• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Driffield Championship Show 2018

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and for your great sportsmanship in bringing your dogs out on a wet and windy day for my consideration, I very much enjoyed going over your dogs, some of which could change places on another day.

PD (2): Two promising puppies 1. Guest’s Bardantop Banoffee 9 months old, nice head proportions for age and good furnishings already, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good in forechest and depth of chest, well off for bone, moderate rear angulation but a little tendency to look a bit straight behind although I think is just a stage at this age, correct topline with good tailset, good harsh jacket with undercoat, nice rich colour, moved soundly with drive, BPD & RBD 2. Newman’s Morganna Zatar very raw baby of 7 months, not so forward as 1 and a bit more unsettled by the weather, in good, correct coat but at the moment lacking the furnishings on his head apart from a bit of beard, nice angulation fore and aft, good forechest and depth, correct tailset which he holds straight off back on the move, as to be expected at this stage he needs to tighten on the move.

PGD (2,1abs): 1. Howards Zoldmali U R Special (Imp) nice russet colour coat of correct texture, would like a little more width to his head but has a nice gentle eye framed by good dense eyebrows, moderate angulation front and rear, strong neck, well ribbed back but could benefit from a little more length of loin to better balance his length/height, moved ok

OD (3): three nice dogs, tough decision between them 1. Hibbert’s Ewtor Skyfall at Mindszenty Nice size dog with a paler coat of correct harsh texture and length, lovely head and expression finished off with super expressive eyebrows and a good beard, strong level topline that he holds on the move, well off for bone, good forechest and depth, could be a little stronger in hock but moves soundly with a ground covering action, BD & BOS 2. Howards Lanokk Szivos JW another nice dog with good angulation all round, strong topline but preferred tailset & carriage of 1., masculine head with eyes of good colour and correct eyebrows & beard, another with a nice harsh coat, moved out well 3. Whiting’s Ir Ch Hejocsabai Turul at Cragvallie (Imp)

PB (3,1): 1. Newman’s Morganna Anisette my notes say “love her”! what a super pup, so together for her age, balanced in body with a beautiful head even at this age, eye colour still to darken a little further but they are framed by correct eyebrows, good beard, coat is harsh and crisp with an undercoat, strong neck, well boned legs down to probably best feet of the day, level topline, slight slope to croup with correct tailset, all of which are held correctly on the move, which she does with style and purpose, so positive for just 7 months, she reminds me so much of her dam at the same age, she must have the same promising future, pushed hard for BB but had to settle for RBB together with BPB & BPIB, one I could really have taken home 2. Barrow’s Bombay Sapphire just 6 months old and such a sweet baby, a bit overawed by the day, not helped by the wind & wet weather, paler coat that could be harsher, good furnishings on her head which is of correct proportions and has a sweet expression, good length of neck, angulation ok and as expected at this stage, very loose on the move

JB (4,3): 1. Byrnes Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nyuzsgo at Enryb (Imp) a nice moderate bitch with nothing overdone at all, good head with correct furnishings, eye colour toning nicely with her russet coat, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good in forechest although a fraction wide in front, strong well-boned legs, good feet, well ribbed back and lovely overall balance, best muscle tone of the day which helped her move out really well with a ground covering, driving action, pleased to award her BB and BOB.

PGB (6,2): 1. A-D Nyuzsgo at E 2. Holt’s Leiborschy Maia Do Ones Best nice size bitch, good front, nice head and eye colour with correct eyebrows & beard, moderate angulation front & rear, good topline but drops a little steeply at croup, tailset ok, thought she might be my winner on my first look round the class but 1 was better in muscle and on the move 3. Jameson & Waites’ Blamtinever Bloomer

OB (1): 1. Whiting’s Cragvallie Thistle finer and slightly smaller one, a sweet older girl with lovely eye colour, personally I would like a slightly broader head but she has a kind gentle expression, good head furnishing and nice crisp coat with undercoat, strong neck, good front, correct moderately angled hindquarters, moved well

Elaine Bradley (Judge)