLE (IMP.) JW.Lovely coat presentation.Very pleasing head/eyes/ears and also with parallel planes to top of skull and muzzle. Strong rear movement, but weaknesses in the forequarters left him moving bum-high. 



Class 1002  PB ( 2 ) 

1. Jones’ MADINCROWD MERCY CHANT. Superb showgirl with a brilliant outline, well marked coat, sturdy balanced movement and a great personality. Made me happy just to watch her. Bitch CC & Best Puppy & hopefully a great future in the ring. 

2. Langford & Nicholas’ ARENITE CATTLE KATE. Well balanced head with very dark eyes. Great coat presentation, excellent topline when I was allowed to see it. Cheerfully not settling into show mode today, but more ring experience will bring good results. 


Class 1003 JB  ( 3.) 

1.   Felstead’s  FOVEAUX OZ LADY MADONNA. Excellent outline, neck and a balanced feminine head. Sleek and glossy coat with rich tan markings. When settled, displayed smooth balanced movement and a level topline 

2.   Grant-Parkes’ EMBAGES FOOLISH FROLICA AT PARABAR. Much to like, which could be appreciated better with more consistent showmanship. On this day both front and rear movement appeared rather untidy. 



Class 1004 PGB ( 3.) 

1.   Mrs EO Holehouse’s TAIGWYNION MEGACASCADE SPARKLE. Well proportioned head with dark expressive eyes and well placed ears. All the basics of a well made dog are there….strong neck, good topline, well muscled hindquarters, but spoilt a bit today by carrying too much weight. 

2.   Swann’s TAIGWYNION THE SPECIAL ONE AT SWANNDALE. Lovely head, strong forequarters, outgoing personality and obviously sound mover. Just a Little leggy for me. 

3.   Grant-Parkes’ PARABAR PAXTON’S POSY 


Class 1005 LB  ( 3 ) 

1.  Mrs S Bartlett’s SWANNDALE SCRUMPY. Very well made bitch with a lovely head, strong neck and topline. Good chest room ribbed well back. Alert attitude, moving positively front and rear, but seemed slightly overweight to me. 

2.  EMBAGES FOOLISH FROLICA AT PARABAR. Lovely glossy coat, very well balanced head and strong neck. Really looked impressive when relaxed with the ears well used and the topline level, but it was too unsure of itself to remain consistently positive.. 

3. Miss DEA Malins’ EMBAGES POSER 


Class 1006 OB ( 4. ) 

1.  Mr & Mrs D Tester’s CH MRS BELL HIGGINS AR OGOF. Very well constructed bitch brought to the ring in excellent condition and of a mind to show it all off with conviction. A serious contender in the challenge. Reserve Bitch CC 

2.  Bartlett’s TELPOOLWYN FIORELLA. Lovely head and topline. Excellence of the forequarters not matched by the hindquarters and just slightly leggy for me. 



Judge…Dr Geoffrey G Curr