• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elizabeth I. Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Borzoi

Blackpool Ch show

Borzoi critique

Thanks to the Committee of Blackpool Ch show for their kind invitation to judge our lovely breed. Many thanks also to the exhibitors for their sporting attitude and producing clean, beautifully presented Borzois in the ring. Temperaments were very good and mouths on the whole acceptable apart from one exhibit. I was looking for decent sized dogs who give the impression that they could perform the task they were originally bred for, hunting wolves.


1st Harvey’s Lynx Shades of Autumn at Albaneiler (Imp SWE.) 9 months white/gold. Elegant, chiselled head of correct proportions already showing veining, dark eyes and excellent pigmentation for a youngster. Ears neatly folded back, he has a firm neck set on to sloping shoulders which have a good return of upper arm. Decent amount of bone with some growth left yet. Correct tight feet both front and rear. Quite a good depth of chest and a gentle rise of topline and length to loin. Well constructed hindquarters with adequate angulations, good tailset carried low on the move. He has excellent muscle tone throughout and immaculate presentation. An effortless mover and so confident alongside his handler. A well deserved BP and RBD.


1st Ellett & Blackburn-Bennett’s Janter Sylvester. Handsome white/red, well proportioned masculine head carrying dark pigment and lovely veining, neat ears, powerful neck and well angulated shoulders with his front legs well under him, extending well on the move. He has a strong body with spring of rib and deep chest, adequate length to loin and maintains his topline on the move. Good, strong quarters and well set tail. Feet are good and slightly longer at the rear, his movement is straight with drive and extension, covering the ground well. A silky coat adds the finishing touch and was presented in very good condition.

2nd Edwards Nibrass King Penda. Striking red/white who has a lovely head and expression, a neck of good length and strength I would prefer more angulations at the shoulder, return of upper arm and a little more slope to pasterns. He has good firm feet front and rear with a decent depth to chest but I would wish for him to be a little longer cast in body as he gives the impression of being taller than long. Strong hindquarters with adequate bend of stifle producing plenty of drive; his silky coat was very nicely presented.


1st Smith’s Ryazan Joshua at Julam ShCM. Masculine red/white of size and substance. His chiselled and veined head is of correct proportions and has a good strong underjaw. His ears are neat and folded back. A strong neck leads to well angulated shoulder construction,  a decent breastbone and excellent depth to his chest. His pasterns have a reasonable amount of slope and together with well padded feet give spring and extension. There is good length to body and loin; I would quite like a touch more shape to his topline on the move. His hindquarters are strong and muscular and together with a nice bend of stifle and low hocks give plenty of energy on the move.   This nicely presented dog moved beautifully on a long loose lead with an easy swinging stride and earned his class placing together with BD and a genuine challenge for BoB.

2nd Ellett’s Nibrass Celebration Tea. Finer type brindle/white but moves with elegance. His head is nicely veined and has dark eyes/pigmentation and a strong underjaw. The neck is muscular and of a good length. I would prefer a little more layback of shoulder and return to give a little more reach, he is well boned and has slope of pastern and well shaped feet.  His chest is deep enough and flows up to an adequate length of loin, topline is a nice gentle arch and tail is low set and carried well.  Whilst he has a muscular rear, giving plenty of power, a little more angulation would be preferable. He had a reasonable stride though and just had the edge over 3 on length of loin. Coat was in excellent condition and finished the overall picture.

3rd Newsham’s Scheztaya Papa Was A Rolling Stone At Zercark


1st Sutton’s Cavellierik  Isindy Via Trancas (Imp Rus). A feminine white/red with dark mask, lovely refined head/expression, beautiful veining. Good length to neck and set on well constructed shoulders. She is well boned and has slope to pasterns, needs to drop in chest but that should come with a little more time, she has good length of body and loin. Her curvy topline is held on the move and her fallaway is not too steep. Tail set is fine and has good muscletone at the rear, long sweeping curves down to low set hocks. She has a low economic stride and covers the ground well. Presented beautifully, a well deserved RBB, BJ & shortlisted to last 8 in the Junior Group.

2nd Humphrey’s Ryazan Fleur. Attractive white/gold with a quality head showing elegance in veining whilst retaining strength. Neat little ears folded well back. Firm neck and good shoulders giving plenty of reach on the move. Decent pasterns and feet. Another who needs a little time to develop some depth and I would like a touch more loin. She uses her muscular rear to advantage with plenty of drive. She is quite gleeful on the move which is fine for a youngster and acceptable to me. Should mature well.


1st Harvey’s Ch. Albaneiler Aquae Sulis (AI) White/silver fawn of good size and so well constructed throughout, with plenty of bone. She has a nicely proportioned head, dark pigmentation and a dark eye with keen expression. Her neck is of good length flowing into shoulders which are nicely angulated. A decent breastbone and very good depth of chest; a slight slope of pastern and excellent feet, front and rear. She doesn’t have a very pronounced topline but carries it well when moving and has a lovely long fallaway with low set to her tail. Muscle and width at the rear giving plenty of power and drive, her daisy cutting movement is straight, up and back and fabulous to watch in profile. Condition and presentation was faultless & I was delighted to hear that this cheerful girl, who was my BB and BoB, was shortlisted in the Hound group.

2nd Newsham’s Donskoi Tula At Zercark. Self red with a beautiful, refined head of good proportions, dark eye and nice veining, dainty ears well set back. She has a good strong neck and nice slope of shoulder but I would prefer a little more return. Adequate bone, feet could perhaps be a touch tighter, good depth and loin length, lost out in topline and could have a little more bend of stifle. Her rear is strong and provides plenty of drive but not quite the extension of 1. In very good overall condition and coat beautifully presented .

3rd Allen’s Araura’s Tigers Eye

Elizabeth I. Dawson

Stubbylee Borzois