• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Enid Lord Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Lancashire Heeler

Seems quite a while since I last judged,and quite a few absent.Maybe due to the hot weather.  Always aware of the purpose of the breed, I hope the critique is constructive .Never to lose sight of the standard, to me the first line sums the Heeler up.  Generally feet could do with watching some quite open .Bites only just correct on some.  PD 0 Entries  JD 0 Entries  PGD 3 (2AB) 1, Bertrams PARABAR PATRICKS POL.  2yrs Correct oval eye, good flat skull, nice working coat. Spring of rib, excellent thumb prints, plenty bone, quite rangy stamp, showing too much extension on front movement .Has exemption for no undercarriage on male parts.  LD 5(1AB)1 Fairest HENSONS MARKALEX. Good make and shape, well marked,good topline ,nice working jacket.Tad weak in pasterns. Moved with purpose.RCC.  2.Chamberlain. PARABAR PEMFORD AT CHAMBUSTER. Lovely expression ,correct head, desired thumbprints, he moved quite well, prefer hocks closer to ground, lacks some showmanship.  3.Cooper,PARABAR PAINTED PTARMIGAN OF ZANTAL  OD. 4.1. Jones CH MADINCROWD GABRIEL JW .Super expression, correct head & skull ratio, real working stamp,excellent working coat, great topline as good standing and on the move. Moved freely, and I am sure could do a day’s work. He again is a little weak in front pasterns .no mistaking he is a male. CC Spoilt his chances for BOB was more interested in the bitch!!!!!  2 Bellingers LIMEBROOKS TAKE A CHANCE ON ME AT HEELSTONE(IMP SWE)Liver/Tan who I have judged before ,correct head ,slightly round in eye , correct spring rib  , moved well .Overall would just want more of him .  3. Fairest HENSON FAIREST LAD  VD 1 Bellingers TRAQDEAN KIZZIES DENZAL AT HEELSTONE. Cracking 15 yr. old think he probably moved best of the lot, sound as a pound. Super head and expression, thumbprints, amazing topline,  A few age related parts missing. A pleasure to go over him he obviously enjoyed his day.  SBD 0  PB 3(1AB)1.Creasey&Huck LEYESIDE MISS MOLLY. Impressive 10 month old neat little bitch but with bone and substance, little out of balance head planes hopefully muzzle will catch up? Correct ears and set ,good shoulder& topline ,slight wave on her jacket , but  a real eye catcher  & she has the thumbprints, moved well  did push for CC. RCC& BP and I believe was short listed in the puppy group.  2. Jones MADINCROWD MERCY CHANT. Rather excitable baby on the table, but she did settle on the move.Different stamp to 1, more range, liked her head expression, good topline, lacked spring and length to ribs.  JB 1. 1Bowes.BOWANNE BRIGHT FUTURE. Nice make and shape with excellent spring of rib extending well back. Lovely head fabulous coat and as straight as can be. She just would not project and show herself, I really liked her overall balance and movement.  PGB 2(1 AB) 1.Cutlers. TROGWOOD RIO ROUND LANKEELA. Another rangier stamp, bit narrow in head, but she moved ok had good harsh coat, lacks ribbing, in spring and length .A good rich tan.  LB (1AB)  OB 2. 1.Syrett CH GANSEBLUME ENCHANCTRESS JW Appealing balanced bitch,with bone &substance. Correct head planes flat skull correct set &size ears. Excellent spring of rib extending well back, super top line moved with purpose. Slight wave on her coat which seems to be creeping in on several, and is not to be encouraged. Well deserved CC &BOB and she also was short listed in the group.  2 Whiteman’s MADINCROWD BATHSHEBA JW. Nice head and expression, with good overall balance, good topline, real working coat, little weak in pastern prefer hocks nearer the floor. (Well breed standard does, and it completes  the picture)Showed moved well, once settled.  ENID LORD