• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Eastern Old English Sheepdog Club

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

South Eastern Old English Sheepdog Club

14th October 2018

Thank you to the Officers and Committee of the SE OES Club for the honour of judging at your breed club Open show. A good atmosphere, excellent catering and a large indoor ring to assess the breed, made for a pleasant afternoon. I would also like to extend my thanks to my Stewards, Mel Leggett and Ann Hodgson for keeping my ring in order and also to the exhibitors for their entries.

V D/B (1) 1st Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoesdale. 9 year old dog. A touch long in body but a good sized boy, strong and masculine. Pleasing head, good angles and correct topline. Excellent coat for texture and density. Moved soundly in all directions. BVIS.

MPD (2) 1st Porter’s Griland Kung Fu Panda Of Mellowdee. Well grown pup of 8 months. Typical compact outline. Head coming along well, dark eye and scissor bite. Good neck and front angles. Topline has a gentle rise, strong quarters leading to low set hocks. Coat typical for his age with regard to texture and colour and beautifully presented. Moved easily and freely. Promising.

2nd Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Paws In Thyme In Dominoesdale. Also 8 months, slightly smaller than 1, but more mature in body and coat. Correct outline with everything to like on the stack. Pushed the winner all the way, just needs to tighten in front, which should come with maturity. A lovely pup that will change places many times, I am sure.

PD (1) 1st P In Thyme In D.

JD (4) 1st Windsor’s Holanja Go Wild. Stunning youngster, just over a year old and shows great potential. Lovely outline, square enough, strong and masculine. Excellent head proportions, good strength to skull and muzzle and typical big black nose. Dark, expressive eyes, strong bite and pigment. Reachy neck with good angles front and back. Chest still to develop fully but deep enough for age, strong bone. Topline shows required rise to loin. Lovely coat, good break, density, colour clearing and well presented. Moved with reach and drive. BD & RBIS.

2nd Pullen’s Honky Tonk Blues For Meadowbears. Another strong, masculine dog. Correct outline, good substance and bone. Lovely head and good conformation. Just a bit short in neck and not quite the deportment of the winner. Coat changing but good texture and density. Easy mover.

3rd Barton’s Amblehay Dragon Heart. Slightly smaller dog but still masculine and has good substance and bone for his size. Strong skull and muzzle. Good pigment. Moderate neck leading to a well angled front. Lovely square shape. Just a bit straight at the rear. Excellent coat, beautifully prepared. Moved ok.

YD (6) 1st H Go Wild

2nd Mill’s Royal Croft Jeffery In Kerjalee. Eye-catching young dog of medium size. Square outline, masculine and well balanced. Head still to develop fully. Dark, expressive eye and scissor bite. Good reach of neck, well angulated front and back and low set, firm hocks. Correct topline with gentle rise to loin. Coat of good colour, break and density. Moved out well with reach, drive and breed typical gait. Well presented and handled. RBD.

3rd H Tonk Blues For M.

PB (3) 1st Wilkinson’s Kalaju Klassicly klassy. Approaching a year old and very mature for her age. Lovely cobby outline. Feminine head and expression but not lacking strength. Moderate neck, good front angles, deep chest, short loin and well angulated quarters. Correct topline. Excellent thick puppy coat, still to change colour but has enough break. Rather enthusiastic on the move at times but she is sound in all directions and moves with a typical gait. Must have a bright future. BPIS.

2nd Steele’s O’La Parisienne With Arthrug Of Reality Dream. Very pretty feminine pup. 10 months and not as mature as 1st. Good make and shape. Beautiful head proportions, expressive eye and scissor bite. Moved well from profile, just a bit loose out and back. Good coat that was nicely presented.

JB (6) Good class. 1st Rutland’s Mellowdee Make Me Blush. Really appealing youngster. Lovely outline, square and well balanced. Good head shape and proportions, reachy neck, good angles and gentle rise to a muscular loin. Gave a good account of herself on the move, just needing to tighten a bit going away. Coat at that ‘in-between’ stage, colour clearing and texture ok. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Joice’s Raynham Good Day Sunshine. Loved this bitch and on first look thought she would be my winner. Compact, square outline. Ideal size and substance for a bitch. Gorgeous head and expression. Everything to like on the stack, just not 100% happy on the move, think she may have benefited from being outdoors. That said, I think she will easily gain her title. Excellent coat. Pushed the winner all the way.

3rd Deakin’s Holanja Goody Too Shoes At Darwillow. Completed a lovely trio. Litter sister to BD today and shares many of his virtues. Everything to like and equally as promising. Moved well enough but can settle further, another that may have benefited from being outdoors. Good coat, needs to clear, well prepared.

YB (3) 1st Crane-Duplock’s Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way To Go With Mirene. Just loved this youngster. Medium sized, balanced with a square outline. Excellent head, good strength all through and a strong muzzle with large nose. Dark eye and well pigmented. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder and upperarm. Chest well developed. Short loin with correct topline. Excellent quarters leading to low, firm hocks. Her coat is obviously not finished yet but the colour is there as is the texture. One of the best movers here today. Pleased to award her BB & BIS.

2nd Robertson’s Hickorystix Keep The Faith. Slightly larger and a bit longer in body. Lovely to go over on the stack. Good bone and depth all through. Coat of clear colour and texture. Moved well going away and from profile, just a bit wide in front. Well presented and handled.

PG (1) 1st Higgins’ Ladamis La Vie En Rose. This bitch immediately took my eye with her excellent cobby shape. Feminine head and outlook with correct length and strength of muzzle. Good eye, bite and pigment. Moderately angled both ends with an excellent topline showing desired rise. Enough bone and substance for her size. Moved well from profile but can settle a bit in hock action. Probably the best coat texture of the day, excellent presentation. RBB.

LB (4) 1st Bashforth Monk’s Amblehay Moonlight Rose With Mudetails. Standing alone. A bigger built bitch. Pleasing enough shape. Good overall conformation and a thick, double coat with good colour and break. Moved freely

Darren Clarke (Judge)