• Show Date: 15/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Lee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Eastern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I was extremely delighted and honoured to have been invited to Judge The North Eastern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Clubs 2018 Championship Show at the superb venue Ferryhill Community Hub on Saturday 15th September. My sincerest and warmest thanks to the Club ,The Officers and Committee for their wonderful hospitality. I felt honoured and privileged that exhibitors had brought their dogs for my opinion and assessment of your dogs a sincere Thank You All . Both Craig Fraser Bitchs and myself were going to have a busy day with the super entry that awaited us. I saw no health concerns in the dogs I assessed. All had superb temperaments as usual in the Breed. Conformation and Movement imo was superb No issues or Health Concerns.

B.I.S. Dog – Holme’s Goldstaff Crack The Code (Referees Decision)

R.B.I.S. Bitch – Johnson’s – Tillcarr Baptism of Fire

And Best Opposite

Sex in Show.

B.P.I.S. – Bitch – Dougan’s – Luthais Light of Venus

R.B.P.I.S. – Dog – Vazquez and Anguio – Diamonds of Blanch Valentioo Hurricane

Best Veteran in Show -Corcoran’s IR CH/GB CH/INT CH Zakstaff Whats The Story At Molru.

MPD. (8. 1abs)

1st. Allwood / Mallon . Harkline King Louis smart B/B youngster who impressed with his clean lines super outline. Good strength of head dark round eyes, neat ears. Good mouth, when settled moves well, only lost out for best puppy dog was his erratic movement I believe it was first time in a ring for the boy.

2nd Vazquez & Anguio. Legendstaffs Stand By Me. B/B another that impressed with his quality possesses many of winner’s virtues, places could have easily change.

3rd.Lowden’s – Tagstane Clach.

PD. (14—3abs)

1st. Vazquez & Anguio -Diamonds of Blanch Valentino Hurricane. White red/pied strong head, strong foreface, neat ear carriage. dark eyes. Correct mouth, tight clean lips, strong front with good depth of brisket, well laid-back shoulders, ample bone, excellent body properties, well angulated strong hindquarters sound in movement. B.P.D

2nd.Blanch / Colonge – Stormfire Sex Symbol White / Brindle markings. Superb dog stunning head piece carried his ear well, darkest of eyes, strong foreface, clean lips correct mouth, another well bodied pup owner needs to calm him down he is a good moving back when settled but at times erratic, give him time he will come good though.

3rd – Rhodes & Pritchard’s – Taraiel Reaper at Teracota – Trio of Super Puppies.

JD. (8. 1abs)

1st. Wilson’s – Northstaff Notorious – B/B upstanding youngster with commanding head without exaggerations he impressed me how much he has matured since the last time I saw him he has put muscle in all his correct places. Dark round eyes neat rose ears blunt foreface. Good scissor bite and correct dentition, strong front with good shoulder placement. Well-padded front feet strength in his pasterns, short in back, well-muscled rear quarters good reach in front and good rear drive moving in tandem with owner

2nd.Desmonds – Elitebulls Challenger .Superb B/B whom I’ve admired from the ring side and was not disappointed in assessing him Stunning Head, piercing dark eyes , neatest of ears giving typical breed expression , Good bite strong straight front well up on his toes showing no weakness in his pasterns well bodied would like to see a tad more rib and muscle on his hindquarters ( my opinion) level top line and good tail set . have seen the dog move well today sadly he didn’t move as I have seen him unfortunately this cost him 1st.

3rd. Boyles – Kargonstaffs Katana. Quality trio.

YD. (13- 1abs). Super class of Quality Dogs sadly some good dogs went home cardless.

1st. Johnsons- Tillcarr Fire Coanda. B/B dog who catches your eye with his well-defined head shape, strong blunt foreface, rose ears well set, clean tidy lips, Good mouth and Bite, another who possess a well-muscled agile body, strong muscular hind quarters with good bend of stifle, good well-set tail, straight top line held and, on the move, covered the ground with ease.

2nd. Jenkins – Slatady Above The Clouds. - Beautiful Deep Red with Stunning head well set rose ears round dark eyes excellent blend of Bull and Terrier cleanest of lips Correct mouth. Straight strong front, well boned front legs, good depth of brisket, good spring of rib, superb well-muscled body (solid as a rock) in a super fit condition credit to the owners. Moves well when settled, but he is a handful lively character well done

3rd.Stanways – Waystaff Strike Force

M.D (2- 1 withdrawn)

1st.Hirst & Bibby – Taraiel Soulja Boy – B/B youngster lots to like on this boy with his clean lines. Strong well-developed head dark eyes with well placed ear carriage. Good mouth and bite, body needs to develop more needs time as he is still a puppy, sound in construction and movement.

N.D. (3)

1st. Hirst & Bibby – Taraiel Soulja Boy – see Maidan Dog

2nd. Thomas -Sunnystone Limited Edition -standard D/B another carrying good virtues and clean lines carrying many of winner’s virtues not the strength of conformation as winner.

3rd. Hemstock- Sanjesh, Hockney – Blazen Staffs Over The Top Jolihem (IMP)

G.D (4)

1st. Preston’s- Tillcarr Fire Starter – Litter Brother to winner in Yearling Dog firstly congratulations to breeders M & K Johnson on producing this litter. A B/B with superb head deep skull complimented with neat well-set ears, dark round eyes, good mouth and bite. Strong foreface. well boned front legs with well-padded feet strong pasterns, ample rib and well bodied, Muscular well angulated rear, sound mover with good level topline standing and on the move well done.

2nd. Selina / Boje - Gifted Staffs An English Gentleman Henry (ATC No AU01132DEU)

Top sized red in superb fit condition, with Strong head carrying neat ears, and dark round eyes, strong clean foreface, with Good mouth and bite along with clean muzzle, good placement of shoulders fitting into a well-muscled body and hindquarters, well angulated rear sound both in movement and conformation.

3rd. Thomas – Sunnystone Limited Edition (see Novice dog)

PGD (11- 1abs)

1st. Murray / Fawkes – Beautiful Mahogany Brindle fits the standard like a glove his coat gleaming in a sign of health and fitness. Lovely well-balanced head to body ratio no coarseness or exaggerations lovely clean lines really impressed, he has the darkest of eyes, neat ears, giving super expression sound in movement that comes with correct construction. well done

2nd. Fox’s – Jolihem Stand By Me. White, another that carry’s good construction and condition, superb punishing head complimented by darkest round eyes, and neat rose ears, good blend of Bull and Terrier, short blunt foreface, correct good bite, clean muzzle. straight strong front with ample depth to his brisket good defined waistline attached to his well-muscled hindquarters, good tail set, level topline on the stand and on the move moved

3rd. Hopkins – Trufflestaff Papinashaush JW.

 L.D. (11) Class of Excellent Quality Specimens sadly another class that Many dogs went home cardless.

1st.Rodriguez- Earthquake Staffs Oracle (ATC No AVO1345ESP)

pied who demands your immediate attention superbly constructed, Beautiful head with deep skull, well placed ears, dark round eyes, short strong foreface, good mouth, with clean muzzle, good underjaw, well-constructed front with good depth to his brisket, well ribbed and well-defined waist well angulated and muscular hindquarters another that excelled in movement and good construction. Figured Very Highly Thank You.

2nd. Lee (no relation) – Molru Throwing Shapes (ATC No AU09023530) Super B/B in fantastic condition he carries a super head with well-set rose ears, dark eyes, good mouth with strong teeth, powerful strong front with well-placed shoulders, body in rock hard, moved good up and down.

3rd. Rowbothams -Elitebull Black and Brass.

 O.D. (21). This is Without a doubt the Finest class of Open Class Dogs that I have had the Honour and Privilege to Judge. Easily I could have awarded the Challenge Certificate to most of the class, the Quality was that Good and beyond, and I feel it would be lapse of me not to mention the owner’s names and dogs.

1st. Holme’s – Goldstaff Crack The Code (ATC No AS01455NOR) An Outstanding B/W pied whom possessed everything I was looking for Breed Type, Breed Virtues, Breed characteristics and sound in movement that accompanies correct construction. An animal who in my opinion is difficult to fault, but if all judges felt the same the Fun will go out of Dog Shows. Superb Head, neat set on ears, dark round well set eyes, clean strong foreface, clean tight lips. Good Mouth and dentition, strong underjaw. Clean strong neck. Strong straight front with good depth to his brisket, well boned front legs with well padded feet and no weakness to his pasterns. Powerfully built front assembly with good depth to his brisket, well-muscled rear quarters and angulation, carried a level topline standing and on the move. He presented to me a super outline and he gave smooth purpose drive and movement that earned him Top Honours today, I was extremely pleased to award him the Challenge Certificate and on Referees decision Best in Show My Honour and Privilege to give my assessment to your Dog Thank You.

2nd. Higham’s – Callastaff Lakeland Lad. Impressive B/B oozing Breed type and virtues, good blend of Bull and Terrier, and strong foreface giving a wonderful typical expression. Good Mouth with strong white teeth, clean muzzle, good reach strong neck blending into a well-constructed front, and good well-placed shoulders well boned front legs and well-padded demanded attention. Well balanced and pleasing outline well set tail level topline on both moving and standing, Good front reach and rear drive pleased to award the RCC.

3rd.Lewis- CH Biggleswick Splash of Ginge, Stunning Red in a superb fit condition another hard to fault. Clean in outline Great Head and well-placed neat ears, dark well-set round piercing eyes keen expression. Muscular hard body with good hindquarters, good tail set,

 Sound movement and conformation held a level topline standing and on the move. Congratulations.

Res. Peter Schack. On The Highway To Hell Great ‘N’ Glory (ATC No AT03124DEU)

VHC. -Rob- Caymenstaffs Blackthorn

Veteran Dog. (14-9abs)

1st. Corcoran – IR CH/GB CH/INT. CH Zakstaff What’s The Story At Molru. B/B what a Fabulous Ambassador for the Breed and Worthy Champion, Still in fantastic fit condition

So balanced and still sound in movement and construction credit to owner / Breeders and The Breed Well Done. Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show

2nd. Smith- CH Staffash The Hurricane – Red/White/Pied another that defies his age and still in a fit show condition and carrying all the virtues of the Winner super clean outline like winner so well balanced and sound in movement and construction .

Congratulations! 1 & 2 for bringing them still in super show condition credit to you Both.Thank You

3rd. Van-Der-Karr – Mystic Moments Power of Dreams (NJK11 ATC No AP00769NLD)

Good Citizens Dog (0 entries)

Dave Lee Judge