• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Windsor Ch. Show


Australian Shepherd Dog

V D/B (2) 1st Reeve’s Triforce Dawn Treader At Bramblebern. 7 year old b/m dog. Strongly built with good body and head proportions. Pleasing eye and ear set. Muscular neck, deep chest and good angles both ends. Moved well enough. Good colour. BV.

2nd Wright’s Ozzypool Black Velvet. 9 year old bitch. Head shape ok, good neck leading to a well angled front. Bit narrow in chest. Mature body. Moderate hind angulation. Good double coat. Moved easily and freely.

JD (3) 1st Wright’s Fraytal Corsairey Cash At Razkiah. Promising young r/m. Medium sized with enough bone for his size. Ideal body proportions. Lovely head, balanced with a correct amount of stop and almond- shaped eye. Ears well set, medium size and used well. Moderate neck, balanced angles front and back. Good feet. Moved very well, sound and true. Considered him for the Res CC, just needs time to mature fully. Good colour and coat.

2nd Cowley’s Sparkaway Supernatural. Another promising youngster. B/m of good colour and markings. Slightly different for type than 1st. Everything to like at this stage on the stack, head coming along well and excellent reach of neck. Moved well enough from profile though could extend more. Now needs to tighten all through. Excellent handling and presentation.

3rd Cowley’s Sparkaway Super Sonic.

PG (6) Mixed class for type, size and movement.

1st F Corsairey Cash At R.

2nd Barr’s Allmark Yogi Bear. Liked this dog for type and masculinity but could be a bit shorter in body. Good head shape, strong, but not overdone. Correct neck, good front angles, deep chest. Topline ok. Short, muscular loins. Good hind quarters. Easy mover showing reach and drive. Excellent coat for texture, colour and density.

3rd Virgo’s Aoiristar Supernova.

LD (1) 1st Turner’s Harmonyhills Ticket To Ryde To Chakona. Standing alone but a worthy representative of the breed. Quite a powerful dog and functional in outlook. Good height to length proportions. Shapely head, correct proportions and good stop. Pleasing eye shape and high set ears of good shape. Moderate neck, good depth of chest with enough heart room. Firm topline, Well angled and muscular quarters. Moved soundly in all directions, if a bit close going away. Thick, double coat of good colour. Res CC.

OD (7) 1st Allan & Winfrow’s Ch Allmark The Sequel. Impressive looking b/m that takes the eye as he enters the ring. Head of good shape, well proportioned, strong muzzle and flat skull. Moderate stop. Correct almond eye shape and scissor bite. Ears well set, correct size and used to enhance expression. Excellent reach of neck showing desired slight arch. Good bone, Firm topline, Short loin and excellent quarters. Low, firm hocks. Stands on tight, functional feet. Moved well from side gait, covering the ground well with lots of drive. Excellent coat for colour, markings and presentation, as expected from this kennel. At 20 months still to mature fully and drop in chest but made a worthy winner for the CC.

2nd Knott’s Lyveden Texas Ranger. Functional type and substantially built dog. Liked his head and body proportions. Good depth of chest. Well laid shoulder, correct spring of rib and good angulation behind. Keeps a firm, level topline both on the stack and on the move. Good movement from side gait. Thick, double coat and pleasing colour.

3rd Arnall’s Allmark Jo Malone.

PB (4) 1st Allan & Bridges’ Allmark Black Sheep. Black tri, as her name suggests. Very mature for her 9 months. Gives off a balanced outline on the stack holding her topline well. Strongly built but still feminine. Good head and expression. Strong bite. Reachy neck and good to go over. Moved well from profile, just needs to tighten out and back. Thick, puppy coat, well presented.

2nd Gillingham’s Silverdreams Aussies Your Destiny At Parkgrove. Slightly finer built than 1st. Good overall proportions, feminine but nothing lacking. Good enough head, almond eye and scissor bite. Moderate neck, balanced angles and moves well once settled. Tends to stand a bit high at the rear at times but can finish well. Sympathetically handled.

3rd Turner’s Dialynne Primavera.

J (4) 1st Angier’s & Stacey’s Ewbell true Blue Avec Bilyara. B/m bitch that won this class on her overall balance of outline and correct body proportions. Still to finish in head being slightly plain at the moment. Good eye shape and ear set. Scissor bite. Reachy neck, good angle to shoulder and upper arm, oval bone and tight oval feet. Firm topline. Moved steadily, covering the ground with a medium stride. Immaculate presentation and handling.

2nd Myall’s Triforce Modesty Blaise. Feminine bitch that appeals for type. Better in head than 1st but not the neck or shoulder anglulation. Pleasing to go over, sound conformation and good body proportions. Good mover.

3rd Newson’s Fraytal Cool I’m Ready.

PG (5) Liked all 3 of these bitches. 1st Singleton’s Allmark Queen Of The Fairies With Centhlena. Ultra-feminine black tri bitch. Built on smaller lines but plenty of substance and bone for her frame. Lovely head, good proportions, stop and a shapely skull. Moderate neck, holds her outline well at all times. Good conformation, stands on functional, oval feet and moved very well showing reach and drive. Immaculate coat, good colour and texture. Well handled. Should gain her crown.

2nd Newell’s Lamintone Dare To Resist. Liked this bitch. Similar for type and outline to 1st and a size bigger all through. Good head and typical expression. So well made with good bone and standing on good feet. Pushed all the way for the class, just not as free on the move but sound enough though. Good coat.

3rd Flaherty’s Lyveden Pacon Pandora.

LB (4) 1st Fort’s Saussurea Grand Entrance By Shulune. Standing alone but a real eye-catcher. Liked her size and breed typical outline. Good head, correct amount of stop and strong skull. Excellent eye shape. Good reach of neck leading to a good lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Short loins. Excellent hind angulation. Good mover showing plenty of freedom. Another that should gain her title. Lovely coat for texture, colour and presentation.

OB (4) My class of the day! 4 excellent bitches here.

1st Challenger’s Ch. Lyveden Texas Rose. Outstanding Aussie bitch. Beautiful, eye-catching r/m of good colour and markings. Totally unexaggerated all through. Loved her femininity but loses nothing in body or bone. Ideal height to length proportions. Shapely head, excellent reach and arch of neck. Good length and lay of shoulder and upperarm. Enough chest for her size. Firm, level topline, well ribbed back, short loin and muscular hind quarters. Not in full coat but pleasing texture. Moved out well, steady and covering the ground with reach and drive. For me, she ticked all the boxes and epitomises much of what the breed is about, function, moderation and sound breed type. Pleased to award her the CC & BOB.

2nd Allan’s Ch. Allmark Vanity Fair. Great favourite of mine and I have admired her many times from ringside. Very slightly heavier built than 1st but still feminine. Excellent head and expression. Good reach of neck and excellent conformation. She moves with plenty of reach, drive and not exaggerated in anyway. Just not as settled in topline on the move today but a close call and took the Res CC over some other really lovely bitches.

3rd Collins & Uden’s Ch. Allmark Razzle Dazzle Em At Jazdaze.

Darren Clarke (Judge)