• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Denise Garratt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Driffield Agricultural Society

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Irish Wolfhounds Judge Denise Garratt

Can I thank the exhibitors for braving the cold and windy conditions to show under me, my two ring stewards that did an excellent job throughout the day and the committee for running a very good show under difficult and trying conditions.

Puppy dog 2

Ist and BP Dawson Mrs S. Austonley’s Falcon of Shalico. A well grown puppy with long head carried well good pigmentation and ears strong neck and well-placed shoulders good breadth of chest and good top line strong hindquarters with low hocks, moved steadily both ways. 2nd Murray Mr J A. Sade Aryasson at Sabata. Nice youngster younger than one and very raw at this stage but the basics are all there. Masculine head with great length of neck elbows tucked well in nice depth of brisket and well angulated hindquarters.

Post Graduate 8

1st Webb Miss K. Goldswift Nissionb Possible for Inkleyboys. Well-made boy that has plenty of substance, long lean head dark eye long neck and well-placed shoulders, elbows well under. Excellent depth of Brisket and good length of back, belly well drawn up, well-muscled hind quarters with good bend of stifle, good feet handled and moved well. 2ndBridges Mrs B & Mr S. Barrassy by Definition. Grey boy that has just moved up into Post Graduate and looked very much a baby, lovely head well carried long muscular neck good front angulation and shoulder placement, excellent depth of brisket and beautiful top line correct tail set and well-muscled hind quarters, this boy excels in his movement. 3rd Allitt Mrs C. Madigan The Magnificent of Jascarah.

Open dog 3

  1st BD & BOS Lefley Mr A. Hydebeck Imperial Comander of Nicsar. Lovely boy of great substance, well balanced throughout which showed when he moved. Masculine head with dark eye good arched neck leading into excellent shoulders and front assembly, strong legs with well arched feet, strong top line with good hindquarters and well let down hocks moved well both ways. 2nd RBD Pinkney Ms C L. Ch Hydebeck Imperial Ruler. Was not surprised to find out there were litter brothers as they are both lovely dogs showing true breed type. Masculine head but showing no coarseness well arched neck and well-placed shoulders excellent breadth of chest and good depth of brisket nicely arched loins and correct tail set. Strong powerful hind quarters with well let down hocks he moved very well. 3rd Treadwell Mrs D. Glengail Ggilmour at Floydian.

Special Beginners Dog 3

1st & BSB Bridges Mrs B & Mr S. Barrassy by Definition. Delighted to see this boy go BSBH Group 1. 2nd Littlefair Miss JM. Goldswift Phoenis Kiss. A nice youngster that was a lot more settled this time around and moved so much better. Nice type with a good head nice length of neck well laid-back shoulders nice top line with correct arch good tail set, moderate hind quarters.

Post graduate bitch 4 (1Abs)

1st & RBB Littlefair Miss J M. Goldswift Inyourdreams. Nice bitch that has the most feminine head but with no weakness dark eye and small ears well filled in front with a good top line and depth of brisket, nice bend of stifle and low hocks moved soundly both ways. 2nd Wilkes Dr N & Wilkes Dr J. Lindall Paris for Strickenoak. Well balanced bitch with a good head eye and ears, good length of neck muscular shoulders and adequate depth of brisket. Moderate hind angulation just preferred the movement of one. 3rd Fox Mrs A. Nebrasks Ionmhain Norman At Newdigate

Open Bitch 2

1st BB & BOB. Ms C L Pinkney Ch Hydebeck Ruler of the Stars JW. Lovely well-balanced bitch that fits the standard so well, she oozes breed type. Beautiful head with the darkest pigmentation small ears strong arched neck and excellent shoulders great front, well tucked in elbows and large well arched feet. Brisket deep and good width to her front her top line had the correct arch over the loin with a well-set tail, good first and second thigh with well let down hocks. She moved with effortless drive and was a pleasure to go over. 2nd Sheppard Dr C T & Mrs C E. Tathar Lussea Goldswift. A lovely lady of 7yrs that was enjoying her day out. Well-shaped head with neat ears, would like a little more neck but good shoulder angulation and lovely straight legs, great depth of chest and good top line nicely angulated hind quarters and well let down hocks she wasn’t too happy on the move today.

Special Beginners Bitch 2

1st Littlefair Miss J M. Goldswift Inyourdreams. 2nd Wilkes Dr N & Wilkes Dr J. Lindall Paris for Strickenoak.