• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli

VD/B (4) 1st Mills’ Ch. Tyngeli Elf Queen At Daugava. I don’t think I have seen this 9 year old bitch show or move better that she did today. Very good head proportions, excellent eye and bite with good pigment. Correct neck, square outline and well made all through. Excellent thick, strong cords, well prepared. As is fairly common with the breed, and on this form, she will probably go on and win many more tickets as a Veteran.

2nd Butler’s Cordova Summer Breeze. 13 years old, looking and showing like a bitch half that age! Copy book headpiece, moderate neck, absolutely square in outline. Moved very well, unlucky to meet 1st today. Good coat with well-defined cords.

3rd Cook’s Weetoneon Airs & Graces.

PG (3) 1st Scrutton’s Black’N’Blues Ready To Rock With Gemeau. Most promising young dog. Very good head, excellent dark eye and well pigmented. Moderate neck, chest developing well, light bone, well ribbed . Good hind angulation. High set and carried tail. Coat at that in-between stage but cords are forming well. Sound, brisk mover.

2nd Corah’s Callendu Sign Of The Times. Slightly smaller dog of similar age to 1st. Fine head, nicely proportioned. Good eye. Front and rear angles ok. Firm topline and a nice square shape. Moved ok.

3rd Owen’s Magikus Draco Malfoy.

LD (3) 1st Watt’s Moonshadow Mud Bug. Loved this young dog. Not the biggest but square outline, nimble and very typical. Fine, shapely head. Dark eye, scissor bite and strong pigment. Medium neck. Balanced angles and nice short hocks. High set tail. Brisk, sound mover. Good strong cords coming along. Think he will have a bright future.

2nd Sear’s Searwell String Theory. Slightly larger and longer white. Head ok for proportions and fine enough. Good pigment for his colour. Moderate angles. Well bodied and strong cords. Moved well, just not the rear action of 1st.

OD (4) Whitton’s Ch. Zaydah Don’t Stop Me Now At Vaucluse. Having awarded a CC to this grand old man previously, I obviously rate him very highly and had no reason to change my opinion here. Incredibly, now 13 years old and still in excellent body and coat condition. Soundest of movers and outstanding head properties. CC. This equalled the breed record apparently. Well done!

2nd Szyczewski & Turrel’s Weetoneon Buggah The Beaujolais. One I have admired since first seeing him ringside and pleased to get the chance of hands-on, he is as good as he looks. Very good head, dark eye, excellent pigment. Strong bite. Correct, medium neck. Good overall conformation. Just carrying a bit too much weight across the shoulders which reflected on the move. That said, he moves with a typical gait and drives off the soundest of hocks. Lovely, corded coat. Res CC.

GC D/B (1) 1st W Airs & Graces. 11 year old bitch placed 3rd in the strong Veteran class. Everything to like, good for type and size. Generally well made, just a bit loose in front. Light, brisk mover and good to see her really enjoying her day.

SB D/B (2) 1st Hudson’s Weetoneon Jive Bunny. 4 year old. Fairly large dog with a huge coat. Ok in head, good eye and excellent pigment. A bit upright in shoulder, good spring of rib and moderate quarters. Moved ok.

2nd M Draco M. Young white dog. Quite tall but square enough. Head 50/50, pigment ok. Good angles front and back. Needs body-up and time to develop fully. Well-presented cords which just need length which should come with time. Moved ok.

PGB (3) 1st Corah’s Callendu Diamonds ’N’ Pearls. Feminine size and outlook. Still young at 2 years with coat and body typical for her age. Good outline, square shape and lovely head and expression. Balanced angles both ends. Short loin. High set tail. Moved well from all directions.

2nd Crowther’s Catsun Comanche War Paint. Bigger built bitch with a huge, well corded coat. Pleasing enough in head, scissor bite, excellent pigment. Good to go over on the table. Correct depth of chest with good ribs. Not 100% happy today which reflected in her movement. Good presentation.

LB (5) Lovely class. 1st Szyczewski’s Tyngeli Heaven Sent By Weetoneon. Very feminine in outlook and of pleasing size for a bitch. Pretty ,shapely head. Good eye and expression. Excellent shape but topline can settle further. Fine bone, nimble and well made. Good mover with reach and drive and a quick-stepping stride. Tail set high and carried well. Strong, fine cords not quite at full length yet but getting there. Matched my CC winner well I thought.

2nd Topping & Webster’s Hampatong Head Of State. Liked this bitch very much. Slightly bigger than 1st but still feminine and a good shape. Head has correct proportions, darkest of eyes and strong bite and pigment. Good conformation. Typical mover. Good coat. Close-up.

3rd Wyatt’s Khushalkhan Pixie.

OB (1) 1st Knight’s Ch Weetoneon Polly Flinders. Standing alone here but a really beautiful bitch from any angle. Love her shape, size and femininity. Fine head of good proportions. Excellent eye and pigment and correctly set, small ears. Moderate neck. Balanced angles and short, muscular loins. Holds her topline firm at all times. In full, floor-length corded coat, beautifully presented. Moves with a light, brisk fashion. CC & BOB. Thrilled to see her take G2 under Breed Specialist, Mr Newhouse.

Darren Clarke (Judge)