• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Australian Terrier

LIMIT DOG (1) 1. Russell & Ferris’ Wyeafon Percival. Stood alone, but a worthy winner and well presented. A good example of the breed with the true extrovert and obedient temperament. Also a great ambassador for the breed, attending a lot of shows all over the country and placed well. Correct head, flat skull with thumb marks, not often seem these days. Definite stop and equal length of skull to muzzle, topped with a ‘top-knot’ of lighter colour. Nice almond eyes, small, pointed ears well placed. Correct scissor bite. Slightly arched neck and good straight front. Strongly constructed body with level topline. A shame his coat sometimes detracts the eye from a level topline. Nicely muscled and fit, giving good movement. Clear blue and tan coloured coat of a super harsh texture, but not a lot of undercoat, it may be due to the weather. Ruff coming around his neck, which will come with age, along with a leather on the bridge of his nose. OPEN DOG (3) 1. McCourt, Eardley & O’Reilly’s Ch. Silhill Red Crackle. A super mature showman, which won him his place on the day. Full ruff around the neck. Well-proportioned head with nice almond eyes of keen expression. Small, erect, pointed ears correctly placed on skull. Nicely arched neck. Good body with level topline, nice turn of stifle and tail set. Round cat like feet. Moved well. DOG CC, BOB & SHORTLISTED IN GROUP. 2. McCourt, Eardley & O’Reilly’s Ch. Silhill Barney Rubble. Nice scissor bite. Correctly proportioned head with nice shaped eyes. Preferred ears and set on of 1. But preferred the front of this one. Well bodied with nice turn of stifle and correct catlike feet. Coat seemed to be ‘on the blow’ as it felt rather soft with not a lot of undercoat. DOG RCC. 3. Skelton’s Spitewinter Ooh Ah Henry. A different type to the first two, appearing shorter in body. But a good quality dog with correct scissor bite. The best of ears and set on. Nice straight front. Super harsh coat and moved OK. PUPPY BITCH (1) 1. Stoddart’s Millvalley Classical Red. I fell in love with this 9 month old puppy. She is certainly my type of Australian Terrier. When she settles, I am sure she will be a star for the future. Everything was correct. Super outgoing temperament. Good scissor bite, well-proportioned head, keen almond eyes with lovely expression and super ears. Good neck, straight front. Well bodied for her age with a nice level topline. Super harsh top coat with undercoat, of a nice red colour. Correct catlike feet. When settled, she moved around the ring in true Aussie fashion. I was tempted to give her Best of Breed, but felt she was too immature to go into ‘the big ring’. BITCH CC & BEST PUPPY. OPEN BITCH (4) 1. Stoddart’s Ir Ch. Spitewinter Aefond Kiss for Millvalley. Mother of my CC winner and alike in some ways. Correct scissor bite. I loved her well-proportioned head, almond eyes with small, erect and pointed ears, well set on her skull. Nice straight front and arched neck. When she kept her head up she presented a lovely profile. Correct harsh coat with under coat. Moved very well. BITCH RCC. 2. McCourt’s Ch. Silhill The Sequel. Nice head, correct bite, good eyes with keen expression. In good coat of harsh texture. Well bodied with good turn of stifle. Tail set high, but would prefer it more upright to give good overall balance. Moved very well. 3. Jones’ Dunham Lake She’s Got The Look at Wyeafon (Imp USA). Not that old, a shame she was not entered in Junior, where she would have looked better. I understand she was frightened just before entering the ring, which put her to a great disadvantage. She has the makings of a very nice bitch, when mature. Correct scissor bite, nice head with correct ears, body coming. Not in the best of coats at present, but super harshness and colour. I will watch with interest.

 Felicity A. Snook