• Show Date: 14/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Frances Boxall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gordon Setter Association

Breed: Gordon Setter


Judge Mrs Frances Boxall

I would just like to say thank you to the members for voting for me to judge at our breed show and the committee for a pleasant day coupled with two very efficient stewards. To the exhibitors I hope you all enjoyed your day and remember you took the best dog home to share your sofa and fireside with.

Special Vintage 2(0abs)

1.    Davis Shehallion Storm In A Teacup

10yrs with a lovely head albeit showing the typical greying muzzle. In good body condition and coat. Moved soundly using her short hocks

2.    Jaqoues Cairacailie The Flower Girl

Finer bitch than winner and left her coat at home, moved ok and enjoyed her day.

Veteran 9(1abs)

1.    Roberts & Watson Sh Ch Kyuna Colour Of Magic At Moonglade

This bitch is presented in top condition and has a typical setter outline without any exaggerations, correct size showing balance.  Well-shaped feminine head with enough flew and dark eyes, low set ears. Straight front, well off for bone, good feet and well held top line on the stack and moving. Depth of chest as one would expect from a mature bitch coupled with excellent spring of rib. Not over angulated bend of stifle but very well-muscled hindquarters and moved true front and aft although to be critical would like a shade more enthusiasm but this could not detract from her and was delighted to award her the RCC and together with my co-judge RBIS and Best Veteran.

2.    Seymour Pegasett Scotch Fern

Super setter outline, very feminine head although would like a little more work in it. Heavy coated, enough bone and a little upright in shoulders but she moved with drive using her short hocks and tail to advantage.

3.    Ackerley-Kemp Ch Yennadon Time For Daisy

Minor Puppy 2(1abs)

1.    Roberts & Watson Kyuna Dream Of Magic At Moonglade

7 months, pretty expression but would like a shade more depth of flew. Already showing good spring of rib and fore chest. Straight front and correct lay of shoulder, at the moment drops off a shade at the croup on the stack. Enough bend of stifle, well-muscled hindquarters which showed true movement once she settled but nice to see a happy outgoing puppy enjoying herself. Coat coal black and rich tan. Best Puppy Bitch.

Puppy 4(1abs)

1.    Marsh Lignum Black Lightning At Kilnrae

Well defined head on this puppy with correct finish to muzzle, dark eyes, long neck but shoulders a little upright at the moment and is slightly longer in body that 2 and not as deep in brisket but is showing balance due to her height, will take longer to finish. I would also like more bone and slightly shorter hocks. Well bent stifles and moved true and steadily coming and going using her tail. In good coat with correct texture. Am sure owner will have a lot of fun with her.

2.    Sandiford Hernwood Aphrodite

Head rather plain at the moment and lighter eyes than 1 but shorter in body and good depth of chest. Losses top line on the stack, dipping behind the shoulders, she was just not totally cooperating with her handler, but better when moving. Needs to tighten in front but moved true behind using her short tail to advantage, has good bone and colour.

3.    Davies Hernwood Athena At Herrera

Junior 9(2abs)

1.    Seymour & Newton Pegasett Miz Guyance JW

Feminine head with well shaped dark eyes and low set ears, strong neck showing lovely setter outline giving a balanced picture with coal black coat of nice texture and enough for age. Needs to develop in fore chest but has well sprung ribs for a junior, straight front although a little narrow at this point in time. Level top line with nice finish to croup. Good feet and colour. Not exaggerated in hind angulation, drove from short hocks with a lashing tail action. She should finish nicely with time.

2.    Ackerley-Kemp Yennadon Glenlossie

Smaller mould and more workman like junior with a well-shaped head and nice finish to muzzle although would like a darker eye. When cooperating with handler shows a strong neck and solid top line leading into short tail, coal black shinning coat and straight front. Would like more hind angulation but is in hard muscular condition, moved well.

3.    Millar Balnakeil Carn Na Criche

Yearling (2abs)

1.    Melville Tsruhnova Tarkhenna JW

This bitch is maturing along the right lines. Lovely shaped head with soft appealing expression and good finish to muzzle and skull coupled with low set ears. Strong neck with good lay of shoulders and firm top line leading into correct croup. Good spring of rib and short in loin. Would like tighter feet. Well boned and rich clear colour, moved free and steadily using her well-muscled strong hindquarters. Nothing extreme about this bitch and will always get noticed, am sure she will continue to have a bright future.

2.    Mugford Pensylwania Black Lofty At Lynwood (imp POL)

What a lovely bitch from nose to tail and so appealing when stacked. Loved her head and expression. Nice straight front, very good spring of rib and firm hindquarters, when settled moves with purpose using her short hocks and tail. In super coat and feathering. Pity she was not giving her best when being gone over but was sympathetically handled.

3.    Roberts Birchgarth Be Bob For Mirkwood

Maiden 4(1abs)

Seeing these two puppies side by side 1 just has the edge over 2 in bone, fore chest and body but am sure they will change places over time as they develop.

1.    Roberts & Watson Kyuna Dream Of Magic At Moonglade

2.    Marsh Lignum Black Lightning At Kilnrae

3.    Champness Rosemullion Philomel (ai)

Novice 3(2abs)

1.    Champness Rosemullion Philomel (ai)

Top size bitch who is well boned and deep chested. She has a lovely coat and is in very good condition. Moved steadily but lacks enthusiasm.

Undergraduate 5(2abs)

1.    Slaughter Cairacailie Night Of Love With Ordett JW

Not a big bitch but an easy winner of this class for body and condition alone. Beautiful well-defined head albeit a tad throaty. Strong neck, straight front, good lay of shoulder and level top line held on the move. Would prefer more hind angulation but well-muscled and moved true using her short hocks. In lovely coat.

2.    Powell Kimgilee Maori Secret

Sweet expression but finer in muzzle than 1. Little lose in elbows, nice spring of rib and well-muscled rear, moved a shade close behind.

3.    Tong Benbuie Rose Quartz With Kellizlot

Graduate 5(1abs)

1.    Rance Yennadon Rose Isle

Correct size showing a very cheeky expression from lovely shaped head and skull but would like a shade darker eye colour to enhance this. Good front and shoulders. She has strong well-muscled hindquarters but moved a little close behind. Lovely tail action and in lovely coat and feathering with rick tan.

2.    McNeil Lachmhor Sincerely Yours At Barrabrae (imp HRV)

Appealed for her overall shape but lacked the quality of the winner in head, being a little on the plain side but she does have a kind expression. Better in top line than 1 with correct lay of shoulder. Nice depth of chest and spring of rib. Well angulated hindquarters which she used to stride out. To be critical would like a richer and clear tan.

3.    Powell Kimgilee Maori Secret

Post Graduate 14(2abs)

1.    Seymour Pagasett Scotch Fern

Stylish bitch with a sweet head and expression but a shade fine in depth of muzzle. At the moment a little narrow in front. Good neck leading into correct top line, clean over the shoulder and well sprung ribs. Moved soundly using her short hocks and lashing tail. Full coated which was of good texture.

2.    Phillips & Watkins Flaxheath Top Model At Glenmaurangi

This bitch could not be overlooked in this class for her look at me attitude. She is strong enough in head for a bitch with low set ears. She has good forehand and nicely angulated hindquarters which are well muscled. Well off for bone. She is inclined to dip behind the shoulders as she is shade longer cast which makes her look unbalanced at this point in time. Moved true fore and aft with lots of attitude using her tail to advantage. Time is on her side and should finish a pleasing bitch with maturity.

3.    Crowther Hernwood Stella Firework

Mid Limit 3(1abs)

1.    Ackerley-Kemp Yennadon Reiver

This kennel is very universal in the type of Gordon they breed, more workman like in shape with substance this bitch being of a similar mould to her kennel mates. Head shape well defined with low set ears. Straight front, strong neck and lovely spring of rib together with depth of chest. Shoulders are a shade upright but strong in back through to well-muscled hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. Moved well.

2.    Watson & Roberts Kyuna Wendolene With Moonglade

Bigger that 1 but similar in shape. Would prefer shorter muzzle. Super fore chest and bone coupled with strong hindquarters, moved a little close behind.

Limit 10(0abs)

1.    Osborn Amscot Siena Spice

Have watched this bitch from a puppy move up into the higher classes and was delighted to have the chance to access her. Very classic Gordon bitch with a hint of naughtiness about her which I like to see. Very balanced feminine head with nice finish to muzzle, super neck leading into good shoulder placement followed through to level top line. Has a good spring of rib and depth of chest, correct bend of stifle and uses her short hocks and well-muscled hindquarters to cover the ground with ease but showing positive drive using her tail as she went. Lovely clear colour and in super coat and condition. Delighted to award her the CC, her 2nd, and in total agreement with my co-judge BIS. Am sure her 3rd CC will not be far away. Thank you for bringing her.

2.    Nagaty Forester’s Xclusive Editon Of Darkmoor At Marlbeck (imp DEU)

This is a bigger bitch being top size who carries a well-defined head with low set ears on a strong neck, to be critical would just like a slightly softer expression. Excellent bone, feet and body proportions being good in fore chest and spring of rib.  Good in stifle but would like slightly shorter hocks but she moved precise but just lacked that animation and drive that I would like to see. Shown in great condition.

3.    Dixon Ecameadow Saffron With Wallbank

Open 10(3abs)

1.    Sandford & Lewis Sh Ch Hernwood Calypso Goddess JW ShCM

Well known bitch whose praises have been sung many times and rightly so. Stylish bitch showing balance who has a pretty head, no question of her femininity. Short coupled with good spring of rib, long neck and top line firm when moving but today was losing it on the stack. Would like a richer and clear tan. In full coat and well presented showing her precise movement.

2.    Frew Sh Ch Dunfionn Rysa JW

This kennel is a great favourite of mine and have always done them well in the past but this bitch is a little different to what the breeder normally produces, saying that this bitch is a quality one for sure and another who deserves the awards she has accumulated to date. She has a very strong head, lighter in eye than I would like but her overall shape and strength of body out weighs this. Strong bone, straight front, great spring of rib and well bent stifles. Lovely rich clear colour, just needs a little more coat today but does not detract from her overall quality. Today she was moving a little close behind.

3.    Collins-Pitman Int/Ger Ch Storskogens Amor Joy Of Amscot (imp SWE)

Field Trial 4(1abs)

1.    Ackerley-Kemp Ch Yennadon Time For Daisy

Pleasing head and expression with a super body and strong in bone. Moving a little wide in front today, presented in hard condition.

2.    Ross Lockama Camberwell Beauty

Sweet headed bitch finer than winner and longer in body proportions. Lovely topliner and tail set and wide well-muscled rear, moved ok.

3.    Thomas Chartan Treacle Tart JW

Brace 1(0abs)

1.    Halliday

Well match pair moving in unison.

Progeny 1(0abs)

1.    Hernwood Kennel

Good group of alike youngsters with their dam from the open class.