• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Debbi Huggins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Boxer

Thank you to the Officers & Committee for my invitation to judge at their show. It was certainly a day and a judging appointment to remember! My Stewards were absolutely superb, so I would like to use this forum to say another big thank to them – Mr D Telford and the boxer breed's own Wayne Patterson. My principal winners impressed me very much, and indeed I was delighted on the day to have made up my CC winning bitch. Presentation on the whole was very good indeed. There were however a couple of things I saw too often: heads far too fleshy and wrinkled. Also, there were quite a few amber coloured and/or small and pinched eyes which really detract from true boxer eye and expression. A lot of mouths were not great either. That said, we really do have a lot of super quality boxers out there. Thank you again to everyone for such a lovely entry and for a truly smashing day. VD (2:1): 1 Hawkins' Delbrin King Creole 9½ years, r/w a boxery head and expression, excellent bone and feet. Decent forehand and very good muscle tone and conditioning for his age. Moved out well with enthusiasm and he was very nicely handled. MPD (7:3): 1 Miller's Walkon Masterclass. An outgoing, smart young lad. Sharp, balanced and clean in outline, unexaggerated and with super temperament to compliment. Good clean skull, dark eye and correct muzzle leading to a long crested neck and neat shoulder and topline. He has a decent backend and whilst still raw, as he should be, everything is in the right place for his age and development. He moves out well in front and behind and covers the ground well. He shows himself off with real spirit and verve and was beautifully handled and presented. A smashing puppy - delighted to award him BPD. 2 Godwin's Sultash Cunco. A good head and expression on this lad complimented by super foreleg height and beautiful bone. His feet need to tighten a fraction and he needs time to come together all through the body, but he's right for his age and he put in a lovely performance on the move with a reachy stride. Really liked his smart outline. Very well handled and presented. Spot on weight and conditioning. 3 Chippendale's Ross Poldark of Mylicam. PD (6:0): 1 Brough & Murray's Galicar Investigating with Limubox. Super sharp outline on this puppy. He has a good head with super width at the muzzle. The best of bone and feet compliment his good forehand and clean neck. He holds his shape well on the move and he has good drive from behind. Beautifully turned out, spot on weight and conditioning, and with the best of handling and presentation to boot. Lovely puppy. 2 Payne & Flintoft's 's Boxania Spice Guy at Birleyvale. Bigger framed puppy than 1 and not as square and sharp in outline but a good head on this lad, leading to a strong neck, decent shoulder and level topline. His backend is strong and well-muscled and he moves out well both ways. Nicely handled, just the right amount of body and conditioning on him, and smashing handling and presentation. 3 Evans Rocvilla Chances Secrert. JD (5:1) 1 Pynegar's Berwynfa Dilyding Dilydong. CC. A real showman and an absolutely smashing boxer to get your hands on. All male, top end of size but with a super-sharp balanced outline, and a commanding presence and attitude. His head is clean with lovely rise of skull and super muzzle proportions. He has the best of feet, bone and foreleg height, a long crested neck and well placed shoulders. His backend is strong and well muscled and he moved out very well in front and behind with such style and purpose despite the heat. Covers the ground with ease on the go around and is a pleasure to watch. Delighted to award him his second CC. Many congratulations. 2 McDonald's Yeteb Hey Diddle Diddle. Dark br/w of lovely shape and make. His head is clean and of good proportion, with darkest eye and super expression. Presentation and conditioning again spot on and he moves out well in front and behind. He did feel the heat a little in this class, but he is a nice young lad to get your hands on and judge. Very well handled. 3 Coward's Barnsgate Eagle Eyed Ernie. YD (4:0): 1 Miller's Walkon Big Star. Aptly named golden br/w. In smashing form today despite the heat and a real pleasure to go over. Head is beautifully typical of this kennel with super skull, eye and muzzle, leading to a strong crested neck. He has the most smashing bone and feet leading to a strong level topline and hammy backend. Moved out with real style and purpose, covering the ground well. A showman personified, beautifully presented, conditioned and handled. 2 Mitchell's Diceulon Daquiri. A good type but with a stronger head, and not the rise of skull of 1, but he has lovely eye shape and colour, a strong neck and decent forehand. I liked his balance, outline and backend and he moved out smartly, despite the heat. Nicely handled and lovely presentation. 3 Watson & Crooks' Beaumires First Officer at Roylark. ND (4:0) 1 Kirby's Ivyella Together Forever. I'd prefer this lad just a tad shorter in the loin but actually this is an honest boxer with a typical head and darkest eye. He is clean over the shoulder, has good bone and feet leading to a decent body and topline. He is nicely muscled at the rear and he moved out smartly in front and behind to win this class. Just the right amount of weight on him today – he needs no less and no more. Good presentation and handling. 2 Morison's Bjarkeyjar Dancing On Thin Ice To Xandene (Imp). Deepest deer r/w. Typical head and expression, strong round neck leading to a clean shoulder, decent foreleg and tight feet. Holds his topline on the move and covered the ground well despite the heat. Spot on handling and presentation and super bodytone. 3 Johnson's Frankolina Goldfinger at Sonshoby. GD (6:1): 1 Davis' Bricliffe Prince Charming. Br/w. Really like this sound and honest lad. He has a super head, beautiful eye and expression, strong neck and good forehand. His feet are tight and he is well put together through to the backend. He can move out well in front and behind. He really does though need to shed some poundage to his advantage as you can easily overlook him. Once you do get your hands on this dog, however, he's a lovely lad to judge. Nice presentation and handling. 2 Mitchell's Diceulon The Gangster. R/w and slightly taller on the foreleg than 1, but smart and balanced. His head has enough work in it and it needs to hold but this is another nice dog to get your hands on and go over. Clean over the shoulder and strong bodied/conditioned all through, he moved out well in front and behind once settled. Nicely handled. 3 Huckerby & Dowell's Carkennar Struck with Norwilbeck Bellchome. PGD (8:2) 1 Peck's Manic Keep it Real for Enesha. RCC. Br/w. Really enjoyed judging this dog who headed a good class of boxers. Not a lot wrong with this boy at all when you get your hands on him and he is absolutely spot on for his age. His head is clean, and he has a lovely eye and expression. His neck is strong and long into a well laid shoulder. He is well coupled and he has super feet and bone. I liked his backend and thought he looked an absolute balanced picture today with perfect weight and conditioning – he needs no less and no more on him. On the move, he went extremely well, with long, reachy strides in front and good drive from behind and despite the heat. A sound and honest boxer - still with a bit of finishing to do - but the more I looked the more I liked, and I was delighted to award him his first green card which he thoroughly deserved on the day. Thought he complimented my CC winner perfectly. Very well done. 2 Johnson & Madin's Farvalley Shoshone via Sonshoby. Just gone 2 years old, this lad is smart and clean all through with a really well put together body. His head is well proportioned but not as lean and clean in skull as the winner. Forehand is good, as are his feet and bone leading to a strong backend allowing him to move out with drive and purpose in front and behind. Beautifully handled and presented. Spot on weight and conditioning. Liked him a lot. 3 Robinson & Morison's Robinsteck the Revenant with Xandene. LD (7:1) 1 Bell's Surfstone No Nonsense. 4yr old dark br/w. Melting head and expression from darkest of eyes, complimented by a full muzzle and super skull. Loved his balanced profile, he has really good strength throughout from head to toe, excellent bone and his feet are beautiful. This is a smashing dog to get your hands on and go over, and he moves out well in front and behind. I'd like him just that fraction bigger all over but this is a really good dog to judge. Covered the ground well today despite the heat. Spot on handling, conditioning and presentation. 2 Kelly's Casemates Gandalf. Has a stronger head than 1 and is more pronounced in outline, but a smart with dark eye and nice expression, and a lovely round and strong neck leading to a good forehand. He moves out well with reach in front but lost out to 1 who had the better rear action today. Spotless coat and lovely handling. 3 Griffiths' Sandcliffe Cruising at Lanfrese OD (2:0): 1 Brough & Murray's Ch Ch Galicar Mac Steamy At Limubox. Dark b/w, presents a beautiful outline when set up and absolutely smashing to get your hands on and go over. He is all male from top to toe, and his head is an absolute picture with an ultra-clean skull, darkest eye and super expression. His neck is clean and strong, leading to an excellent forehand. His feet and bone are spot on too and he was handled to perfection as expected from this kennel. He is strong and toned through the body and has a great backend. Superbly put down in coat and conditioning and so can really can move out well, with an excellent long reach in front, and drive from behind. Sadly he really felt the heat in the challenge which cost him today. I was very impressed with him indeed. 2 Crooks' Maranseen Review n Respect for Uftonponds. He has a typical head if a little too strong through the skull, dark eye, decent muzzle and round neck. He is clean over the shoulder and has long and strong forelegs with lovely feet. I thought he looked light in condition particularly behind today and so lacked drive. Good presentation and handling. GCD (1:0) 1 Dawe & Bond's Ewnybox The Cornish Issue JW Sh.CM. An honest boxer with nice body shape. He has a strong round neck and decent forehand. His head is typical, and he moved out well despite the heat. Lovely handling. SBD (2:0): 1 Peck's Manic Keep it Real for Enesha 2 Edgeler's Kezialeigh Save a Kiss for Me. An honest boxer with typical head and expression, decent make and shape and lovely sympathetic handling. Moved out well despite the heat. VB (3:0): 1 Edgeler Kezialeigh Prime Meridian. BVIB. Now 8yrs old, dark br/w and how amazing is she looking! Absolutely loved this bitch from top to toe. Her head is a picture with no coarseness or exaggeration. She is still clean shouldered, no over conditioning and she is excellent through the body and backend. She drops down perfectly into positon when stacked and she moved out in front and behind with correct reach and drive from any angle. Such a stylish and correct bitch, I thought she was an absolute smasher and a credit to her owners. I was delighted to see her in the last 6 in the veteran group where she looked nothing short of superb. Many congrats. 2 Clark's Sarsbrook Fashionista. Lovely head and expression. She also retains her clean and neat outline. Moved well out and back despite the heat. In smashing condition. Well handled. 3 Dawe & Bond's Kai the Cornish Bear. MPB (9:2): 1 Pynegar's Berywnfa Oh La La. Pretty br/w bitch very much a baby and despite the heat, showing her socks off today. Such a neat and balanced outline on this puppy, complimented by a clean skull and dark eye. Her neck is strong and clean, leading into a decent shoulder and topline complimented by a good backed with lovely conditioning and body tone. Moved out very well in front and behind, super attitude, spotless presentation and beautifully handled. 2 Miller's Walkon Classy Chassy. A lovely balanced outline on this puppy. She has a beautiful eye and expression and her skull is clean. She has super bone and feet, and her neck flows into a good shoulder. She is well coupled and has a decent backend on her with lovely muscle tone and condition. She moves out well in front and behind with lovely reach and drive. In pristine condition, expertly handled. Just preferred the head of 1. 3 Mullis's Idelforde Chilli Morning PB (6:1): 1 Jones' Winuwuk Justify My Love at Charlons (AI). Really fell for this delightful puppy. She is so well put together and correct from any angle. Her head and eye are lovely giving super boxer expression. She has a long neck, true forehand and presents such a correct profile set up combining balance, style and a decent backend to finish. She was spot on in weight and conditioning and was handled and presented beautifully. Thought she moved out excellently with super reach and drive in front and behind. Never stopped showing despite the heat and I was delighted to award her BPIB. One to watch. Many congratulations. 2 Stupart's Loraimie Away Wi The Fairies. Another cracking puppy. Loved her scope and range. This young lady has such a lovely head and expression and reminds me very much of her dam. Clean neck, not quite the spot on shoulder of the winner but well balanced through to her backend. Moves out well in front and behind. Spotless presentation and conditioning and well handled. Liked her very much. 3 Flintoft's Boxania Midnight Spice. JB (12:4): 1 Phew! What a cracking class of young bitches!! All of which were of super type, make and shape. McDonald's Yeteb Little Miss Muffitt. RCC. What an absolutely smashing young boxer bitch this is. Darkest br/w. So correct and feminine, yet well covered and conditioned – spot on for her age. Her head is a treat with darkest eye and expression. Her skull is clean, and her neck strong and round leading into super shoulders, bone and feet. She is well coupled, has a good backend, and on the move she goes out with a clean reach in front and good drive from behind. Such a super bitch to judge and get your hands on and, like my RDCC, the more looked, the more I appreciated her sound and honest type. She should have a very bright future and I was delighted to award her her first green card, complimenting my BCC winner perfectly. Loved her. Many congratulations. 2 Bell's Surfstone Calypso. Another smashing bitch of type and style. Very close up to my winner and very similar indeed in her virtues. Super head and expression and darkest eye. The most lovely feet and bone, clean shoulders and hammy backend. Moves out well in front and behind and on another day these two may well have swapped places. A super bitch. Pristine handling, presentation and conditioning. 3 Humphries Chribanna Amethyst Shower. YB (1:0) 1 Griffiths' Lanfrese Limelight. Dark br/w and of super quality all through. She has the most lovely eye and expression and her neck is strong, round and flows well into her shoulders. She is very much all of a piece from top to toe although to be super-critical I'd like her just that fraction shorter through the loin. She was in her usual sparking form and fettle with not a spot of conditioning out of place. On the move, she goes with such a good stride in front and behind, and is always moved at just the right pace. Another absolutely super bitch from this kennel and I am sure her Ch crown is not far away. NB 5:1): 1 Pye's Burden Secret Lover. Lovely young bitch. Darkest br/w with a smashing head, excellent eye and melting expression. Loved her clean shoulders, beautiful bone and feet and short loin. She has excellent strength in her backend and despite the heat moved out with lovely long stride in front and drive from behind. Spot on conditioning, presentation and handling. 2 Roberts' Joru Sealed with a Kiss For Galacticos. Different type to 1. Golden br/w. Decent head and eye. Strong round neck into well laid shoulders. Strong through the loin with a good backend. Moved out really well today in front and behind and was well presented and handled. Spot on weight and conditioning – needs no more and no less. 3 Lay & Taylor's Taranut Tymeline at Wivendene. GB (5:1) 1 Crooks; Uftonponds Making Waves. Dark br/w. Really does have the most lovely head and expression from darkest eye. Good solid neck flowing into well laid shoulders, sound forelegs and beautiful feet. She is super through the body and has a spot on back end. Thought she looked absolutely lovely today and was quite close up for a green card. Would just like that fraction more foreleg height to complete the picture but this is a good bitch who can really move out well in front and behind. Lovely presentation and handling although for me she goes so much better when moved at a less racy pace. A good bitch – I liked her. 2 Seeney's Maranseen Encore. Similar bitch and close up. Slightly taller on the leg than 1 but not as together or balanced at the croup. She has a very good head and eye, lovely clean neck and shoulder through to beautiful bone and feet. Her backend was spot on, as was her conditioning, handling and presentation. On the move she went really well with reach and drive despite the heat covering the ground with an easy length of stride. 3 Fairbrother & Madin's Vaneck Quick Silber. PGB (10:2): 1 Jones & Charles' Charlons Nostalgia JW. What a smashing bitch this is. Liked her head and expression. Her neck is clean and strong leading to a good shoulder, foreleg and set of feet. She is balanced through to her backend and moves out beautifully with excellent reach and drive. Put down in pristine condition with just the round amount of poundage – she should carry no more or less than she had today. Really showed her socks off, giving her the nod over a lovely bitch standing second to her. 2 Morison & Gunnarsdottir's Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon With Xandene (Imp). Another smashing bitch in this class. Neat, tidy and so well put together. Lovely dark eye, and good head proportions all through. Her neck is strong and round leading to a lovely shoulder, body and backend. She really moved out well in front and behind with good stride and strength. Close up to 1. Super presentation, conditioning and handling. 3 Payne's Birleyvale Bellissmia. LB (8:2): 1 Wilson's Thorpaige Kiss Chase JW Sh.CM. What a super bitch to go over. Head is lovely with the cleanest of skulls. Loved her dark eye and expression. Classy outline, beautiful front, feet and bone. She is well made through the body and she has a spot on back end. She was in pristine form and condition, with not a jot of spare poundage anywhere. Moves out so well in front and behind. Would just prefer that bit more work and chiselling in her head, but this is a smashing bitch and she looked a real treat today. Quality. Spot on handling and presentation. 2 Godwin & Cartwright's Tyegarth Negroni. Darkest br/w white with an absolutely smashing head, eye and expression. She is clean all through the neck and shoulder with beautiful bone and feet. To be critical, I'd like her a fraction shorter through the loin but she is a good honest boxer with a nice backend and super stride on the move. She went really well today despite the heat. Spot on handling and presentation. 3 Stupart's Nerroli Fairi Tail Teller at Loraimie. OB (6:1): 1 Cook & Postance's Manic Faking. Dark br/w, 4 yrs old, super quality, in sparkling form today and what a cracking bitch to judge and get your hands on. She has the most beautiful head and expression with a melting dark eye, clean skull and correct muzzle. I could look at her all day. Her neck is long and clean leading into a good shoulder with spot on bone and tightest feet. She is well coupled and has a strong and correct backend. In profile, she drops down into position 'just right' and is true boxer type, flowing from nose to tail. Her weight and conditioning were spot on, she was handled to perfection and in pristine order. On the move, she has such a super long and reachy stride, with good strong driving action from behind. Despite the heat she showed like a dream and today was certainly her day. Delighted to have her under me and to be able to award her her third and crowning CC which she thoroughly deserved, together with BOB. Thought she looked fabulous in the group, too - many congrats. 2 Pye's Ch Willow Reach for the Stars at Burden JW. Another absolutely smashing bitch of high order, close up to 1 and similar type. Has the most beautiful head, eye and expression, and strong round neck. Her front is clean and correct and she flows through the body to backend. Put down in immaculate order, expertly handled as always and moved out beautifully in front and behind. Quality bitch. 3 Griffiths' Ch Lanfrese Chin Chin. GCB (1:0) 1 Dawe's Kai the Cornish Bear. Solid red and white. Typical head and expression. Good stride on her and was handled sympathetically to get the best from her. SBB: 1 Picken's Bellebox Top Trick. Dark br/w. Smart bitch with a good profile outline and pleasing head all through. I'd like her a fraction lighter in body poundage to compliment her further and sharpen up her outline, but she can move well and indeed did so despite the heat. Was handled very well to get the best from her. Well done. 2 Edgeler's Kezaleigh Calamity Jane. Typical head and eye. Unsteady on the move and not happy in the heat but good type and put down in lovely condition. Handled sympathetically. Judge: Debbi Huggins