• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Smooth Coat Chihuahuas – South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show

JD 1 Poyner’s Diamonchi Man on the Moon, sound and well constructed, moved well with brisk action. Well rounded skull; large, round dark eye. High set, thick tail carried over his back. 2 Lewis’s You'll Never Walk Alone Of European Friendship At Tyssul, Well rounded skull, well set and carried ears. Moved with brisk action, with good drive from well angulated hindquarters. 3 Ginger & Parkinson’s Jodeschi Incoming Blizzard

PGD 1 Fothergill’s Diamonchi Mister Moon. Lovely domed skull with defined stop. Large, round dark eyes; large ears, set correctly. Level topline with high set, thick tail that he carried correctly over his back. Moved well with drive from well angulated hindquarters. 2 Lewis’ You'll Never Walk Alone Of European Friendship At Tyssul 3 Ginger & Parkinson’s Ellochi Des At Jodeschi

OD 1 Davies’ Ch Dachida's Johnnie Hot Rocks, This guy just storms into the ring and sweeps around the ring like he owns it. He is dainty, compact, sound and very well constructed. Lovely expression with correct dome and lean muzzle, very pleasing eyes and well set and carried ears. He moves with such confidence, brisk and forceful with good reach in front. Level back that he maintained on the move. BD & BOB. 2 Davies’ Ch Dachidas State Of Play, Kennel mate of the winner and many of the same comments apply but I preferred the front movement and ear carriage of 1. RBD 3 Entiwistle’s Dorentys Royal Albert JW

JB 1 Lewis’ Winnipeg Of European Friendship At Tyssul, Excellent temperament and character. Nicely domed head, good reach of neck, level topline, well set tail carried over back. 2 White’s Coltham Silver Silhouette, large round eye; well set ears. 3 McAllister’s Tatiana Romanova At Bermac

PGB 1 Holland-Smith’s Diamonchi Shine Like A Star, compact, dainty and well constructed. Nicely domed skull withwell set and carried ears. Nicely arched neck, level back with high set tails that she carried over her back. 2 Fothergill’s Diamonchi Golden Symphony JW, Another with a lovely head and ears, preferred the overall shape and topline of 1. 3 Stangoe’s Stanghurst Strike A Pose.

OB 1 Fothergill’s Ch Diamonchi Moonlight JW ShCM, Such a star, full of confidence and sparkle. Dainty, compact, sound and well built. Correct dome shape to skull, large dark expressive eyes. Moved with brisk, forceful action maintaining her topline throughout. Thick tail, set on high and carried correctly over her back BB. 2 Fothergill’s Ch Diamonchi Shooting Star JW ShCM. Another top quality bitch, well domed skull, good reach of neck, good angulation, moved well with brisk action. Preferred the topline of 1. RBB 3 Stangoe’s Boentandales High Society At Stanghurst.

Derfel Owen