• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Doreen Smillie-Gray Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation and also my efficient stewards. I have not judged this breed since Crufts 2015 and I would ask breeders and exhibitors to take a good look at your dog – does it have good conformation, muscle, breed type. Look at the movement as well. This is a working gundog and should be fit for purpose. However I was very pleased with my winners who ticked all the boxes.

Minor Puppy (1) – Newmans Morganna Zatar – he stood alone in this class. He has a masculine head and good length of neck into good shoulders. Holds topline well on the move. Good coat. Only a baby and needing time to strengthen up, a raw puppy but with potential. Puppy Dog (3,1) – 1st Guests Bardantop Banoffee – mature boy with great muscle and condition, certainly fit for a days work. Good coat, holds his topline well on the move, masculine head with kind expression. 2nd Sweeney Zoldami Monda – rangier type than my winner, good colour, nice head but needs time to mature on still a raw youngster. Junior Dog – no entries. Post Graduate (8,2) This class had a mixed type forward for judging. 1st Stephensons Leiborschy Leif of Fryerfold – Sound 18 month old dog, lovely gently expression on a good head, ok angulation and muscle, coat ok and he moves out well with power. 2nd Thomas Hosokter Tompa – More mature boy than my winner, but good type of HWV. Good muscle and condition, strong head, and good angulation. Just preferred the movement of my winner on the day. 3rd Spillane Belatarr Jupiter. Limit (8,0) – 1st Colliers Belatarr North by Northwest ShCM – Best moving dog in this class, good head with a kind expression, very good topline which he holds on the move, good depth of rib. Lovely angulation and good clean front. Coat is good. Well muscled and a happy boy. 2nd Byrnes Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nador at Enryb JW (Imp Hun) – Different type of HWV to my winner being a smaller dog, but built with power. Excellent muscle and a good coat. Strong head with kind expression, good depth of rib. Not his happiest today but a good sound dog. 3rd Hope-Cliffe & Hope-Ellershaws Zoldmali Tudor for Galvikki (Imp Serb). Open (6,1) – Lovely class to judge. 1st CC Uptons Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal – he has a super head and kind expression, good clean front with plenty of depth, correct angulation and an excellent coat. He is made right so moves right with power and style around the ring. A great ambassador of the breed and delighted to award him BOB. 2nd Spillane Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules - Older boy than my winner but could not be denied the RCC. He moves out with style and power, good muscle and depth, correct angulation and lovely head and expression. Another quality dog. 3rd Newmans Sh Ch Zoldmali zeles Morganna JW (Imp Srb). Veteran dog – 2 entered both absent.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1) – 1st and BP Newmans Morganna Anisette – Sweet girl with a gorgeous head and expression, excellent coat. Good clean shoulder and depth for her age. Correct angulation and good muscle. Moves true and with style. Puppy (4,1) – 1st Newmans Morganna Anisette, 2nd Thompsons Moricroft Custom Made – This lovely girl was not being the most co-operative for her handler. When she did relax showed off her lovely shape and angulation, good clean front and good depth for her age. Well muscled and moves well. Junior (3,2) Brynes Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nyuzsgo at Enryb (Imp Serb) - 1st and stood alone but thought she was a quality bitch and pleased to award her first, did consider her for RCC. Good size and very good coat, holds her topline well on the move. Lovely sweet expression. Very well muscled and moves true and with style. Post Graduate (6,5) – 1st Byrnes A Nyuzsgo at Enryb. Limit (7,4) -1st Moss Electra Atlantis at Ewtor – This lovely girl looks stunning on the stand, loved her head so feminine and lovely expression, good clean neck into good shoulders, good angulation and moves true, only a youngster and the best is still to come. 2nd Uptons – Tragus Honey Bee – I have always liked this lovely girl, excellent coat with a sweet head and expression, good angulation and moves well with power and style. Another youngster who is improving all the time. A good honest type of bitch. 3rd Holts Leiborschy Maia Do Ones Best.

Open (4,2) – Two quality girls. 1st and CC Colliers Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM, coming up to 7 years old and I have never seen her look so good. She looks stunning on the stand, very good coat. Good depth of rib and excellent angulation. Like my Dog CC is made correct so moves correctly with power and style. 2nd and RCC Newmans Ch Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM – Another quality girl, different type to my winner. Excellent muscle, lovely clean neck into good shoulders, holds her topline well on the move. Moves out well with power and style. Veteran Bitch – no entries