• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Matthews Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Border Terrier
CITY OF BIRMINGHAM JUDGE DAVID MATTHEWS Many thanks to City of Birmingham Canine Society for giving me the opportunity to judge this show , my first Championship show, may I also thank every exhibitor who entered the show ,and also my steward Alan Tomlinson for his help. I enjoyed my day ,I was very pleased with the entry,I had some difficult decisions to make on the day . The ring was of a good size and that gave the exibits the chance to get into there stride,front movement on some exibits was a little loose ,but I had some real good movers, a few low set tails are creeping in to the breed ,Iwas pleased with the condition and presentation of the exhibits ,I found some really good pelts and coats, I am pleased to say the the day passed without a cross word from any of the exibits ,I was pleased with heads and expression , some foreign expressions had been appearing in recent years. May I again thank you all for the chance to go over your dogs , and for the way you accepted my decisions . Best of Breed Ravenside Calima DCC Ridgebow Two Hoots RDCC Cedarhill Authorisation BCC Ravenside Calima RBCC Bryewick Valentine Best Puppy Mysulan Go Easy Best Veteran CH Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM Best Junior Ridgebow Two Hoots Veteran Dog Entries 2 Absentees 0 1st Spencers. CH Cobstoneway River Magic. JW Shcm. 9 year old grizzle dog., masculine head, good expression, with correct bite. Nice straight front, flat ribs, a little short of coat today but what he had was very harsh. Level topline and good tailset. Steady on the move but true, holding his topline well . A nice size dog in good proportion. BVIB. Deans 2nd Eng, & Am Can CH Cedarhill Beyond the Stars JW. 8 year old grizzle dog lovely head and good expression, dark eye. Good double jacket the gives a heavier look but easily spanned, nice neck and shoulders good topline and tailset, a little shorter in the leg than one. Just preferred overall look of one. Both a credit to the breed. Minor Puppy Dog. Entries 5 Absentees 0 1st May and Whisker’s, Thistlestone Glenfiddch, Grizzle dog of 6 months old. Racy lines throughout, very balanced dog, Good head and expression carried his ears high at some points but corrected this. Nice length of neck good shoulder and rib .Good topline and tailset shown in harsh dense coat which won him the class, with small neat feet. Moved well both ways and covered the ground with ease. BPD . 2nd Brewster & Greens Stowthorney Wicker Man. 6 months of age grizzle dog a little stronger in head than one, short strong muzzle with dark eye giving good expression, good in neck, shoulder and rib, nice straight front, neat feet and good angulation, moved well both ways 3rd Sharp’s Mansergh Elevenes 4th Armstrong Otterwood Titan 5th Haugh Skyeisla Teton Puppy Dog Entries 6 Absentees 0 1st Guvercin’s Glebeheath Just a Gigalo. Grizzle dog just under nine months, shown in double jacket of harsh texture with loose pelt. Straight narrow front on small neat feet, nice length of neck , good rib and strong loin, move well very showy, if anything would have liked a little more length of body. 2nd Spaffords Dasset Last Waltz. Red dog just short of 11 months, lovely head and expression good front shoulder and rib. Easily spanned with thick harsh coat and loose pelt. Slightly longer than one good rear angulation. Just a little unsettled on the move today which cost him first place. 3rd North’s Northborders Marloon Brandon 4th Girling’s Benattivo Exchequer 5th Pearce’s Onthill Nighthawk Junior Dog Entries 10 Absentees 1 1st Duxbury’s Ridgebow Two Hoots. Masculine red dog Excellent head short strong muzzle with big teeth, nice dark eye giving excellent expression with good ear set, length of neck flowing into good shoulders flat ribs easily spanned with straight front and neat feet. Shown in harsh double coat with thick loose pelt. Level topline with well set on short thick carroty tail. Moved with drive and purpose. A really balanced dog of good size presented in hard fit condition DCC. 2nd Aldis’s Torryburn Allegro. Grizzle dog with a good expression very similar in size to one , narrow front, neat small feet, nice length of of neck and good shoulder and rib, level topline correct tailset moved well. Short on coat today but what he had was harsh. 3rd Ramus’s Onthill Solomans Seal 4th Aldous Twigglestone Two Steps to Hevn 5th Pile Heading For Home at Moleschamber Yearling Dog Entries 6 Absentees 0 1st Adams Fisherbloom All Eyes On Me. 17month old red dog shown in full coat which made him look short and heavy. Under that thick jacket was a good sized dog easily spanned with nice reach of neck, good head and expression and big teeth, he moved well holding a good topline. Handy sized dog. 2nd Ruth’s Bowencloud Busy Bee JW Grizzle dog with strong head large teeth correct bite dark eye, short strong muzzle. Good shoulders and neck a larger dog but with flat rib, still spannable. Moved well. Coat was harsh and dense held his topline on the move 3rd Hollingsbee’s Tarkaswell Smart Move to Otterwood Res Pile Earthtaw Jasper Carrot at Moleschamber VHC Ward Borderstream Zodiak Post Graduate Dog Entries 6 Absentees 1 1st. Phipps Tufterslodge tea and Cake. Blue and Tan. Masculine head with keen expression and big teeth. Stood on a straight narrow front with neat feet. Ribs carried well back strong well angulated rear assembly covered in a thick harsh coat and loose pelt. Very workman like in appearance moved with drive 2nd Pollit’s Brackenfell Rock the boat for Vandamere. Red dog with good head and big teeth with correct bite and good expression. Straight narrow front and neat feet. Neck flows into good shoulders with flat ribs easily spanned with nice rear angulation, harsh jacket, slightly low tailset, moved well both ways. 3rd Armstrong Lynsett Lewis Res Kelly Brumberhill Breitling Vhc Bradley Brewbads Tricky Trickster Limit Dog Entries 12 absentees 1 1st Alpes Cedarhill Authorisation. Saw this dog as a puppy and liked him then, he’s come on nicely. A red dog of handy size, lovely broad head, dark eye and strong muzzle, good neck and shoulders with flat ribs easily spanned narrow front good rear assembly moved well carrying a good topline and tailset , he often seems overlooked but a very nice refined dog not overdone pushed hard for the ticket. The breed standard says active and game and he is. RDCC. 2nd Baxter’s My Sulan Going Solo JW. A Blue and Tan dog of a good size, broad head with strong muzzle and dark eye, big teeth narrow straight front with tidy neat feet. Good in neck and shoulder, easily spanned, presented in a thick harsh jacket and loose pelt. Moved well both ways. 3rd Spafford’s Oakyard out N About at Dassett Res Fleming Cedarhill Ghostwriter JW Vhc Hughes & Kendrick Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW Open Dog Entries12 Absentees1 1st Docwra’s Ch Bandicoot Doc Martin. A grizzle dog up to size but very balanced, cracking head and expression, big teeth and dark eye. Narrow throughout with neat feet easily spanned, shown in harsh tight coat of good quality. Good topline and tailset. Won class on movement today, covers the ground with very little effort. 2nd Guvercin’s Ch Baillieswells Glengyle at Glebeheath JW. Grizzle dog smaller than 1st, nice head, straight front, nice length of neck flowing into good shoulders and ribs, nice rear assembly shown in coat of good quality. Preferred the more accurate movement of first. 3rd Fletcher’s Wadesleia Mr Herriot Res Holmes Ir Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi JW Sh. CM Vhc Thomas Raleniro Second Time Around Sh CM Good Citizen Dog Entries 5 Absentees 0 1st Atkinsons, Tyneaster Specil Agent at Raedwulf. Red dog with strong head and keen expression, big teeth, narrow throughout shown in good coat easily spanned moved well both ways. 2nd Aldous’s Twigglestone steps to Hevn. Grizzle dog shown in full coat of good quality. Good head with big teeth and dark eye. Moved ok both ways. 3rd Anscombe’s Orangebox Dark Energy Res Stevens Cobestoneway Ocean Sunrise Vhc Bradley Brewbads Tricky Trickster Veteran Bitch Entries 8 Absentees 2 1st Jackson’s Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone. 9 year old grizzle bitch shown in an exceptional coat of depth and quality. Good head with real expression. Narrow throughout with a good front, nice length of neck and good shoulders with flat ribs, she was easily spanned, good rear angulation moved very well. BV 2nd Moseley’s Benattivo Abiba for Abisu. 8 year old Blue and Tan bitch in excellent hard condition, a handy size bitch good strong head dark eyes full of expression with nice front neck and shoulder easily spanned, double coat with thick loose pelt good topline and tailset moved out well. 3rd Philips Ch Nantcoch FFion JW Res Baxter’s Am Can Int Ch Sulan Fancy That Minor Puppy Bitch. Entries 5 Absentees 1 1st Johnson’s Karison Kalluna. A red grizzle bitch 6 months old, very feminine head full of expression with straight front and neat feet, narrow shoulders and ribs, easily spanned, with harsh coat of depth. Moved well both ways very balanced in profile. 2nd Lorraines. Otterpaws Take it Easy With Raleniro. Grizzle and Tan bitch with feminine head with short strong muzzle and correct bite, narrow front, racy throughout. Moved well with drive from good rear assembly. 3rd Jordan-Smith Ravenside Marsha at Jordith Res Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Diodem Puppy Entries 4 Absentees 3 1st Baxter’s My Sulan Go Easy. 9 Month old Blue and Tan feminine head but of quality and good expression with correct bite, narrow throughout, with harsh double coat, and good reach of neck, and nice shoulders and ribs. Goood tailset and topline. Presented in good harsh condition moved with drive and purpose. BPIB Junior Bitch Entries 9 Absentees1 1st Medhurst’s Onthill La Rock at Grizzledale. 16Month old grizzle bitch, nice head with neat ears correctly placed, nice expression, big teeth narrow front good neck and shoulder with flat ribs easily spanned shown in excellent coat thick and harsh with loose pelt. Handled well moved with drive. 2nd Haydon’s & Gibbings. Earthtaw Jessica Rabbit. A little larger than one she was in full coat of good quality with a thick loose pelt giving an impression of being a lot heavier than she is. Nice head and expression dark eye with good bite and big teeth. Narrow front good reach of neck and good shoulders and ribs, easily spanned. Moved well both ways. 3rd Adams Fisherbloom That’s wot I Like Res Anscombe Gameway French Fancy avec Orangebox Vhc Heeley Thistlemead Harmony Yearling Bitch. Entries 7 Absentees1 1st Lowery’s Ravenside Calima. Blue and Tan bitch presented in excellent coat with good ticking., coat is harsh and dense covering a thick loose pelt. She has a feminine head full of expression and enough strength of muzzle and correct bite and good sized teeth, dark eye and nice ear set. Narrow straight front with enough bone, she is totally unexaggerated. Good length of neck and correct shoulder placement easily spanned. Good topline and tailset, moved around the ring with real drive. Looked lovely in both outline and when on the move. BCC. BOB. 2nd Keefes’s Keebank Snowqueen. Grizzle bitch of good size, Good for bone, narrow lines throughout. Coat of good quality which was harsh and dense. Good topline and tailset carried well on the move. Nice head with correct bite, good length of neck, spannnable with good rear angulation, moved well. 3rd Philips Nantcoch Field Skipper Res Ruth Bowencloud The Bee Charmer Vhc Service Marsirdan Jemima Puddle Post Graduate Bitch. Entries 10 Absentees 4 1st Duxbury’s Ridgebow Pendle Witch. Blue and Tan of a handy size all in proportion a lovely outline. Good strength of head dark eye big teeth and correct bite. Nice neck into good shoulders, ribs easily spanned. Jacket is harsh and dense and of good texture covering a thick loose pelt. Short carroty tale correctly placed, moved well and presented in good condition. 2nd Mosely’s Abisu Bramble. A grizzle bitch similar in build to one, nice head, big teeth enough bone but narrow throughout. Lovely straight front and small neat feet very easily spanned, full of breed type, moved well both ways with plenty of drive from well developed rear assembly. In full coat of good texture with thick loose pelt. 3rd Medhurst Grizzedale Forget Me Not Res Lorraine’s Raleniro New Rose Vhc Mooney’s Chesterton Boutique Limit Bitch. Entries 12 Absentees 4 1st Ramus’s Argentail Titania by Onthill. Grizzle bitch with typical head and expression and with big teeth. Straight narrow front with small neat feet. Good neck and shoulders. Correct topline and tailset ,easily spanned, presented in good condition with good coat and pelt. Moved well. 2nd Moseley’s Abisu Tansy. Grizzle bitch of handy size. Three bitches here from this Kennel very similar for type and size, nice to see. Shown in full double coat of good texture, dense and harsh with thick loose pelt. Excellent head with real expression, narrow front, enough bone, neat feet, lovely neck and shoulders, very easily spanned. Good topline and tailset, moved with plenty of drive. Very workman like, this applies to all three here today. 3rd Fulkner Foxpaw Revelation JW Res Johnson Karison Krumble Vhc Wright Borderxpresss Miss Potter Open Bitch Enteries 7 Absentees 0 1st Brewster & Green’s Bryewick Valentine. Another handy sized bitch with a quality Blue and Tan coat, harsh thick and dense covering a thick loose pelt. A good head full of expression dark eye, neat ears, good bite and teeth. Narrow front neat feet nice length of neck and shoulder placement, flat ribs carried well back, a good firm loin and good angulation moved very well both ways with little effort carrying a good topline and tailset pushed hard for cc today. RBCC. 2nd Larners Hawcoat Ugogirl. Blue and Tan bitch slightly larger than one in build. A coat of good quality and good head with large teeth and good expression. Narrow straight front small neat feet, good length of neck into good shoulders, spannable, with flat rib and good topline and tailset. Moved out well. 3rd Jiderlund Su Ch Int Ch NU Ch Crazy Train Cranberry Res Girling’s Ch Bennattivo Fire Flower JW Vhc Spencer Ploughdown Peresphone Good Citizen Bitch Enteries 5 Absentees 0 1st Heeley’s Thistlemead Harmony. A grizzle bitch with feminine head and nice expression shown in harsh coat of good quality with nice rear angulation. Moved well both ways. 2nd Pearce’s Bimandi’s Bellissima. Grizzle bitch with a nice head and expression. A good reach neck, just a bit heavy today, moved ok both ways. 3rd Pateman Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien Res Aldous Twigglestone Elfenor JW Sh CM Vhc Small Tilmoray Turtle Dove