• Show Date: 27/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fred Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

27th May 2018

Judge Fred Jones (Foyleoak)

My sincere ‘thank you’ to the EASBTC for the opportunity to award CC’s for my first time in the UK- a day I thoroughly enjoyed, the hospitality was really appreciated, the committee never stopped, thank you all, massive thank you to all exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to assess their dogs also to the overseas visitors, I fully understand the massive journey and cost involved; last but not least thank you to my two very efficient ring stewards, Steve Page & Jo Essex, who were both on point all day. I really enjoyed the younger classes with really good quality dog-bodes well for the future, should make for an interesting next few years to see how they all progress. I only found a few dogs with misplaced incisors and one with a very tight lower canine. I have not mentioned detention individually in the critique as I was perfectly happy with those that were placed. In my final line up I was extremely happy with the quality of dogs in front of me, a credit to you all & the breed.

Minor Puppy Dog 10 (0)

1st Rhodes & Pritchard Taraiel Reaper at Teracota top quality black brindle with white. loved this young chap -for me he set the quality off for the rest of the day. lovely shape to his head, clean muzzle, good stop, correct ear carriage, enough bone, straight front, nice feet, good angulations, gleaming coat. All round a very well balanced pup. I will keep my eye on this young lad. Best of luck in the future

2nd Hirst & Bibby Taraiel Soulja Boy Similar attributes to winner; which I see from doing my report that they are litter brothers. Slightly smaller at this stage than his brother but he has everything you would want: clean headed, very good body, moved soundly. I just preferred the overall balance on the day of my winner which of course these places can change as they mature

3rd Page’s Karwillage Sweet & Dandy Black Brindle, good expression coming from a very nicely balanced head, enough bone, very good body, overall balances out well, moved ok

Puppy Dog 7 (0)

1st Johnson’s Tillcar Fire Coanda Black brindle with white. Quality powerful headed dog without being over done, good strong clean muzzle, distinct stop, neat well placed ears, well boned, correct front, good feet, good body proportions, moved freely. A pleasure to award Best Puppy Dog but he had to give way to an outstanding young bitch earning him Best Opposite Sex Puppy in show

2nd Robinson’s Kyraloebis Brucie Bonus for Ledger Black Brindle, nice head properties, nice expression, clean lip, neat ears, good bone on a broad front, good spring of rib for age, good turn of stifle, moved freely

3rd Brandon Jodanzac Red Gunner Red & White nice all-round standard dog, liked his head, good expression, enough bone, nice spring of rib, good moving dog

Junior dog 10 (4)

Great class to judge

1st Wood Bultery Roller Thunder Black brindle. Outstanding quality Stafford from his powerful well balanced head, strong muzzle, clean lip, good underjaw, nice well placed eye, distinct stop, neat ears, plenty of lift on a correct front with correct turn out of pasterns on good feet; good body depth to leg ratio, nice spring of rib & for a youngster he was in good hard condition, moved freely. It was extremely close in the final line up for top awards as he matures a bit more I am sure this dog will no doubt go on to bigger things best of luck with him

2nd Desmond’s Elitebulls Challenger Black brindle. Top class exhibit who I liked a lot & I would like to see reach the top. He has a first class head strong powerful and clean, good round eyes and neat ears all making for that typical Stafford expression, nice weight of bone to his front, good overall angulation moved with ease

3rd Wilson’s Northstaff Notorious Black Brindle again a good quality Stafford. Good all-round dog maybe just not as mature as the two in front but what is there is quality; lovely head piece, strong muzzle, nice round eyes with neat ears, good weight of bone for his over all frame, enough rib, good angulations, moved freely

Yearling Dog 14 (2)

quality class

1st Parker Nettleworth None The Wiser Black brindle. Really liked this dog. Another for me who was a contender for top awards. Very good head, strong & clean, not overdone, strong muzzle, showing no excess lip, well placed round eye, good ear set, overall a nicely balanced head that matched his body, not overdone, clean front, good weight of bone, up on his toes, stood four square, good angulations, overall a nicely balanced dog. Best of luck for the future, like to see him go on to top awards

2nd Arntzen Catstaff Firefly Black brindle, nicely balanced dog, very clean head, good muzzle to head proportions, nice eye placement, enough stop, good expression, enough bone on a very good front, moved freely to secure second place

3rd Stanway’s Waystaff Strike Force Red & white standard dog, very well balanced, clean strong enough with no exaggerations he has a very good strong muzzle, nice round eye, good bone, true front, tight feet, good spring of rib, good cut in loin, moved well

Maiden Dog 5 (1)

1st Williams Illori Back Chat Black brindle with white previously placed VHC in Yearling. Good head proportions on this dog, very clean, no excess flesh, nice ears, well placed eye making for a good expression, moved very well

2nd Funnel & Wiggins Powerpack Kilgobnet Black brindle, lighter made up puppy but still in good balance to bone & overall frame size, attractive head piece not overdone, well set dark eye, straight front, enough rib, moved freely

3rd Hemstock, Sanjash & Hemstock Blazenstaffs Over The Top Jolihem Red & White good length of muzzle, enough stop, dark eye, nice expression, true front, nicely off for bone, feet could be tighter, correct set on of tail, movement was good

Novice Dog 7 (1)

1st Williams Illori Back Chat See 1st Maiden dog

2nd Funnel & Wiggins Powerpack Kilgobnet see 2nd Maiden dog

3rd Hemstock,Sanjesh & Hemstock Blazenstaffs Over The Top Jolihem see 3rd Maiden dog

Graduate Dog 4 (0)

1st Williams Illori Back Chat see 1st maiden dog

2nd Hemstock,Sanjesh & Hemstock Blazinstaffs Over The Top Jolihem see 3rd maiden dog

3rd Prokopova Rohirrin Of Rohan Moravia Lord Red & White, smaller type. I personally would have prefered a bit more of him but what is there is balanced, nice head in proportion to his body, dark eye, neat ears, good spring of rib, moves well

Post Graduate Dog 8 (0)

1st Drahosova Pauderova Because Im Happy Terrystaff Black brindle. Top size dog that looks like he is fit for purpose in hard condition, good strong balanced head, good length to muzzle in proportion to his skull, clean lip, neat ears, good front, strong neck, nice spring to rib, & cut-in loin, well angulated backend. I like his movement & overall balance

2nd Gatt Nizeva Alfonzo Black Brindle, not the size of the winner but still well within the standard, this is a very smart dog. He has the best of heads, very clean muzzle, lovely round well placed eyes, neat ears, brilliant expression that got my attention, cracking front, good feet, stood four square, well balanced body, short coupled, very good movement

3rd Ree’s Edgeworth Arturo Black brindle with white, powerful headed dog lots to like about him, strong muzzle, distinct stop, nice ear set, broad true front, good cut-in loin, short coupled, moved well, good all round dog

Limit Dog 9 (0)

1st Winnwood, Tunnah & Kerry Nerotoro Dark Element JW Black brindle. Top class Stafford, great head, good muzzle length to skull proportions, clean lip, distinct stop, dark eye, well placed rose ears, strong neck, good lay back of shoulder, broad front, good weight of bone, correct turn out of pasterns, well padded tight feet, good spring of rib, short coupled, good body definition. His coat is tight close & gleaming, this dog was up against outstanding competition, in the final walk he just seemed to put it all in, never stopped showing himself, very animated, held his own in great company. Overall very well balanced, not overdone or exaggeration in any feature, kept up on his toes the whole time showing himself to perfection, I couldn’t deny him the top award today on this performance My Dog CC-well done, he had to give way for best in show on Referee’s decision

2nd Rowbotham Elitebulls Black and Brass JW Black brindle, another one in my notes that I have said top class, proper looking Stafford in good shape. Lovely well balanced head, great expression, dark eye, rose ears, true front, good feet, strong neck, good rib, nice length of back, good leg length to body height ratio, good rear angulation. Another one at the end when he was called in to challenge for the Res CC he was on top form up, on his toes & glided across the ring. A dog I really liked, I couldn’t deny him the Res CC in very stiff competition - well done

3rd Allsopp Rubericla Trailbreaker Black brindle. Standard dog, very clean, not overdone in any department, cleaned headed, no exaggeration’s, round eye, enough stop, neat ears. He has a good front with correct bone to balance out for his overall frame, good depth of brisket, nice spring of rib

Open Dog 17 (4)

1st Higham Ch.Callastaff Lakeland Lad Black brindle, very animated Stafford with excellent ring presence - “this dog shows himself off”. Powerful head piece without being over done, strong muzzle, well placed eyes, distinct stop, neat ears, all makes for a pleasing expression. Well boned straight front, good feet, strong neck, nice spring of rib, short coupled, moved with confidence to take this class. Over all a very smart dog that I liked a lot, another one that was a serious contender in the line up

2nd Breckell Chiswellstaff lets Dance Black Brindle. Stronger type, good boned, true front, well laid back shoulders, enough rib, good overall angulations, moved very well to take second place

3rd Mayren Bellarouge Adonis At Fergiestaffs JW Red & white. Nicely balanced dog, very good head, neat eye & ear placement, pleasing expression, enough bone, good angulations which was evident in his good movement

Bred By Exhibitor 4 (0)

1st Rowe & South Illori Akinlana JW ShCM Black brindle, nice length of muzzle to skull proportion, enough stop, clean muzzle, true front, tight well padded feet, good substance, balances out very well; over all a very nice dog

2nd Buchan Happystaff Black Sabbath Black brindle. Standard size, pleasing head piece, good bone, straight front, nice angulations, moved ok

3rd Heron Dilirystaff All The Rage Red & white, good head with enough strength, well placed round dark eyes, broad front, enough substance, feet ok, good condition, cut-in to loin, moved ok

Veteran Dog 12 (7)

Thank you so much for bringing them out on a very hot day; none of them seemed to mind & had taken it all in their stride

1st Fairhurst Ch/Bel/Lux/Int Ch Fairlenium’s Snow Patrol JW ShCM Black & white pied, classy dog, outstanding quality with very good movement, clearly enjoyed strutting his stuff. Very good head still retaining good substance, power & strength in this young veteran. I am sure he didn’t mind to give way to a top class veteran bitch Res Best Veteran in show

2nd Dewar Ch Euphemia Drummer Boy Black brindle, another one who clearly enjoyed his day out, he glided around the ring with pride. Lovely head piece and body properties, a nice overall standard size Stafford

3rd Marachowska & Marachowski Ch Kalhols Black Magic Of Passernonmen Black brindle, 10 years young still, retaining a powerful head piece, nice eye placement, pleasing expression, good bone & substance

Brace class

1st Miss G L Rowe & Mr D South

2nd Ms P M Funnel

3rd Miss S J Fox