• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elizabeth Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 19th May 2018

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

I would like to thank SKC for giving me the honour & privilege of judging at their all breeds Show. I would also wish to thank my stewards Brian and Joanne for keeping the ring running smoothly, and not least the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner.  There were few with incorrect dentition and some with dirty teeth. Only a few had small eyes which are hard to breed out. Shoulders and fronts have improved but hind movement needs to improve. I loved my top winners, all being typical toy spaniels. Congratulations to you all.

Best of Breed & Group 3:  Ch Valentyne The Irish Tenor

Best Opposite Sex: Ch Craigowl Touche JW

Best Puppy: Kinvaar’s Cloud Burst over Avaleric

Best Veteran: Ch Harana Alfie Boe


Minor Puppy 3, (2 )

1. Fox’s Lynmily Mister Blue Sky: 7 &1/2 mth raw blen youngster with large dark eyes good pigment, nice expression, well constructed, moved well coming and going

Puppy (5, 0)

1.  Campbell’s Kinvaar’s Cloud Burst over Avaleric:10mth richly coloured well broken blen with softest expression. Good reach of neck with crest, well laid shoulders, level topline,  , moved with drive.  BPD, BPIB pleased to see him shortlisted in the Puppy Group

2. Rogerson’s Rabymar Crimson Moon: 11mth ruby with good pigment dark eye, sl. longer cast than the winner. Level topline held on the move, moved with drive.

3. Crane’s Cranvarl Washington

4. Fox’s Lynmily Mister Blue Sky

5. Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes

Junior (5, 0)

1. Smith’s Beaudale Rusty Dusty Blues: 17mth promising rich ruby with nice eye, good cushioning giving lovely expression. Slightly arched neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline which held when moving. Used hind quarters to advantage.

2. Hughes’ Loranka’s Glory Days: Richly coloured blen, large eyes good pigment, kind expression, Good reach of neck, short coupled, level topline moved well

3. Hindle’s Spindlepoint Donovan with Ellisiana

4. Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes

5. Campbell’s Toraylac Here’s Hector with Avaleric

Yearling 6(1)

1. Kynaston’s Granasil Von Trap JW: Upstanding B/T well coated with rich tan, almost flat skull. Correct ear set, large dark eyes, well boned, good neck, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, level topline. Moved with drive off well angulated hindquarters.

2. Rhodes’ Calonlan Cafe Noir: Another B/T.Well constructed, dog with soft eyes, nice expression, level top line held on the move

3. Baillie’s Coralvalley Carter at Cavallino

4. Byer’s Braemarra Taylor at Linetive

5. Hindle’s Spindlepoint Donovan with Ellisiana

Post Graduate (14, 1)

1. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter: Rich Ruby who caught my eye on entering the ring in a strong class and did not disappoint. Head  almost flat between well feathered ears, Shallow stop, large dark eyes and good pigment. Well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib, sound hind quarters moved with drive

2. Nolan & Bayliss’ Castlewytch Partytime:Heavily marked blen with pleasing head, eyes  and soft expression, good shoulder placement, correct turn of stifle, moved well coming and going with correct tail carriage

3. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget

4. Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW

5. Baillie’s Peakdowns Morning Magic at Cavallino

Limit (14, 0)

1. Rix’s Ricksbury Poldark JW: Another strong class headed by this lovely well broken, well balanced blen. with gentle expression given by large dark eyes, and good cushioning. Good reach of neck, into correct shoulder placement, Nice bone, good spring of rib, well turned stifle, moved elegantly round the ring RCC

2. Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Beaujolais JW: Handsome well coated ruby with melting expression from lustrous dark eyes. Well laid shoulders, level topline. Happy on the move which he did with drive off good quarters

3. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth.

4. Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo

5. Drewett’s Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland JW

Open 4(0)

1. O’Brien’s Ch Valentyne The Irish Tenor: Stunning blen dog with all the attributes of a worthy champion. True toy spaniel with well broken  rich chestnut coat. With almost flat head, well set ears, he has a soft expression from his beautiful dark eyes. Well boned, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, good spring of rib, level topline, strong hind quarters. Moved with panache. Very pleased to award him CC & BOB ( Gp3 under Mr D Guy)

2. Staszuk’s Nathan Maradeco King: Handsome  heavily marked well coated, good boned blen dog. Another true toy spaniel with soft expression. Lovely neck and shoulder placement, level topline, a happy chappy on the move from well turned stifles giving true drive.

3. Hughes’ Ch Loranka’s Cupid JW

4. Ballantine’s Middleshott King Of Hearts

Veteran 3(0)

1. Koster’s Ch Harana Alfie Boe: What can I add that hasn’t been said about this handsome now veteran B/T dog. Beautiful expression, well laid shoulders, level topline good hind quarters, enjoying his day out Moved well coming and going

2. Baillie’s Selkie’s Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose: Well broken blen with coveted lozenge, with dark eye, nice expression moved and showed well  

3. Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg


Minor Puppy 7, (2)

1. Parson’s Castlewytch Moonlight: Promising blen with large dark eye, good pigment, well set ears framing a pretty face. Good lay of shoulder, well boned straight front. Good turn of stifle. Moved well for a youngster.

2. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Judy: Heavily marked tri with rich tan in all the right places. Well boned, and constructed. Moved well coming and going

3. Kilcoyne’s Chalmray Carousel for Granasil

4. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Rosie

5. Byrne’s Eithlynn Bewitched

Puppy  7,( 3)

1. Ballantine’s Middleshott Brooklyn: Stylish blen of correct size. Lovely expression from melting eyes. Shallow stop, almost flat skull, good ear set. Nice neck with crest, well laid shoulders and good spring of rib, straight front, level topline held on the move. Well angulated hind quarters put to good use on the move BPB

2. Rhodes’ Calonlan Margarita: Well broken tri with sl finer head than 1, nice shape and size, good topline, tail carried well on the move

3. Kilcoyne’s Granasil Castanet

4 Constable’s Mitapip One And Only

Junior 9,( 3)

1.  Hughes’ Loranka’s So Heavenly: 2 pretty blenheims who could change places at another show. Flat skull, shallow stop, well framed face with soft expression. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, short coupled and well angulated hindquarters well balanced  happy little girl

2. Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Eternity: Close decision between 1 & 2. Another pretty girl, with similar attributes to1 but  just preferred movement of winner.

3. Rhode’s Calonlan Pretty In Pink

4. Bell’s Christabella Only You

5. Lee’s Calonlan Love Actually for Kelrick

Yearling 9, (3)

1. Hughes’ Loranka’s So Scrumptious: Litter sister to winner of Junior. Sweet expression. Well arched neck, good shoulder placement, level topline, short coupled, well balanced. Moved well.

2. Berwick & Koster’s Harana Peggy Lee Merrylaine: 22mth ruby lovely size with a delightful head. Large dark eye, good pigment, soft expression. Well laid shoulders, good ribcage, level topline. moved with drive from well turned stifles

3. MacAlpine’s Delhaze Dolly Daydream with Annatika JW

4. White’s Carleny Northern Light

5. Bloice’s Scotlass Paper Rainbow

Post Graduate 5(2)

1. McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth: Charming correct sized blen with soft expression, shallow stop, well cushioned cheeks . Correct ear placement giving almost flat skull. Crested neck leading to good shoulders and ribs. Level topline, well angulated rear quarters used to advantage. Moved true fore and aft. Felt she was a serious contender for RCC and am sure her day will come.

2. Byrne’s  Chantismere Chanson D’Amour: Well broken Blenheim heavier made than 1. Nice head and expression level topline which she kept on the move. Moved  well both ways.

3.Scott’s Toscam Mckayla

Limit 12(1)

1. Hogan’s Miletree Ophelia at Stavonga JW: Well broken, lovely coated blen with nice head and expression, large dark eyes and good pigment. Well laid shoulder, good spring of rib and short coupled. Well turned stifle, moving with drive

2. Whitfield’s Aristor Pink Topaz for Bevelmount: Very pretty ruby with soft  gentle expression. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, short coupled. Front and rear assembly giving to movement with drive.

3. Hughes Loranka’s Rainbow Dreams

4. Rogerson’s Rabymar Paper Lace

5. Hobb’s Beaconsfylde Salutation

Open 5(0)

1. Inglis’ Ch Craigowl Touche JW: One of the gorgeous four. I judged her as a puppy and she has matured just as one would wish for, such lovely bitch. She has the largest of eyes, dark pigment and the softest expression. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement. Good spring of rib, short coupled, level topline held on the move driven  by well angulated hindquarters. Well balanced, well coated, put down to perfection. CC & BOS

2. Rix’s Ricksbury Royal Tapestry: Lighter marked rich chestnut blen, pretty bitch with good eyes and pigment, soft expression with good neck and shoulder placement, straight front, good spring of rib, short coupled. Well angulated hindquarters giving good drive. RCC

3. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Honeyberry

4. Hall’s Rabymar Moon Dust over Rootessma

5. Parson’s Lemaritz Moon Beam

Veteran 2(0)

1. Scott’s Lorphil Lalibertie: 8 & 1/2 yrs young well broken blen with large eyes giving gentle expression enjoying her day out and showed well

2. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Myrna: 8yrs Well broken heavy coated tri. Dark eyes and pigment, nice tan. Well constructed. Moved well

Elizabeth Smith