• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

South Wales Kennel Association - Spanish Water Dog

Junior D/B (1, 0abs) 1st Ladlow Josalyn Roldan el Mago 13mth old brown dog of medium size. Pleasing head, eye colour could be a little darker, strong neck, enough bone, pleasing feet. Enough depth of body, firm in topline, and a little steep in croup, pleasing quarters, well muscled. Moved positively particularly from the rear. Clipped but coat was of pleasing texture.

Post Graduate Dog (1, 0abs) 1st Egginton Quijote de las brisas del mar del Valentisimo (Imp Esp) Brown dog with a masculine head, pleasing eye shape and colour. Enough bone and good substance, could be firmer in topline. Easy free mover, really driving off his rear. Excellent coat texture.

Open Dog (3, 1abs) 1st Egginton Valentisimo’s Guerrero Upstanding black and white dog, masculine but not coarse. Pleasing head and eye. Excellent bone, legs and feet. Strong body, firm topline, well muscled quarters. Really comes alive in profile movement, using himself in all directions. 2nd Egginton Valenisimo’s Yogi Brown dog, of pleasing size. Perhaps not as obviously masculine as 1 but lots to like. Pleasing head, moderate front angulation, enough bone. Body of pleasing depth, strong topline, moved positively just not with the accuracy of 1 in front.

Junior Bitch (1, 0abs) 1st Palumbo Rajnethyme Memory Keeper Pleasing head proportions although a little bold in eye and they could be darker in colour. Moderate front angulation, pleasing topline standing, however a little steep in croup. Moderate rear angulation, but well muscled and shown in be best of condition. Moved ok.

Post Graduate Bitch (1, 0abs) 1st Egginton Zorrazo in a Nutshell with Valentisimo Strong bitch of pleasing overall balance and substance. Pleasing eye shape, maybe a little short in muzzle. Strong neck, moderate from angulation, just right for bone and stands on good feet. Longer in body, well muscles quarters, moved freely, could be firmer behind.

Open Bitch (3, 0abs) 1st Egginton Valentisimo’s Brianna Quality brown, completely balanced and not overdone anywhere. Pleasing head and eye, liked her expression. Pleasing front, correct bone and excellent feet. Body of pleasing depth, strong topline which never faltered standing or moving. Shown in the best of muscletone and condition, moved freely in all directions. B.B. 2nd Egginton Valentisimo’s Adella A size bigger but with lots to like, pleasing overall size and balance and of good proportions. Strong and well made, excellent body and topline. Moving very positively in all directions, just not in the bloom of 1. 3rd Nicholls-Ward Valentisimo’s Fauna Para Bumbleridge JW