• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gary Haine Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Darlington Championship show. 15th September. Breed: German Shepherds.

Judge Gary Haine. Padawan.

First of all I would like to thank Darlington Dog Show Society and its Committee for giving me the chance to Judge at the Championship show in a breed I love dearly. Also all the people who took the time and money to enter and travel to show their dogs under me. The food was amazing also.

Class 1309. Vet. D/B.

1. Whiteside. Ch Owalnglydwr Autumnal Brez. 7 year old bitch,black and tan. correct bite and a nice dark eye.nice wedged head with equal muzzle. Nice straight front. Well laid shoulders with a straight back and loin.Good depth of chest with plenty of lung space. Balanced with a great profile. Correct type that moved well with a nice gait,sound going away. A really nice all round bitch.

Class 1310. Puppy Dog.

1.Brandon. Lornaville Higher Court. 11 months old dog. correct bite,nice dark eye. equal muzzle and head length with a nice ear set. good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. correct upper arm/shoulder angle with a nice straight front with strong front pasterns.good depth of chest for age, back and lion straight. I would of liked a little more croup. Moved ok once he settled down.

Class 1311. Junior Dog. (no entries.)

Class 1312. Post Graduate Dog.

1.Le Cornu. Sunkari Imperial Topaz at Noirmont. 4 years old. Well balanced dog,noble in stance. A great head and bite. The front is straight. Ample depth of chest. Correct upper arm with well laid shoulder, back and loin straight. Sound coming and going. Moved well around the ring. Correct type and I enjoyed being able to judge him.

2. Whiteside. hamadryas Juno Son of Junior. 18 months old. Nice wedged head good ear set. Nice straight front.Good upper arm and shoulder placement. Back and loin straight. Sound going away. It was hard to asses gait as movement was stop start. Im sure he will settle down with more experience.

Class 1313. Limit Dog. ( this was the best dog class of the day)

1.Stephens. Brightmeadow Strand of Gold. 2 year old dog. What can you say about this dog. In my personal opinion this is one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of putting my hands on. He is a well balanced, powerful and muscled up dog. While stood in profile and after seeing him move he was and easy choice for first place. Everything is in its right, not over done anywhere. Sound coming and going and covered the ground with ease.(BD,BOS)

2. Prydderch. Droyale Mister Moo. 2 years old. This dog is a real up and comer. An alert well balanced dog with a nice head and ear set.Correct bite.Right amount of chest for age.Good reach of neck. Straight front with strong front pasterns. Upper arm and shoulder placement is as you would expect. Back and loin straight . Just enough croup. He was sound coming and going with a gait that had good reach and drive..

I would like to say on another day the 3rd placed dog could of been second. It was just what I liked on the day.

Class 1314. Open Dog.

1. Prydderch. Droyale Leading Man. 3 years old dog. This is another one of those dogs that you enjoy to judge. A really nice head and ear set. Alert at all times. Noble and has a presence while stood in the stance.Great front and shoulders. Back and loin straight with a gentle croup. Balanced and sound on the move. I enjoyed watching him gait with ease around the ring. This dog ran the best dog very close in the challenge.

2. Brandon -Trewick. Lornaville Solid Justice Sh.CM. 3 years old. Correct bite. Nice dark eye and ear set. Equal head and muzzle length. Nice straight front with a good upper arm placement. Back and loin straight. correct croup and tail set.

Class 1315. Puppy Bitch.

1. Brandon. Lornaville Trick shot. 11 months old. This is a nice little bitch with a dark eye and ear set. good reach of neck. Front assembly as you would expect. just enough chest for her age. Back and loin straight with a gentle croup. Good out line in the stance. She was sound going away and once she settled into her gait she did move with reach and drive. Was happy to award BP.

2. Chalksville Anastasia. 7 months old a very young bitch. Correct bite with a dark eye. nice ear placement. The right amount of neck with well placed shoulders. Her back and loin was straight. sound going away and moved well around the ring. Yes she is still learning and lots of improvement to come but she enjoyed what she did..

Class 1316 Junior Bitch.

1. Brandon Classic jewel . 11 months old bitch,litter sister to first place puppy. typical breed type for this kennel. head and muzzle length equal with a good ear set. I would like a darker muzzle. Front angles all ok with the shoulders and upper arm as they should be. back and loin straight with a gentle croup. right amount of stifle. sound going away and she moved well once she settled on the move.

Class 1317. Post Graduate Bitch.

1. Power. Echosands Valentines Wish. 19 months old. A nice example of the breed, balanced and alert at all times. Lovely head shape and ear set. Nice dark eye and muzzle. She has a great set of front angles and the shoulders are well laid. Good depth of chest for age. Back and loin is straight but would like a littler more croup. The right amount of stifle for the breed. She was sound coming and going. Good reach and drive on the move.

2. Ashurst. Belburnlane's Miss Miya. 3 years old bitch. Nice head shape and ear set. dark eye. Good shoulder and upper arm. the right amount of stifle. This bitch did move well and is sound. The lady did come and ask me at the end of the show what I didn't like about her dog. I told her it was because it had to much white coat on its inside legs,front and back.

Class 1318. Limit Bitch.

1. Prydderch. Droyale Charlie Girl. 2 years old. What a great looking bitch,balanced and alert in profile. Great head shape and size. Everything in its right place. A great front with strong pasterns. Upper arm and shoulder where is should be. Well muscled as all the dogs were from this kennel. Back and loin straight with a gentle croup. Perfect rear assembly. This bitch is sound and moves with reach and drive. In the challenge she ran the BOB very very close and on another day the result maybe different. Ill be watching this bitch has she gets older.(RBB).

2. Whiteside. Chalksville Global Girl at Hamadryas. 3 years old. A nice bitch with a wedged head and dark eye. good bite. Ample bone for a bitch. Nice straight frot with correct upper and shoulder placement. Straight back and loin. Plenty of lung space. Moved well around the ring and is sound. All there.

Class 1319. Open Bitch.

1.Chalk,Vorrias. Kashaella Ivy. 5 year old bitch and all I can say about this bitch is stunning. As soon as she walked into the class I knew It was going to take alot for the other bitches to beat her for BB and the dog for BOB. She has everything you would want from a bitch like this. Perfect balance, alert and a great profile. Height and length. Front and rear assembly is just what you would expect from a top winning bitch. Watching her move was a real pleasure ,her reach and drive was the best of the day and is sound moving away. Good coat and color all round. A very nice example and type which shows of the breed within its standard. In the end for BOB against the Dog she covered the ground with ease and it was am easy choice for me.