• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diego Garcia Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Boxer

Blackpool Championship Dog Show 2018

Boxers Sunday 24 June

I thank Steve Hall and his committee for inviting me to this really superbly organised show to judge my beloved Boxers. I found lots of Boxers of a type that pleased me very much and virtually all were shown in great condition and handled well. I had such a great day. Thankyou all.

Minor Puppy Dog (9)

1. Miller’s Walkon Masterclass, very promising young male with excellent proportions, very pleasing head, good dark eyes, excellent mouth , firm top line , good angles front and rear, good mover with lovely breed type and lots for the future. RCC & BP.

2. Chippendale’s Ross Poldark at Mylicam, again very satisfying overall proportions , quality head with expressive dark eyes and good mouth but I would like to see a little deeper muzzle Good topline, steady mover with excellent rear.

3. Elsworth’s Misstricks Lord Commander.


Puppy Dog (5)

1. Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk In The Name of Lust, well balanced head with pleasing expression and good mouth. Clean lines and well bodied with good angles and he moved impressively.

2. Brough, Cairns & Murray’s Galicar Investigating with Limubox, another with a quality head, dark expressive eyes, well angulated front and rear, correct overall proportions and a very satisfying mover.

3. Carter’s Susancar Omar Goodness.


Junior Dog (9)

1. Mair’s Glenauld Geordie Shore, very solid and compact dog with great feet, correct angles front and rear. His head is a little heavy for my taste but has very appealing eyes and excellent mouth. Good mover, clean down and back.

2. Beardsell & Van Beck’s Newlaithe Diddle On, smart young dog with excellent overall angles. Although he could have a little stronger muzzle he has a pleasing expression. Steady mover.

3. Morison’s Bjarkeyjar Dancing On Thin Ice to Xandene.


Yearling Dog (2)

1. Miller’s Walkon Big Star, handsome young male, upstanding and well-constructed, impressive front and rear, well balanced head with good depth of muzzle and excellent expression. A very honest dog and strong mover.

2. Watson & Crooks’ Beaumires First Officer at Roylark, pleased in overall type with good head and mouth and nice deep muzzle. Could be a little better balanced as he is a little straight in front but well angulated behind. Moved cleanly down and back.

Graduate Dog (4)

1. Littlewood & Bowler’s Olleyville Stanley Man at Whirlobox, well balanced dog with good angles, a lovely head, dark eyes and good mouth. Clean mover holding an excellent topline and tailset.

2. Davis’ Bricliff Prince Charming, another nice dog with appealing head and dark eyes. Good angles front and rear, tight feet, hard topline and a good mover.

3. Winter’s Altan’s Artisan Made for Jayal.

Post Graduate Dog (8)

1. Dunlevie’s Applewest A Touch of Bold at Caeredin, compact dog with great proportions and solid topline, typical head, good mouth, dark eyes creating excellent expression. Correct angles front and rear and a good mover.

2. Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Danny Mac, basically pleasing head with dark eyes but could maybe have a little stronger muzzle. A little straight in front assembly, good rear but a little long in body.

3. Brough & Murray’s Limubox Fool O’Scotch

Mid Limit Dog (6)

1. Pynegar’s Berwynfa Dillyding Dillydong, for me he was the star of the show. Compact, well-built Boxer male with excellent overall balance. Great angles front and rear with really strong hindquarters used so well on the move. Excellent bone and feet, lovely head and expression with well-shaped, dark eyes. I am sure he has a great future. CC & BOB.  

2. Bell’s Surfstone No Nonsense, another quality dog with pleasing head and good mouth, excellent dark eyes and appealing expression, strong rear and a good mover.

3. Mair’s Glenauld Valegro

Limit Dog (6)

1. Revill & Blyton’s Verdendo Country N Western, compact, well-presented dog with good angles. Nice head with dark eyes and good mouth. Tight feet, solid topline, excellent tailset, moved well.

2. Beardsell, Van Beck & Fielding’s Newlaithe The Fugitive, another good-headed compact male with nice dark eyes, solid topline, good strong rear but could have a little better angulation in front.

3. McCardle’s Wildax Lookin Good at Mcarmadale


Open Dog (5)

1. Brown & Hutchings’ Winuwuk Chance Encounter, handsome dog with pleasing head and expression and good mouth. Good angles with strong rear and good tailset. Moved well.

2. Fay-Smith’s Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa, well-conditioned dog of similar basic type, well-proportioned head and body with appealing expression and good mouth. Moved well.

3. Morison’s Jobaran Marathon Man to Xandene

Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1. Huckerby & Dowell’s Norwilbeck Bellchime By Chance, well balanced bitch with solid topline and excellent rear. Lovely head with charming expression, dark eyes and good mouth with plenty of depth of muzzle. Good mover in front and behind.

2. Miller’s Walkon Classy Chassis, well bodied bitch with good angles, strong rear, tight feet and correct tailset. Quality head with ok mouth and nice dark eyes. Good mover.

3. Brooks’ Jackintabox Just Amazing by Jinnybrux

Puppy Bitch (12)

1. Mair’s Vandenrob Tisoni at Glenauld, I fell in love with this absolutely lovely bitch. Excellent all over with superb front and rear and her head is exquisite with incredible expression, perfectly shaped and positioned eyes with broad, deep muzzle and superb strong, wide underjaw. The front angulation is perfect with superb return of upper arm, she was a clean mover and must have a great future. BPB & CC.

2. Fay-Smith’s Lorrosa Scout’s Honour, another high quality girl so well balanced with pleasing head, deep muzzle and lovely dark eyes. Good front, solid rear, firm topline, well placed shoulders and good return of upper arm. Held herself well on the move.

3. Feaver & Cormack’s Winuwuk Whole Lotta Love at Sugarwood

Junior Bitch (10)

1. Mair’s Glenauld Eaden, good overall picture, a pleasing bitch with excellent body, strong topline and rear with correct tailset. Attractive had with typical expression and good mouth. Tight feet, moved well in front and behind.

2. Bell’s Surfstone Calypso, quality bitch with hard topline and a good mover. Excellent head with good mouth, deep muzzle and nice dark well-set eyes.

3. Fay-Smith’s Lorrosa Shine Like A Diamond

Yearling Bitch (3)

1. McCarthy & Gething’s Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi, well balanced bitch of excellent type, pleasing head with good depth of muzzle, excellent mouth and typical expression. Solid topline, good feet, moved well in front and rear with correct tailset.

2. Picken’s Bellebox Top Trick, another attractive bitch a little longer in body than 1 but she has great rear, good feet and tailset. Pleasing head, deep muzzle, good mouth.

3. Robinson’s Jeddhi Kiss Me Quick

Graduate Bitch (5)

1. Parry’s Berwynfa Tick a Te Boo, well balanced girl with good angles and strong rear, nice feet, firm topline and good mover down and back. Pleasing head with dark eyes and deep muzzle.

2. Brooks’ Jetboom Juicy Gossip about Jinnybrux, good headed bitch with dark eyes and good mouth. Excellent angles, strong topline but tailset is a little low. Good mover.

3. Humphries’ Melomigs Ravenous Ruby for Chirbanna

Post Graduate Bitch (6)

1. Spencer’s Ashronsha Wildest Dreams, lovely girl with nice headpiece, deep muzzle and good mouth giving excellent expression. Excellent overall breed type, excellent front assembly, solid topline, high tailset. Very well balanced all through.

2. Jones & Charles’ Charlons Nostalgia, solid girl with pleasing head, dark expressive eyes, good mouth and deep muzzle. Lots of breed type, solid topline, good strong rear, correct tailset. Good movement front and rear.

3. Morison & Gunnarsdottir’s Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon with Xandene


Mid Limit Bitch (6)

1. Bell’s Surfstone Stormtastic, typical bitch with pleasing head, good mouth, lovely dark eyes and deep muzzle. Straight in front, solid topline, strong rear, true mover.

2. Godwin & Cartwright’s Tyegarth Negroni, quality bitch maybe a little long in body but well angulated front and rear, good head with nice dark eyes and good mouth. Clean mover.

3. Burnett’s Sushe Too Hot to Handle


Limit Bitch (7)

1. Lott’s Britesparke Luna Moonbug, lovely bitch with very well balanced body, solid topline, lovely angles front and rear, excellent headpiece with nice dark eyes and good mouth but could maybe have a little stronger muzzle. However her very impressive movement won for her RCC. A really honest all round Boxer.

2. Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk Brief Affair, another classy bitch of good type but a little longer in body than 1 and somewhat softer in topline. Well angulated front and rear, feminine head of quality with beautiful dark eyes and good mouth. Strong mover.

3. Spencer’s Ashronsha Sweet Dreams

Open Bitch (4)

1. Mair’s Ch Vandenrob Nina Roche at Glenauld, solid bitch with a great body and lovely angles, firm topline, bang on tailset, a little heavy in head but has beautiful dark eyes and an excellent mouth and she moved out well. Really super breed type.

2. McCarthy & Gething’s Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi, feminine bitch of again really lovely Boxer type, just a little longer in body than 1. Lovely headpiece with super expression and good mouth. Nice angles front and back, good mover.

3. Godwin’s Lanfrese Cassini at Sultash