• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gavin Robertson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Judge: Mr G Robertson 

BEST OF BREED : 723 SMITH, Mr N S & HADLINGTON Ms J Ch Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger 

Dog CC : 723 SMITH, Mr N S & HADLINGTON Ms J Ch Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger 

Res Dog CC : 686 HEARNE Mrs A J Snoanda Designer Label 

Bitch CC : 706 MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL Mr P Pinrow Midnight Eclipse Over Myrlea 

Res Bitch CC : 732 WILLOUGHBY Mrs K Baltoro Puss In Boots 

Best Puppy : 656 ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Mr Ivor Hardy 

Best Veteran : 674 DORAN Mr & Mrs A K Kybo Lilli Vanilli 

Best Special Beginner : 734 WYSER Ms K Majikcharms Mr Casanova 

Class 282 SBD/B (6 Entries) Abs: 4 

1st: 734 WYSER Ms K Majikcharms Mr Casanova 

2nd: 730 TURMAINE Miss E O Dolkar Diesel 

Class 283 MPD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 656 ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Mr Ivor Hardy 

2nd: 662 BATEMAN Mr & Mrs T & L Baltoro Black To The Future 

3rd: 708 MEEGAN Mrs V J Avaness Whatever The Drama 

Res: 695 LAFFLING Mrs E A Araki Flash The Gold 

VHC: 712 PLUMMER, Mrs K & BINGHAM K & H Silgarhi Holy Smoke 

Class 284 PD NO ENTRIES 

Class 285 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: 686 HEARNE Mrs A J Snoanda Designer Label 

2nd: 704 MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL Mr P Myrlea Under The Spell 

3rd: 713 PLUMMER, Mrs K & BINGHAM K & H Gandaki Bust A Move 

Res: 730 TURMAINE Miss E O Dolkar Diesel 

Class 286 YD (3 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 731 WHITE Mrs L Araki Fabulous Figtal 

2nd: 664 BETTS Mrs A J Q'karma For Tibettsi From Heaven's Earth 

Class 287 ND (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 664 BETTS Mrs A J Q'karma For Tibettsi From Heaven's Earth 

Class 288 GD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 690 INWOOD, Miss R & PRICE Mr S Lasang Mr Dick At Bedivere 

Class 289 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 684 HARRISON Mrs S D Araki Boshay Barney 

2nd: 657 ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Star Performer 

3rd: 694 JONES Mrs J E Longcoat Glorious Sunspot 

Res: 734 WYSER Ms K Majikcharms Mr Casanova 


Class 290 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 677 ERSKINE-JONES, Mrs M & WATSON Mr G & Mrs J Unohoo Mr Dudley 

2nd: 715 RUDDERHAM Mrs D Araki Renegade In Red With Taxiki 

3rd: 676 DRAPER-ANDREWS Mrs A J Lasang Five Star 

Class 291 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 723 SMITH, Mr N S & HADLINGTON Ms J Ch Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger 

2nd: 669 DAVIES Mr G Ch Barnstorm Waterley United By Dzine (Imp USA) 

3rd: 705 MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL Mr P Myrlea Mostly Ghostly 

Res: 701 LE MOIGNAN Mrs C Waterley Skyfall Pdh 

VHC: 728 THURSTON Mrs R Kipukyi Hot Ripper 

Class 292 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 675 DORAN, Mr & Mrs A K & ERSKINE-JONES Mrs M Unohoo Mr Yogi 

Class 293 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 702 LE MOIGNAN Mrs C Waterley Moneypenny 

2nd: 687 HEARNE Mrs A J Snoanda Wizadora 

3rd: 663 BATEMAN Mr & Mrs T & L Baltoro Available In Black 

Res: 658 ANDREWS Mr R Lasang Missysippy 

VHC: 681 FENTON Mrs A Layoli Glowing Embers 

Class 294 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 729 THURSTON Mrs R Tetsimi Slave To The Rhythm 

2nd: 681 FENTON Mrs A Layoli Glowing Embers 

Class 295 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 706 MARLEY, Ms G & THIRLWELL Mr P Pinrow Midnight Eclipse Over Myrlea 

2nd: 670 DAVIES Mr G Waterley Alliance TAF 

3rd: 679 ERSKINE-JONES Mrs M Unohoo La La Land 

Res: 721 SMITH Mr N S Tetsimi Rock Your Sox Off 

VHC: 672 DORAN Mr & Mrs A K Dreamwink Minnie The Minx 

Class 296 YB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 670 DAVIES Mr G Waterley Alliance TAF 

2nd: 699 LAWRENCE Mrs J Tazique Totally Fabulush 

3rd: 722 SMITH Mr N S Araki Just Tickle My Fancy With Tetsimi 

Res: 719 SMITH Mrs M J Snoanda Whoops A Daisy At Yeshi 

Class 297 NB (2 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 681 FENTON Mrs A Layoli Glowing Embers 

Class 298 GB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 659 ANDREWS Mr S Lasang Oops I Did It Again 

2nd: 685 HARRISON Mrs S D Araki Shame The Devil 

3rd: 678 ERSKINE-JONES, Mrs M & BYNAM, Miss C & BYNAM Mis Unohoo It's Gorgeous Gracie At Ceebee 

Class 299 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 4 

1st: 717 RUTLEY, Mrs P A & KEULERS Mrs P A E Sumanshu Pretty Woman At Javey (Imp) 

2nd: 710 PLUMMER Mr G V & Mrs K Mikudi Counting Stars For Tetsikarma 

3rd: 700 LAWRENCE Mrs J Tazique Totally Flawless 

Class 300 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: 732 WILLOUGHBY Mrs K Baltoro Puss In Boots 

2nd: 673 DORAN Mr & Mrs A K Dreamwink Daisy Dot 

3rd: 680 ERSKINE-JONES Mrs M Unohoo Here Comes Flora 

Res: 724 STANLEY, Mrs J & COLLINS Mrs R Araki Foolish Angel 

VHC: 691 INWOOD, Miss R & PRICE Mr S Lasang Storm In A Teacup At Bedivere 

Class 301 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 726 SUMMERS Mrs D Anjimalsea Hello Dolly 

2nd: 682 FENTON Mrs A Layoli Hot N' Dazzling JW Jun Ch 

3rd: 711 PLUMMER Mr G V & Mrs K Tetsikarma Lola Star Girl 

Res: 689 HEDGER, Mr J & BOURNE Miss C Evemylyn Are You Hot Like Me 

Class 302 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: 674 DORAN Mr & Mrs A K Kybo Lilli Vanilli 

2nd: 716 RUTLEY Mrs P A Ch Javeys Here Comes Summer JW 


1)well balanced sturdy dog with well proportioned head piece, nice strength of muzzle. Moderate angles, short loin with level back, tail a little flat. Low set hocks, harsh coat

2) slightly more immature than 1 and needs to develop in body, preferred muzzle on 1. Good length of leg. Ok topline. High set tail. Coat could be better, nice temperament but needs more time 


1) nicely made youngster, moderate stop, big nose with a correct square muzzle. Good length of neck. Firm topline with good tailset. Loin could be shorter,Strong bone. Sound typey dog. Raw but once settled moved well, just needs time to mature. BP

2) just a baby but lovely proportions and shape. Very alert and full of character. Big feet. Level back with good tail. Has nice style on the move and close deciosn. Good type.


1)eye catching leggy dog with firm bone and substance, clean outline good feet, foreface could be a little shorter. Large dark eye, well placed ear. Level back, short loin with high set tail. Low hocks and really holds himself on the move covering the ground, has style and attitude, think he is a promising youngster and fully deserved the RCC

2)very well made masculine dog. Lovely big nose. Moderate stop. Foreface could be shorter. Good bone, also holds his back well o the move. Angular rear.high set tails Would prefer more animation on the move


1)masculine head with square muzzle and good underjaw. A little short in neck. Good bone and substance. Tail a bit flat, well sprung ribs. Heavy coat which spoils his shape a little as he is pretty square underneath. Sound throughout.

2)taller dog than 1, well balanced head with good expression,neat ears and big nose.

 Well sprung ribs.ok feet Tailset could be better, Low hocks. Uses himself well on the move


1) as 2nd in YD


1)masculine dog with strength and substance all through. Balanced skull. Ok neck and shoulders. Good feet. Level back, prefer shorter loin. Moderate rear. In full coat. Ideally like him to have more leg length 


1)nicely balanced dog with correct proportions throughout. Masculine head, square muzzle. Big feet. Moderate angles front and back. Holds topline well. High set tail. Good carriage on the move, nice type.

2) smaller and finer mould than 1. Longer cast than winner, well constructed front with good feet. Level back, loin could be shorter. Ok tail. Angular rear. Positive mover, preferred shape to winner.


1)lovely shape and size. Really liked his head piece with a big nose, correct square muzzle. Moderate neck. Good bone, substance and big feet. Compact body with short loin. Big ribs. Low hocks. In tip top coat and muscular condition. Nice type.

2) similar mould to 1, again a balanced head and skull. Slight stop. Like a little more width in chest. Short loin. Preferred topline to winner. High set tail. Uses is rear well on the move. Nice size, good condition. 


1) lovely class to judge with quality right through. He is a very well balanced dog in the correct size with good proportions. His head has strength in foreface with a lovely big nose, well placed ears, moderate neck. Big feet with a good return of upper arm. Holds his back well, big ribs short loin with an excellent rear and low hocks. He comes into his own when he moves with power and strength holding his topline at all times. In full coat and in tip top condition. Pleased to award him the CC and BOB.

2)very nice typey dog, also has a lovely shape to him with a balanced skull. Good bone. Nicely angled front. Well sprung ribs, holds shape at all times, good tail set. Excellent condition, 2 lovely examples


1) 11 yr Male who is in really good order, pleasing head and expression. Good length of leg, square in outline. High set tail. Excellent back for age. Coat and condition a1. A little loose in rear but credit to owner and dog.


1)best shape in the class, still very raw but a lovely type. Well proportioned head piece. Moderate balanced angles throughout. Short loin with a level back. Ideally like a bit more substance,Steady mover and sound from all angles 

2)another nice lady, also raw but shape and style is there. Good bone and feet. Preferred shoulder on winner. Well angled rear, low hocks. Both just need time but promising


1) eye catching youngster. Square muzzle. Big nose. Holds shape on the move. High set tail. Good bone and feet. Ideally like more lay of shoulder. Good condition

2)raw puppy who needs to develop throughout, square muzzle. Level back. Prefer shorter loin. Ok rear. Needs time


1)lovely shape size and proportions, really nice to go over with well sprung ribs,sturdy frame ,Feminine head with large dark eye,balanced skull. Strong neck,Moderate angles. Firm back, short loin, low set hocks, nice type, easy side gait holding her shape at all times placing her feet correctly with powerful drive. Coat profuse with good texture but not too overdone. A good honest example of the breed. CC

2) eyecatching bitch, balanced head piece, large nose. Big angles, well sprung ribs. Level topline. 

Would like to scale her down a little. Positive mover.


1) 2nd in JB

2) nice size and shape, prefer a little more animation on the move. Balanced head piece, moderate neck. Short loin. Low set hocks. Coat could be a little better


1) was 2nd in PB


1)feminine youngster. Square muzzle. Moderate angles. Good bone and feet. Heavy profuse coat makes her look long, but underneath she is a nice shape. Steady mover, liked her rear quarters

2) nicely balanced bitch with good substance, big feet. Level back, high set tail. A little stubborn on the move and not really giving her best. Lots to like. Typey bitch


1) feminine bitch throughout, good balance, well proportioned . Moderate angles. High set tail. A little out of coat. Short loin. Firm muscleSteady mover but would like a little more animation.  

2) similar shape to winner. Lovely big nose. Square muzzle with good underjaw big feet, string bone. Preferred backline on winner. Uses her rear well on the move.


1) lovely honest unexaggerated typey bitch, feminine throughout. Very nice head and expression Well proportioned. Could have a bit more bone to her. Her angles are moderate giving her that easy free effortless movement. Ribs of good length, short loin. High set tail. Low hocks. In lovely coat and condition. RCC

2) a little larger framed bitch than 1 but still well balanced and proportioned. Strong bone, big feet. Holds her shape well. High set tail. Preferred angles on winner but lots to like. Firm muscle tone, strong rear with low set hocks.


1)nicely balanced bitch, good bone,size and feet. Pleasing head and expression. Slight stop. Ok ribs worth deep chest. High set tail. Free easy side gait, nice type

2)square muzzle with strength of underjaw. Big nose. Moderate neck, Good length of leg, holds topline well. A little out of coat currently. Just preferred rear on winner 


1)nicely balanced and proportioned bitch, square muzzle, dark eye, a little steep in shoulder. Level back with high set tail. Short loin, positive mover who holds her shape on the move, lovely condition

2) more substantial bitch than winner, muzzle a little long, neat ears. good bone, lovely big feet. In full coat, well sprung ribs. Looses her topline a little on the move. Good tailset. Low set hocks.