• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

Crufts 2018

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

I had a wonderful day at this great show, judging one of my favourite breeds. The ring was of excellent size, the atmosphere second to none, and my brilliant stewards Mr Taberer and Mrs Hiscox kept the ring moving in a jovial manner all morning. I felt there was quite a diverse range of types in dogs, whilst the bitches proved more of an enjoyable challenge as there was greater depth of quality. Whilst I was looking for a moderately constructed sound moving example, performance in some cases aided with decision making. As I reminded a few exhibitors on the day – we are dealing with dogs, not robots! A little enthusiasm and encouragement for your dogs in the ring would go a long way. Thank you for bringing your lovely Wires for my consideration.

VD (4,2)

1 Riannor Oszkar, in grand condition. He has a pleasing head, is sound all through and possesses balance and moderation. Presented in fair coat, he really used himself well in the large ring and covered the ground with ease. 2 Zoldmali Vadasz At Cragvallie (Imp), a bit smaller than the winner but another with a good outline and presented in grand order. Head impresses, in good body condition, however just not using his hindquarters as positively as the winner today. These two veterans were a credit to the breed, and their owners.

PD (4)

1 Zoldmali Story Of Lanokk (Imp). This dog is well grown, and typically rangy for his stage of development. Head appeals, and he has a super expression. Scores in shoulder and topline, as well as hind angles with good width of thigh. Moves out with accuracy and skilfully piloted by his kind handler. Time will only improve the picture, I’m sure he will go on to great things, it was a close decision for BP as both were great future prospects. 2 Belatarr Jupiter, not too dissimilar to the winner and another up to size. This young man has a great coat, balance and moderation throughout, and stands on good feet. Another youngster who can move out well. 3 Leiborschy Leif Of Fryerfold. In a smaller frame than the first two, he was rather proud of his tail today. Another with a good head and standing on good feet.

JD (3)

1 Zoldmali Story Of Lanokk (Imp), PD winner. 2 Fassfields Silver Lining, smaller made than 1 and a shade shorter through the body. This young dog’s head appealed for type. He has a good width of thigh and was presented in good order. Needs to settle to the job on the move, but has plenty of time. 3 Helios Sol At Ewtor, an excellent coated male who just needs time to tighten up and develop on as he has a larger frame to fill, one for the future.

PGD (11)

A full house in this class, but quite a challenge as there was every shape and size present and some weren’t putting on their best performance on the day.

1 Tragus Aladin At Stukely. This d was a bit naughty stood up and didn’t really want to co-operate with his handler, however – he’s a dog not a robot – and his cheeky character was rather endearing! He had the best headpiece in the class, coupled with lovely bone and medium size all through. He really gave it his all on the move and put on a great performance with a strong driving action going away. Could perhaps lose a bit of weight over his shoulders to be super critical, but a good example and a well deserved win. 2 Ewtor Nobody Does It Better. Rangier sort than the winner and just lacking a bit of condition and finish today, I felt. Another with a super head, well furnished. Balanced all through and moved out with power and strength. Close decision between these two. 3 Auchinner Fionn. Liked the type of this boy, he was just rather lacklustre and didn’t give it his all, we can all have off days.

LD (6, 2)

Bit of a mixture of sizes in this class, however each had many positive attributes.

1 Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW (Imp). This dog excels in his outline which is very typical. Grand headed, excellent expression, furnishing eyes and ears. He is clean through the neck and withers and particularly strong in topline. Balanced fore and aft, moderate, and well boned. He is well ribbed back and strong in the loin. Moves out with composure and accuracy. Presented in first class order, he is in the peak of fitness and couldn’t be denied a well-deserved RDCC today. 2 Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nador At Enryb Jw (Imp), so close up to the winner and so many positive breed attributes. He’s smaller all through but has bags of type, a grand head, excellent outline and really good coat. Just felt that he was a little over-awed by the venue today. 3 Belatarr North By Northwest ShCM. Larger and rangier than both 1 & 2, but well made and presented in good order. Tended to roll a bit on the move today so needs to firm up a bit.

OD (7,2)

1 Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal. This for me is a correct medium sized, robustly built Wire male. Excellent head with correct shape and balance to skull, clean eyes and well set on ears. He has a strong neck and well laid shoulders. Ribs are well spring and reach well back to his short strong loin. Excels in topline and has a good tail. Hindquarter angles are, again, moderate which completes his balanced outline. Presented in excellent coat and first class condition. Handled to get the best from him, he put on a grand performance. He is a sound mover away and back, covering enough ground with correct footfall, he wasn’t going to be beat today – a well deserved DCC. 2 Sh Ch Ragnolds Fantastic Mr Fox To Tragus JW, another good dog and one whom I have great admiration for. His is quite exciting on the move, especially going around where he holds his topline so firmly and really powers off from his short low hocks. Another, I note, from this kennel, presented in first class order and handled to advantage. A super representative of the breed. 3 Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM, completed a trio of very fit dogs in this class. Felt that he was just a little lacklustre today compared to 1&2 and handler could have got an ounce or two more out of him on the move.

SWGD (1)

1 Lyharr Flavio Akos For Bonisla. Not the biggest of boys, but balanced enough in construction. Has a good head and eye. Moved out and back soundly on a level stride. Felt that he could just do with a bit more development of second thigh.

VB (6,2)

1 Herlinga Herleva ShCM. What a super veteran and a credit to the longevity of the breed, she is as fit as a fiddle and gave it her all throughout the day. Sweet headed with a good expression, she is strong in neck and topline which she holds so well on the move. In great coat and super condition, she really did benefit from a change of handler on the move. This b really goes when moved at the correct pace and her accuracy, reach, and drive, clinched this win and then BVIB. 2 Blamtrinever Dancing Queen. A bit smaller and perhaps more cobby in outline than 1, this was another b who really used herself to advantage on the move and powered around the ring with ease. 3 Kenmillix Sparta Of Eurotas At Goldpaw, didn’t quite have the depth of body as I was looking for and found in 1 & 2 but this b was presented in fair order and standing on neat feet. On the move she demonstrated enthusiasm for the job, too.

PB (7)

A grand class, what a great position to be in with so many starts of the future – it looks like there will be some hot competition in puppy bitch this year!

1 Redrafi Galdessa, a really eye catching, sound and typical bitch and I will be astounded if she doesn’t gain her title. For a baby she is so accurate on the move away and back, and going around she has near perfect footfall with true ground covering movement and plenty of reach and drive. Of course she’s only a baby so she was a tad naughty stood up, but that’s a hugely endearing thing to see in a puppy! Super head, front and rear angles, body length and depth. Really taken with this youngster and she couldn’t be denied the RCC & BPIB, I’m sure she will have an exciting future ahead. 2 Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nyuzsgo At Enryb (Imp), another superb baby, so close up to the winner but just giving away a little in maturity as she is a few months younger. Great type, sound make, excellent shape and good bone and substance. Another exciting prospect for the future I’m sure. 3 Redrafi Ol Tukai, another good sort she also appeals for her many breed attributes but just wasn’t quite so confident as the first two on the day.

JB (6)

Another class where there was a mixture of types, however in this class there were differing ages and stages of growth to add into the mix too; another day could see placings change.

1 Tragus Honey Bee. Yet another super head from this kennel, very typical. This b is moderate all through, sound and absolutely nothing is exaggerated – just as it should be! Really nicely handled in such a patient way, it got the best from her. 2 Fassfields Like A Baroness. A longer and rangier sort than the winner, but again, has many positives. This young lady just tended to tense over her topline a little, just needs time to gain experience and relax into the job. 3 Electra Atlantis At Ewtor. Good head and topline on this b, however he needs to tighten behind as she was a bit loose in the hock.

PGB (11,1)

1 Indriel Eowyn. This b topped this rather mixed class based on her free flowing reachy movement, she was a pleasure to watch going around the ring. Stacked up, I liked her shape all through, and she was presented in fit order and grand coat. 2 Gonegos Motorcycle Irene. Not made the best of on the stack, but certainly made up for it on the move as she can really cover the ground and drives strongly from her low hocks and well muscled quarters. Good medium size and with a good coat. 3 Lanokk Violeska, a nice type to this b too, just needs more gas in the tank on the move as she was flagging somewhat.

LB (7,1)

1 Kisdons Custom Made, aptly made as she is so incredibly sound she could be custom made! This b is moderate all through, totally balanced, and has a lot of type. Head appeals; clean eyes, well furnished and good ears. Clean over the withers with well laid shoulders, she has a good length to upper arm. Deep enough and well ribbed back, she has a strong topline stood and she held it so well on the move. Well angled and very well muscled quarters complete the picture stood up, and I was delighted that in practice she was equally impressive: sound away and back and covering the ground to advantage on the go around. Close up for top honours today. 2 Zoldmali Kefir Of Lanokk (Imp). Another who was good going around, using her construction to advantage. Would prefer more development to her head and depth to body, but her soundness in action clinched her this place today. 3 Tragus Foxy Lady. Another whom I really liked, and again with a beautiful headpiece. Excels in front angles however I don’t think she was quite putting in her all behind today, I got the feeling the surface was not to her liking.

OB (9,3)

This was a really interesting class to judge. Initial appraisal of these ladies stood up told a very different story to when they were asked to move.

1 Galicar Game On Farnfield. Not the most commanding in outline, you have to get your hands on this b and watch her move to appreciate just how absolutely outstanding she is; she is almost a little reserved in her deportment stood up. Her head is exquisite and expression superb; well furnished, with great balance of skull to muzzle, perfect eyes and well set correctly shaped ears. Her neck is lengthy, strong, dry, and leads to the best of front assemblies. She is firm in her topline, with a well set on tail. Behind, she is well angled, balanced, strong and has strength through the hock. This all said, it is on the move this b cannot be ignored; she uses every inch of her construction to absolute advantage going around and her foot placement is spot on. She reaches out with her front, and drives off powerfully with her back end and low hocks. Presented in first class order, harsh coat, and fit muscletone. Her handler does a grand job with her, really working together – they have rapport and quiet, almost unassuming, showmanship together. Even though she is still very young, I couldn’t get past her in the challenge and she claimed a richly deserved BCC, her front reach took her to BoB and I thought she put on a credible performance in a very strong group. A pleasure to judge and I understand her handler’s enthusiasm was because this was her third CC – many congratulations! 2 Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM whom I have done well for before and she continues to impress for her good breed type. This b is a very worth title holder but is just a shade big for me to be hyper critical. 3 Kisdons Attribute, completed a trio of nicely made, moderate, sound bitches in this class. She was just a bit proud of her tail today which cost her.


1 NL Ch Zoldmali Anizs At Genlusa (Imp). This b is fit and agile and went around the ring with an air of confidence. Could do with a little more body to complete the picture, but she is sound and in good coat. Stands on good feet and handled to get the best from her. 2 Blamtrinever Dancing Queen, who was second in VB and put on another pleasing performance in this class.

GCDSB (4,1)

1 Miadsc Eternal Flame. This b was presented in first class order and is clearer afforded plenty of exercise as she is as fit as they come. Stands on excellent feet, she also has a strong topline which she held perfectly on the move. 2 Brynffrwd Angel Gabrielle, enjoying her job and putting on a good performance this b was another standing on good feet, and presented in fine order. 3 Firefrost Amethyst, another happy b, good to go over but just a bit short on the leg for balance, for me.

David R. Alcorn.