• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Whitehead Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Birmingham Championship Show

Tibetan Terriers

2nd September 2018 

I would like to thank the Committee for an expertly organised show and a thoroughly enjoyable day. Also a big thank you to my two fantastic stewards. I wish Tony Johnson who was due to judge our breed a speedy recovery.

I was very pleased with my winners and the quality in some classes was excellent however there are a few things I think we need to focus on. A few exhibits were overweight which did not help their movement, some lacked the reach and drive which I was looking for. Sadly there was a lack of the typical flat feet required and to find a reverse scissor bite is a rarity these days as it gives that wonderful strength to the jaw. We also need to watch the size of the breed. Having said that there are some lovely youngsters coming up, thank you to all of the exhibitors.

Veteran Dog (2, 1 abs)

1st Stuchbury’s Nefetari Life on Mars at Kutula

8 year old black dog in lovely condition and good coat. Pleasing head, well ribbed body and strong hindquarters. He is a little bigger than I would like but everything is in proportion and he has so much to like. Moved soundly in this class and then even better in the challenge which earned him the RCC. 

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 2 abs)

1st Green’s Verony Passato

Smart black baby boy who promises so much. Lovely shape stood and sound on the move coming and going. Nice head, good eye and lovely expression. Good body for his age.

2nd Laffling’s Araki Flash the Gold

Lovely square, sturdy puppy who was positive on the move. Good head and shoulders. Well ribbed body, in good coat, moved steadily with good top line.

3rd Bateman’s Baltaro Black to the Future

Puppy Dog (1, 0 abs)

1st Andrews & Comley-Ross’s Araki Golden Wonder

Excitable young dog who gave his handler a hard time, as a result his movement was a little unsettled. In good coat and body for his age, everything just needs to come together as he matures.

Junior Dog (4, 2 abs)

1st Hearne’s Snoanda Designer Label

Very smart black and white dog in excellent condition. Masculine but not overdone head with a pleasing expression, very good balance in body. Firm quarters. Moved well covering the ground.

2nd Mackenzie’s Routenburn Agamemnon

Black and white dog with good head and nice eye. Slightly longer cast and not as mature as 1. Good bone and substance. Sound on the move.

Graduate Dog (3, 1 abs)

1st Wilson’s Djankay Star Eclipse

Have admired this black, white and tan dog from the ringside and he does not disappoint when you go over him. Square in outline with nice head and good front. Well made throughout, in good condition and beautifully presented. Moved positively.

2nd Davies’s Pinrow Dark Treasure

Well boned black dog with good spring of rib. Pleasing head with dark eye and typical TT expression. Had a lovely shape when stood. He is going through the “difficult coat stage” but lots to like.

Post Graduate Dog (4, 0 abs)

1st Short’s Araki Turn Back Time at Parkmist

Square, sturdy gold and white male with a big coat, excellent presentation. Moved well keeping his top line at all times. Strong hindquarters. Masculine head and good eye.

2nd Stringer’s Kyipo’s Keepsake Made for Incalux

Smart black and tan boy in good coat. Well boned and masculine head, nice dark eye. Moved soundly both ways. I feel he just needs to “grow in to himself” and come together.

3rd Harrison’s Araki Boshay Barney

Limit Dog (8, 0 abs)

1st Stickley’s Walkamile Here Comes The Sun JW Sh.CM

I gave this dog a class as a youngster and considered him for the RCC then. Today I had no hesitation in giving him the CC. Standing this dog is a picture, all TT with that typical resolute expression. Strong jaw on a masculine head, good neck and well laid shoulders. Well ribbed body with substance but not over done in any way. Strong hindquarters and movement that is effortless but covering the ground. In good coat and condition. A lovely TT.

2nd Guziolek’s Boshanti Nevill

You have to put your hands on this dog to appreciate what a good specimen of the breed he is. Square, balanced dog in good coat. Nice head and eye, adequate neck. Good ribbing on a sturdy body. Sound on the move.

3rd Garner’s Avilys Yeats

Open Dog (4, 1 abs)

1st Green’s Verony Veni Vido Vichi

Smart black and white dog who I liked very much as a puppy. He is a lovely shape, totally balanced, in good coat and condition. Excellent presentation as always from this kennel. Moved well front and back. For me I would just like a bit more of him all over, but he has quality and could not be denied the class.

2nd Stuchbury’s Incalux Perchance To Dream About Kutula JW Sh.CM

Black dog in good coat. Strong head with dark eye. Has a well ribbed body, strong hindquarters which he uses on the move to good effect.

3rd Thurston’s Kipukyi Hot Ripper

Good Citizens Dog (no entries)

Veteran Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Bowden & Bowden-Stacey’s Araki Strike A Pose

At 13 years this lady certainly showed us how to move! Absolutely sound and effortlessly she covered the ground. She is a lovely square bitch, feminine head, good neck and shoulders. She is a lovely specimen of our breed.

Minor Puppy Bitch (13, 4 abs)

1st Bridges & Rose-Dawson & Roses’s Sanchara Passionfruit

Black and white bitch who defies you to ignore her, so full of TT attitude, has a great futrure. Well bodied for her age and in excellent condition and coat. Very good in outline when standing. Correct shaped head, good neck and shoulders, well bodied. Sound on the move keeping her topline at all times. Delighted to award her Best Puppy.

2nd Bateman’s Baltoro Available In Black

Really liked this baby girl who shows so much promise. She has a sweet head and expression with nice dark eye. Good neck and shoulders and together with a sturdy body made a lovely shape when stood. She was steady on the move covering the ground. Just not as all together as 1 but that will come in time.

3rd Guziolek’s Boshanti Elexia

Puppy Bitch (4, 0 abs)

1st Stringer’s Incalux Prime Suspect

Smart black, white and tan bitch in good coat. Nice shape, good bone and sturdy body. Pleasing head and lovely eye. She moved soundly.

2nd Thurston’s Tetsimi Slave To The Rhythm

Gold and white bitch with a sweet expression. In excellent coat and condition. Good head and shoulders, moved well but not quite as together as 1.

Junior Bitch (9, 2 abs)

1st Erskine-Jones’s Unohoo La La Land

Loved this bitch, feminine and full of breed type. Square in outline with good depth of chest. Sweet head and eye, adequate neck leading to a good lay of shoulders. Held her top line on the move and covered the ground well, using the ring to advantage.

2nd Cooper & Purslow’s Whell Meet Again

Whilst not the maturity of one, another bitch with great promise. Lovely square shape when stood which she kept on the move. Feminine head, lovely expression. In good condition and coat.

3rd Smith’s Tetsimi Rock Your Sox Off

Graduate Bitch (8, 0 abs)

1st Cooper & Purslow’s Whell Meet Again

Second in the previous class.

2nd Sayer’s Cashay Miss Martha

Nice bitch who made a good shape when stood. Moved well with reach and drive. Pleasing head and eye, good body and hindquarters. Everything is in the right place she just needs time.

3rd Rose-Dawson & Barron’s Araki Kaught’U Looking

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 3 abs)

1st Stringer, Ford & Russell’s Incalux As You Like It With Setrique

Attractive black and white bitch. Well boned, sturdy with good spring of rib. Strong hindquarters and well toned muscle, good angles. Moved well.

2nd Davies’s Pinrow Precious Gem

Black bitch in good coat who moved better in this class than the previous one. Well boned sturdy body. Nice head and dark eye.

3rd Lawrence’s Tazique Totally Flawless

Limit Bitch (14, 2 abs)

The first three could change places at any time, full of quality and breed type. A lovely class.

1st Willoughby’s Baltoro Puss In Boots

Lovely bitch, spot on for size. Well proportioned head, sweet expression with nice eye. Square body, good topline, well ribbed and correct tail set. Nothing exaggerated but making a lovely shape. Covered the ground effortlessly on the move. Pushed hard for the CC, a well earned RCC.

2nd Stickley’s Walkamile Sunflowers

Another quality exhibit from this kennel, put down and handled well. Feminine head, nice dark eye and TT expression, good neck and shoulders, level top line and good hindquarters. In lovely condition and correct coat. She is sound on the move but just not as settled as one on the day.

3rd Simpson’s Incalux T’Pau With Anouskarn

Open Bitch (5, 0 abs)

1st Honey’s Khyibrang Queen Of The Straits JW

This little lady took my eye as she entered the ring, not yet two yet she oozes quality. She is feminine but sturdy and is beautiful in outline. She has a lovely head on strong neck and well placed shoulders. Well angled behind and moved as a TT should front and back. She is in great condition and has a correct coat. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC and then BOB.

2nd Tempest’s Shadeacre Fly The Flag For Alilah

Another quality black bitch in excellent coat and condition. Balanced through out, square and sturdy with good bone, well assembled front and strong hindquarters. Good head and eye. Moved well front and back.

3rd Cooper & Purslow’s Ch Araki Quest For Fame

Good Citizens Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Wren’s Remmus My Best Girl

Five year old gold bitch in good coat and body. Moved out well.

Fiona Whitehead