• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fidelma Doherty Dixie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ulster Chihuahua Club

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

The Ulster Chihuahua Club

April 21, 2018

Judging Report for Smooth Coat Entry

It was a great pleasure to judge at this show along with James Ferrugia and Nick Ferrugia. A big thank you to the show committee members for putting a very well run show. My entry was, for the most part, of strong type and good construction. Unfortunately teeth (bites) and oral hygiene continue to be an issues that need to be addressed. This judge does not count teeth and the majority of entries appeared to have full dentition. 

Minor Puppy Dog

First Place Diamonchi Mister Moon - This was a happy and promising puppy with good breed type and well constructed. Level top line and good tail set. Moved with confidence around the ring. Really used those flared ears.  

Second Place Jicara Heartbreaker - Good breed type. Very expressive. Good temperament on the ground. Level top line and good tail set.

Puppy Dog

First Place Rydellans Charlie Brown - A nicely maturing puppy with strong breed type. Well constructed with a lovely headpiece and large expressive eyes who moved well around the ring with confidence. Good bite. Pleasing overall little package.

Junior Dog

First Place Letstatt Picasso - Well constructed black tri that moved confidently around the ring. Well constructed with a strong top line. Good proportions with a pleasing headpiece and nice expression.

Second Place Valenchino Hudson Bay - Handsome cream dog with a lovely broad head and luminous eyes. Moved quite well. Needs to work on confidence.

Novice Dog

 One entry - Absent

Graduate Dog

No Entries

Post Graduate Dog

First Place Silverchi Charlie Chann - Swift moving and with a lovely and happy temperament. Strong and broad headpiece. Good top line and tail set.

Limit Dog

First Place Dachidas State of Play - Well balanced dog which moved around the ring confidently. Strong breed type and well constructed with a lovely broad headpiece and pleasing expression. Excellent bite.

Second Place Shadiki Star Spangled - Promising dog of nice quality. Moved well on ground. Good headpiece and uses ears well.

Open Dog

First Place Dachidas Mr Woo - Super confident dog. Structurally very sound which is evident in how he navigates the ring. Strong breed type. Level top line and good tail set. Excellent bite.

Second Place Nikitos Nowherenearnormal - Good breed type with the attributes of a pleasing headpiece, top line and tail set. Lovely temperament. 

Champion Dog

First Place CH Dachidas Johnnie Hot Rocks - Stunning dog. Total package. Compact and so well constructed which is evident as he swiftly moves around he ring with that “look at me” demeanour. Strong headpiece with gorgeous large and luminous eyes. Good bite. 

Second Place Mr Incredible De L’Isle au Vert Coteau Nikitos - Compact and lively with strong breed type. Moves a little wide in front. His bite is questionable.

Dog CC - Dachidas Jonnie Hot Rocks

Dog RCC - Rydellans Charlie Brown

Best Puppy - Rydellans Charlie Brown

Minor Puppy Bitch 

First Place Chirouxe Apple Pie - Beautifully marked black tri. Happy and alert puppy. Very pleasing headpiece with large flared ears. Moved well. Good top line and tail set. Good bite.

Second Place Chirouxe Blackberry Muffin - Very similar to first place puppy. Litter sisters with good consistency of type. Lovely headpiece with large ears and eyes. Very expressive and moved well around the ring.  

Puppy Bitch

First Place Silverchi Babushka with Fairywings - Fabulous puppy bitch. Exquisite headpiece, ears, eyes and expression. Moved confidently around ring. Great top line and tail set. Terrific little package. 

Second Place Yorone Pillow Talk - Lots of positive attributes in this cream bitch. Very good type. Needs more practice but the potential is there.

Junior Bitch

First Place Silverchi Babushka with Fairywings - The critique in the previous class applies.

Second Place Diamonchi Golden Symphony JW - Gorgeous young bitch. Very typey and well constructed. Such a pleasing headpiece and a very happy and alert temperament. Very good bite. 

I would like to add the quality of this class was outstanding and the decision was a difficult one. On any given day either of these two bitches could have been my winner.

Novice Bitch

First Place Silverchi Lipetskih Ozer - Feminine Bitch with a beautiful headpiece. Moved very well. Good on the table. Kudos to this Exhibitor.

Graduate Bitch

No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch

First Place Chirouxe Helter Skelter - Pretty Tri Bitch. Lovely expression. Sound on the move with an elegant neck, Lovely top line and tail set. Good bite. 

Second Place Fanabe Erna By Pepeetolynn - Expressive and typey bitch. Good construction and moves well. Headpiece with large flared ears. Moved well. 

Limit Bitch

First Place Keenaughts Only Live Twice Jun CH - Nice sound Bitch. Moves well. Pretty headpiece. Good top line and tail set. Could perhaps lose a little weight.

Second Place Gibeltarik House Parti at Dachidas - Elegant bitch with lovely proportions and attractive makings. Pleasing headpiece with large flared ears, good reach of neck leading into strong top line and very happy tail.  

Open Bitch

First Place Nikitos Nothinglikenormal - Typey black tri with a pleasing headpiece, dark expressive eyes, with large flared ears flowing into an elegant neck. Balanced and strong on movement with a lovely profile on the go around. Good bite.

Second Place Diamonchi Shooting Star - Pretty bitch with a lovely headpiece and lovely expresssion. Moves well on approach but has issue with left rear leg on the return. Good bite.

Champion Bitch

First Place CH Diamonchi Moonlight - Loved this bitch. Exudes breed type. Very pleasing headpiece. Super sound construction, short backed and with legs well under chest. Well balanced and with excellent reach and drive. Good top line and tail set. Wonderful temperament. 

Second Place CH Jahneemahs Along came Polly - Very good breed type. Well balanced and with excellent top line and tail set. Moved very well. Fabulous expression.

Veteran Bitch

First Place Ir CH Beltra Legally Blonde - Lovely veteran. Very good type and construction. Moves very well. Pretty and correct headpiece. Expressive and enjoyed every minute in the ring. A bundle of energy and in very good shape!

I was thrilled to to watch my dog CC and BOB awarded BIS.

Fidelma Doherty Dixie (Judge)