• Show Date: 25/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derek Lade Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)



Judge: Derek J Lade 

I was pleased to accept the invitation to judge Golden retrievers at this show, and I thank the committee for the hospitality shown on the day. Also, a big thank you to my two lady Stewards who kept the ring going most efficiently, and without a break.

Thank you, to all exhibitors too. I had an enjoyable day with an entry that was challenging, and of mostly good quality, some classes really giving me something to think about. I was happy that, of the dogs seen on the day, there was no health issues and I reported that to the KC as prescribed.

One thing that I was shocked at was the number of times I had to clean my hands. A good number of dogs had obviously not been bathed prior to the show. Also, on the day, there were a few dogs, and exhibitors, that could have benefited from ring-craft classes. I have said that in the past, and frequent practice standing your dogs for a few minutes at home, is sufficient. A judge cannot be expected to spend time trying to go over an unruly dog, it makes it very difficult to make a proper assessment and some promising younger dogs might get penalised. I’m not saying that either of the above can go against a dog, but failure to prepare is preparing for failure - fact. 



MINOR PUPPY DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent) 

1 Whitby’s CRISANSA GABRIEL OAK – A happy mid-gold young man who had a kind eye and expression. Good reach of neck, well boned front and neat feet. Shoulders and upper arm of correct angle. Level topline and tailset. Good turn of stifle allowed him to move freely around ring. Need to tighten up as he matures, has promise. 2 Beck’s HAPPIER DE RIA VELA (IMP ESP) – What a cutie, everything in the right places, good bone, neat feet, good depth of chest. Rear quarters complimented his front. Moved with drive. Close run thing for 1st place. 3 Tarsey & Webb’s MITCHNEL RIVER PHOENIX

PUPPY DOG (13 Entries, 4 Absent) 

1 Catterall & Jackson’s J GOLMAS GUARDSMAN – Nicely put together, dark eye and pigment, soft expression, muscular neck to well laid back shoulders. Good length of leg, well sprung ribs, level topline and tailset. Nice bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved with drive. Could have done with more coat today. 2 Cullen’s RIGERIN BARNYARD DAWG AT AUCHINBRECK – similar to winner in most respects, just preferred front angulation and movement of 1. 3 Barrow’s HALEBOURNE FIRST ADVENTURE 

JUNIOR DOG (14 Entries, 2 Absent) 

1 Vernon’s GRACELEIGH POPEYE – Mid-gold 12m boy, very mature and presented well. Pleasing expression, good reach of neck onto well angled shoulders and upper arm. Nice front, tail carried in line with topline on the move. Drive came from strong rear quarters. 2 Keene’s SHINEHILL SNOW PATROL – A paler boy, longer in the leg than 1. Good pigment, and dark eye. Correct shoulders, level topline, Well muscled rear end. Moved well. 3 Rose & Neil’s GILDAS AMORI INFINITI (IMP SWE) 

YEARLING DOG (9 Entries, 4 Absent) 

1 Trotter’s BARICIA LET IT SHINE JW – Pleasingly balanced boy. Good pigmentation. Kind eye and expression. Nicely angled fore-quarters, good bone in his straight front. Deep in the chest with good spring of rib. Level topline, well muscled stifles. Carried his level topline on the move. 2 Seamons’ MESSANO BLUE SUEDE SHOES JW – Balanced outline, soft expression, good reach of neck, level topline. Well bodied. Good turn of stifle, and well let down hocks. Movement completed the picture. 3 Wells’ PEARLBARN PERONI 

GRADUATE DOG (13 Entries, 6 Absent) 

1 Smith & Hill’s SERENDIPITY DOG PRINCIPE JAMES CON ROSGAR (IMP ESP) JW – Liked this boy. Pale gold with good pigmentation. Masculine head but not overdone. Good, nicely muscled reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, complimenting his rear quarters. Level topline and tailset. Deep through the chest. Moved effortlessly, covering the ground with ease. Pushed hard for RCC, I’m sure his day will come. 2 Rose & Neil’s GILDAS AMORI INFINITI (IMP SWE) – Well put together dark dog who ticked all the boxes. Refined head and soft expression. Correct shoulders over a straight front. Level topline and tailset, well bent stifles. In all round hard condition. 3 Ellis Ms K TENFIELD DARK AND STORMY 

POSTGRADUATE DOG (11 Entries, 4 Absent) 

1 Dunbar’s LINIRGOR TOMICH JW – Quality compact, balanced pale gold dog makes a complete picture. Dark eye, kind expression. Shoulder lay-back and angulation correct, good bone to his front and tight feet. Level topline over deep well spring chest and strong loin. Good turn of stifle. Moved with drive. 2 Rose’s RULER OF THE WORLD OVER AZTECA – Similar to 1, but slightly longer cast, but remains balanced. In full coat. Good quarters front and rear. Deep chest. Moved with ease. 3 Giltsoff’s ENDELLION SPINNAKER 

LIMIT DOG (17 Entries, 2 Absent) 

1 Loverock’s THORNYWAIT CRACKERJACK AT LOVISSA – What a picture! Eye-catching on entering the ring, a balanced dog presented in excellent condition. From his head to the tip of his tail this boy oozed quality. Kind expression on a refined head, with a good reach of neck. Topline absolutely level with his tailset, held on the move. Front angulation is superb, which matched that at the rear; straight hocks under his hip joints, giving a well bent muscular stifle. Straight nicely boned front matching his straight hocks. Good spring of rib and strong couplings. All this providing effortless drive around the ring, well deserved the DCC, his third I found out. Where does he go from here? I’m sure we will find out. 2 Beck’s BLUEBRAES BALTIMORE JACK JW – Liked this boy as a Junior, he has now matured into a balanced dog displaying all the attributes you’d expect and want. Dark eye, kind expression, a straight well boned front, neat feet. Deep chest and correct angulation front and rear. Good turn of stifle with a good covering of muscle at the rear. Covered ground well. RDCC. 3 Pickard’s LOVISSA CHANCE OF DIAMONDS JW 

OPEN DOG (4 Entries, 0 Absent) 

1 Loverock & Waldron-Smith’s LOVISSA SPACE DUST ShCM – Yet another well balanced dog. Masculine head, kind expression. Shoulders displaying correct angulation into straight, strong front. Ribcage well sprung, level topline to tip of tail. Straight hocks under well bent and muscled stifle. Covered ground with ease. 2 Cooper’s CH MEDODAINE ANGUSTAH AT DIKEADAZE JW – Have been over this one before, didn't disappoint today, but up against strong competition. Shown in excellent coat and condition, nice head on good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Straight well boned front. Well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters. Level topline, good tail set, good turn of stifle effortless mover. Pushed 1 hard. 3 Tuck’s TAMSBROOK TAKE THAT 

VETERAN DOG (5 Entries, 2 Absent) 

1 White’s SANDUSKY ZULU WARRIER – Happy, exuberant 7 year old of good substance. Expressive face, masculine head. Level topline. Well laid back shoulders and depth of chest affording him good angulation at the front. Strong thighs and his bend of stifle gave him drive on the move. 2 Warden’s EYEVALLEY MACALLAN OF GLENTOCHTY ShCM – Balanced overall. Masculine head and dark eyes. Good lay-back of shoulder, correct angulation. Good depth to his chest, level topline. Moved well. 3 Johnson’s DEVONIVY DIAMOND CUT BY NIALLGOLD 


Spoilt for choice in these two classes. I said above that ring-craft classes might not go amiss, it was here that my comment applied in some instances. 

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (21 Entries, 7 Absent) 

1 Ledgar’s JASROLYN FLIRTING ARMANI – Lovely puppy with a feminine head, balanced for one so young. Good length of neck and correct shoulder angulation. Straight front and neat feet. Good depth to chest, not over-long in the body. Level topline and tailset. Good turn of stifle. Moved with drive. Needs to tighten up, but I’m sure that will come as she matures. BP. 2 Dunbar’s LINIRGOR PIPER'S SONG – Another puppy showing promise. Difficult choice between her and 1 as the same comments apply. Must have a bright future. 3 Cook’s CALAROSE PRECIOUS GEM 

PUPPY BITCH (17 Entries, 7 Absent) 

1 Phipps-Baker & Baker & Ellis’ TENFIELD ALCOR – Feminine head and expression, good pigment. Nice lay-back of shoulder and length to upper arm. Well boned front, and tight feet. Moved well with level topline. 2 Barrow’s HALEBOURNE FIRST TRAIN HOME – Lovely puppy, well proportioned and shown to advantage. Lovely expression and kind eyes. Excellent fore-quarters and front. Good spring of rib, level topline. Covered ground freely. 3 Simms’s MESSANO REMEMBER ME FOR STVINCENT 

JUNIOR BITCH (22 Entries, 10 Absent) 

1 List’s HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT – Oh, my goodness! This light gold girl caught my eye immediately. Nicely, balanced profile, confirmed going over her. Kind expression, dark eyes, feminine head. Strong neck into correctly angled shoulder and upper arm, over a straight front. Liked her depth of chest and spring of rib, level topline and tailset. Excellent rear angles, and well turned stifle and straight hocks. Moved with drive at one with handler. Got to have a good future. I considered her for the CC but felt that at her age it would spoil her chances progressing through the top classes. Pleased to award BRCC, though. 2 O'Neil’s LINIRGOR MISTY MORNINGS AT STRATHLON – Another youngster that caught my eye, providing me with a difficult decision. Similar profile to 1, head and dark eye giving a melting expression. Front angulation complimenting that at the rear. Level topline held whilst moving. Another youngster who shows much promise. 3 Loverock & Eddies’ THORNYWAIT MAMMA MIA 

YEARLING BITCH (19 Entries, 7 Absent) 

1 List’s HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT. 2 Furbank’s KAYZAELLE KARAMEL KOOKIE – Yet another eye-catcher. Feminine girl, with super neck, shoulders and front. good depth to chest under a level topline. Covered ground well. Shame to have come up against 1. 3 Smyth’s KADAKA KISSAGRAM 

GRADUATE BITCH (10 Entries, 2 Absent) 

1 Carrington’s LARGYMORE LUSTRE JW – Good quality throughout. Kind face and expression. Level topline following a good reach of neck. Chest deep, short coupled with strong loins. Good turn of stifle, and well let down hocks. Moved with drive. 2 Seamons’ STVINCENT MOONLIGHTING AT MESSANO JW – Balanced bitch not overdone in any way. Good front and rear angulation well muscled at the rear. Level topline and tailset. Moved with ease. 3 Williams’ CESARKA PIN UP GIRL JW 

POSTGRADUATE BITCH (15 Entries, 4 Absent) 

Another difficult decision here between 1 & 2 as both dogs very similar in outline. 1 Cole’s ROOKSBURY SCARLETT O'HARA – Could maybe have needed a little more coat, but had a good clean reach of neck, kind expression. Level topline. Excellent front and rear angulation, well boned at the front, and well let down hocks. Overall a balanced bitch. Moved with drive, aided by her muscular thighs. 2 Pett’s STORMERICK HIGH HOPES AT RUMWOOD ShCM – Very similar to 1, balanced and in good coat and condition. Good bone throughout, and excellent angulation at each end. Held her shape on the move 3 Shepherd’s PARLICKVIEW SUMER SOLSTICE 

LIMIT BITCH (20 Entries, 7 Absent) 

Possibly the best class for quality today, providing another “oh, my goodness” moment with three excellent bitches at the front. Could change them around another day. 1 Taylor’s PANDREFT HARMONY FOR HATTIE – What a lovely bitch. Very strong in body shape and bone but with a feminine head and expression. Dark eyes, good reach and strength to her neck. Super lay-back of shoulder, and length of upper arm. Adequate amount of bone to her straight front. Neat feet. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Short coupled with strength in her loins. Tail straight off the end of her level topline, carried well on the move. Drive from a good turn of stifle with hard muscle, and well let down hocks. Pleased to award BCC. 2 Smith & Hill’s ROSGAR AUTUMNAL BLISS – Not as long in the back as 1, but oozes quality. Her gold coat finished with lighter furnishings, catches the eye on the move. Her drive derived from excellent front and rear angulation. Kind eye, and an expression to melt the heart. Level topline. Well presented. 3 Wicklow’s GILLBRYAN MRS MACNAMARRA – Good quality in this bitch, similar in outline to 2, and with the same attributes. 

OPEN BITCH (12 Entries, 7 Absent) 

1 Dunbar’s SH CH LINIRGOR LUV SONG JW – Another eye-catcher. Looked beautifully balanced in profile. Most feminine expression, good reach of neck. Perfect front angulation and straight strong bone to neat feet. Deep chest with good spring of rib, level topline held on the move. Drive came from strong thighs and turn of stifle. Needed more feathering underneath to complete the picture today. 2 Griggs’s MULFIELD PEACH BLOSSOM JW ShCM – This lady was bigger framed than 1, but gave a pleasing balanced profile. Front and rear angulation was good, and her deep chest and strong loins adequately supported her level toplne. Good bend of stifle, helped cover the ground on the move. 3 Lane-Ridyard’s P KULAWAND FINAL FRONTIER JW 

VETERAN BITCH (5 Entries, 1 Absent) 

1 Tuck’s TAMSBROOK TIMOTAE – Well turned out “oldie” enjoying her day. Good pigmentation, kind eye. Muscular neck, front angulation was excellent. Level topline and tailset. Nice bend of stifle and good muscle on the thighs. Moved well around the ring. BV. 2 Ellis’ TENFIELD SEA THE STARS JW – Longer cast than 1 but everything in its place. Nice expression, good reach of neck. Good front and rear quarters. Level topline well muscled rear end. Looked good on the move. 3 Hudson’s AYMSBURY AKAYSHA