• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Moger Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bath Canine Society 2018  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel    Judge: Mr D J Moger     Minor Puppy (4)  1st: SMITH’S Beaudale Storm In A Teacup This minor puppy dog stood alone but was a very worthy class winner. Quality black and tan, a really nice shape and size, good bite, correct length of muzzle, dark eyes and a lovely expression. I would prefer richer tan markings but this didn’t detract. He was really nice on the move, and has a happy outgoing  little personality. He must have a good future. I liked him a lot.      Puppy (7)   1st: CRANE’S Cranvarl Washington Blenheim, a year old, beautiful head, largest eyes and gentle expression, lovely flat top to skull, nice ear set, good teeth, beautiful layback of shoulder and good rear angulation. Perfect size and a good colour.  Moved completely true. Best Puppy Dog      2nd: PLAYER’S Granasil Piccolo. Ruby at the top end of puppy. Really nice with good teeth, large dark eyes, black nose pigment, well set ears, nice expression.  Level top-line and good croup, well laid back shoulder and rear angulation.  Moved very well.    3rd: ROGERSON’S Rabymar Crimson Moon        Junior (5)    1st: SMITH’S Beaudale Rusty Dusty Blues Another quality Ruby, 17 months old, really nice outline, really good neck and well constructed so moves with good drive from the rear, keeping a level topline and good tail carriage.  . Large dark eyes and kind expression.    2nd: DARLINGTON’S Featherfalls Loves On Fire  Immature tricolour who is a bit rangy at the moment. He has good teeth and eyes and a correct ear set. His head is still a little bit narrow but should come with age. Would prefer better front angulation and lost his topline on the move.      3rd: STANSBURY’S Cathmead Michael Roughan At Dooraclare     Yearling (8)    1st: KOSTER’S Harana Dean Martin Yearling   Lovely type  black and tan.  Excellent head, with beautiful teeth, lovely dark pigment, large round dark eyes giving a soft gentle expression.  Glossy black with bright tan markings.  So well put together with a lovely neck and good angles front and the back, a super top line with good croup, lots of luscious flowing coat and looked absolutely gorgeous on the move. Full of quality and breed type. I was pleased to award him Reserve Dog CC    2nd: TAYLOR’S Mastercut Jack Frost From Taybar  Blenheim, nice head, somewhat immature yet, I'm sure he could do a little bit more in the future. Good mouth, dark eyes and nose pigment. Ears heavily fringed and set well. Good angulation and  quite short in the body with a good top line and excellent croup. Was really nice on the move and shows  lots of promise.    3rd: BARWELL & BREWER’S Charlottetown Franklin via Bowfort       Novice (4)  1st: BLACKIE & KNAPP’S Cridensa Conrad Novus. Rich coloured Ruby who was in a previous class. Correct head with  good teeth, dark eyes, and nice pigment giving a kind expression. Lovely quality coat, Good body and bone.     2nd: COLES Twyforde Curiosity Tricolour whose handler said that he was as mad as a hatter and she was quite right! He has good teeth and eyes, although shows a little white. Correct ear set and flat skull. Needs more ring training.      Graduate (6)    1st: WALKER’S Leogem Tombola Well made Blenheim who presented a very nice outline. Well balanced with short back and kept a lovely topline and tail carriage on the move. His head is slow to mature, good mouth and excellent pigment, dark round eyes and correct ear set.     2nd: BLACKIE & KNAPP’S Cridensa Coltrane  Beautiful headed Ruby with a lovely gentle expression, large dark round eyes and jet black nose pigment. Correct length of muzzle and good ear set. Nice size with good body and bone and good construction. Moved very well. He would have been the class winner but for his tail.       3rd: BLOOMFIELD’S Delhaze Skyfall With Oaklake     Post Graduate (7)    1st: FORD’S Salegreen Periwinkle To Hiscli  Well marked Blenheim, masculine head and kind expression. Correct length of muzzle with lovely pigment, large round dark eyes and flat skull. Good turn of stifle and nice layback of shoulders, short back with level top-line, good croup and excellent tail carriage.  Lovely straight silky coat.  Moved very well keeping his good outline.    2nd: COOLE’S Jolainey Frederick  Nice size Blenheim. Pretty head, eyes could be a little larger. Good nose pigment and correct mouth. Gentle expression and good earset. A bit short of ear fringes for his age. Nice shape  with good angles and level topline which he held on the move.    3rd: BLACKIE & KNAPP’S Cridensa Coltrane      Limit (10)    1st: LEVY & SEDGWICK’S Pascavale Gino  Attractively marked well broken Blenheim, full of quality and breed type. Beautiful head, soft gentle expression. Dark eyes and excellent nose pigment, good neck and shoulder and rear angulation. On the move he kept a lovely outline with good croup and correct tail carriage.  moved smoothly. He is the complete package. In my final cut for the CC.    2nd: FORD’S Salegreen Periwinkle To Hiscli                                                                                                                                                                                                    3rd: RIX’S Ricksbury Poldark JW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Open (2)     1st: HOMES’S Ch Leogem Renaissance JW Perfect size and lovely breed type. Gorgeous head with lovely large dark eyes, correct length of muzzle and gentle expression. Well put together with elegant neck and well laid shoulder, Good rear angulation. Rich chestnut markings and profuse silky coat. Moved with style keeping his lovely topline and correct tail carriage.  I was pleased to award him the Dog CC and Best Of Breed.    2nd: ABRAHAM’S Fr Ch James Brown Of Sevijean's Lovely type Ruby, excellent pigment, large dark eyes, beautiful rich colour. Nice size with good bone and very masculine in head with a kind expression. Moved very well. Just preferred the outline of winner.     Veteran (2)   1st: KOSTER’S Ch Harana Alfie Boe ,Beautiful black and tan, who is a lovely shape and carries his seven and a half-years well. Soft gentle expression, large dark eyes good mouth and nice rich tan markings.  A lovely flowing coat and long full ears. Kept a perfect top-line and tail carriage on the move. Super angulation and short hocks allowed him to move with good reach and drive.I was pleased to award him Best Veteran in Breed.    2nd: MANGHAM’S Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale JW Blenheim, nearly ten years old. Once again, the mouth is good, pigment still good for his age. Ears set correctly, flat skull and gentle expression.  Nice front angulation and good turn of stifle. Good shape and size and rich chestnut colour. Moved very well for his age with his tail carried level with his back. A lovely boy.      Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (3)    1st: WALKER’S Leogem Tombola See Graduate  .  2nd: PARSONS’S Castlewytch Moonlight Heavily marked seven months Blenheim who was so pretty. Good head type with well set ears and flat skull, large dark expressive eyes, good nose pigment and correct length of muzzle. Level topline, good croup and tail set. Moved exceptionly well keeping her good topline and tail set.  I was pleased to award her Best Puppy in Breed.    3rd: WEBSTER’S Featherfalls Secret Sunset     Minor Puppy (5)    1st: PARSONS’S Castlewytch Moonlight See Special Beginners.    2nd: SMITH’S Beaudale Sealed With A Kiss 7 month Ruby, sister to the black and tan that won the Minor Puppy Dog Class. Lovely size and shape with a pretty head and sweet expression. Jet black nose pigment and large dark eyes. Very much a baby.but nit the confidence of her brother.Would prefer her a shade darker in colour.    3rd: TAYLOR’S Vonnyisle Portia At Taybar     Puppy (11)    1st: PARSONS’S Castlewytch Moonlight See Special Beginners.    2nd: HOLBROOK’S Vonnyisle Ice Princess Well marked Blenheim, Very lively little girl, nice broken markings, quite fine all over but a very good shape and moved beautifully. A little bit longer than some which gave her elegance on the move. Bouncy little, happy puppy with pretty head and sweet expression, good pigment, correct bite and nice eyes.    3rd: WILLIAMS’S Anickily Anna Rose Sancana     Junior (7)     1st: CUNNINGHAM’S Verheyen Harriet Well broken Blenheim, only just a year and three days. Super size and shape. Lovely head, soft expression, nice dark eyes, jet black nose, good teeth, correct ear set. Lovely breed type and not overdone in any way. Soft silky coat and attractive markings completed the picture. Moved elegantly keeping her nice outline and level tail carriage. In the final four for the CC.    2nd: De B WALTON’S Underknoll Love Story, Smaller Blenheim, pretty little face with lovely eyes, good teeth, black nose pigment and once again just the right amount of coat, not overdone, short little body, moved quite, smoothly and has good angulation front and rear.     3rd: BREWER & MOODY’S Mesdames Bowfort Ginger Rogers                                                                                         Yearling (6)    1st: CALLAGHAN & TODD’S Callyspride Little Minx Very pretty Blenheim, large round eyes, good pigment, lovely teeth, correct ear set, nice flat top to the head, straight silky coat, not overdone, good front and rear angulation, a shade long in the body which allowed her to move really smoothly keeping a nice outline.     2nd: WARD’S Jordanic Evanly Mist Charalier Well coated Blenheim who was a nice size with a good shape. Well made with a good topline and tail which she held on the move. Pretty, feminine head with nice dark pigment and large dark eyes. Overall a quality girl who could do with a tad more weight for higher awards.    3rd: LONG’S Arroline Utopia     Novice (7)    1st: O'GRADY’S Culverhill Coralie  Lovely quality Ruby, The prettiest head with a soft gentle expression, not overdone in any way, good pigment, nice big round eyes and black nose pigment. Good teeth, well set ears and correct length of muzzle. Lovely neck and shoulder and good rear. Moved very well keeping a good outline and tail carriage. Beautiful long silky coat added a touch of glamour. A very nice girl who I selected in the final four for the CC.     2nd: De B WALTON’S Underknoll Love Story See Junior    3rd: WILLIAMS’S Anickily Anna Rose Sancana     Graguate (7)    1st: MACALPINE’S Delhaze Dolly Daydream With Annatika JW  Generous headed Blenheim, slightly larger in rype with a lovely soft expression and very large dark eyes, good pigment, elegant neck and well laid shoulders, good turn of stifle. Good topline which she held on the move. Really covered the ground well. Could do with a little more ear fringing to complete the picture.    2nd: RENNARD’S Deranmar Evensong Nice type Black and Tan. A very difficult choice  between One and Two as they both have the same attributes. This girl has lovely eyes, large and dark, a sweet expression and correct length of muzzle. She has rich bright tan markings and carries a good coat of lovely texture. Very nice on the move holding a good topline and tail.    3rd: LONG’S Arroline Utopia     Post Graduate (12)    1st: PLAYER’S Anickily Pandora JW Neat little black and tan with super outline. Pleasing head, well tapered muzzle and sweet feminine expression. I liked her good neck and well angulated shoulder, Nice size and just the right amount of silky coat with plenty of feathering and rich tan markings. Moved really well, keeping her excellent topline and good tail carriage. In a quality bitch line up I could not deny her the Reserve Bitch CC.     2nd: BERWICK & KOSTER’S Harana Peggy Lee Merrylaine Very pretty headed Ruby with large, dark eyes and black nose pigment giving a soft gentle expression. Well constructed with good bone and correct tail carriage, Nice size and plenty of coat and furnishings. Moved well..    3rd: HOMES’S Leogem Aliona     Limit (15)     1st: SIDGWICK’S Salegreen Peony for Paulian JW Lightly marked Blenheim bitch who has a lovely outline. Correct head with large, dark round eyes, black nose pigment, good ear set and nice flat skull. Elegant neck and well laid shoulder. Good rear angulation and well let down hocks.  So full of herself, she looked a picture on the move keeping her lovely shape and just asking for the Bitch CC which I believe is her second, I hope it will not be too long before she gets her third.     2nd: WILLIAMS & BOARDMAN’S Jonsville Crystella Sancana JW Sh.CM  Well marked Blenheim with attractive head type and excellent pigment, large round eyes and good earset. Well balanced in outline with good rear angulation and level topline. Moved well but was a bit proud of her tail at times.     3rd: HOMES Leogem Ginestra     Open (5)     1st: CONNEALLY’S Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire Very nice type well broken Blenheim. So feminine  with a really sweet expression. Nice size and shape and carrying a lovely coat of soft silky texture. Good neck and shoulder and correct tail carriage.     2nd: EDWARDS’S Ch Magic Charm's Witchy Woman To Delhaze. This little Blenheim has the prettiest head. Lovely large round, dark eyes and black nose giving her the most gentle and feminine expression. Pleasing size and attractive markings. Slighlty longer cast than winner and not as good on the move.     3rd: RIX’S Ricksbury Royal Tapestry     Veteran (3)    1st: WILLIAMS’S Sorata Barley Wine Sancana JW Sh.CM  Delightful richly coloured Ruby and an old favourite of  mine. I love her size, pretty feminine head and sweet expression. So well balanced with good construction, she has a great outline and lovely tail carriage. If only she had shown with this enthusiasm when she was younger I am sure she would have gained her title.     2nd: De B WALTON’S Underknoll Ti-Amo Sh.CM JW   Ruby, a size larger than winner. She is a nice shape, with good construction and moved well. Pleasing head and kind expression, Not the personality of winner.    3rd: HAWKINS’S Julchrisgor Angel Delight