• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dan Ericsson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Basenji Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Show Report

The Basenji Club of Great Britain, 14th of July 2018

Many thanks to The Basenji Club of Great Britain for the honour of judging this year’s club show. I enjoyed my day very much and had some excellent dogs to go over. The club table looked magnificent and no effort was spared to make me feel welcome, many thanks for this and for generous applause in all classes from the very sporting exhibitors. My main winners were all lovely dogs of correct type, but there was depth in quality throughout. Heads, however, varied, and I felt some forefaces were longer than what the standard require, also feet and pastern are points that could be improved overall. Many thanks also to my able stewards for piloting me through the day and for contributing to a successful day.

 Minor Puppy Dog (2) 1. Young & Steele’s Lutra’s Action Man, very stylish 7 months’ old puppy, lovely head and expression, excellent ears, eys and wrinkling, perfect tail and topline, good legs & feet, very mature for his age, moved soundly. Best Dog Puppy 2. Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent van Boof of Jenbasi, also 7 months’ old showing great promise, lovely overall make & shape, good legs and feet, excellent body and topline, moved well, preferred head and tail of the winner at this stage

Puppy Dog (1) 1. Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent van Boof of Jenbasi, see previous class

Junior Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (4, 2 ab) 1. Nicholls’ Bahaticca’s Inferno for Shyllar, stylish brindle dog moving and moving well, excellent body properties, good topline, ok head, ears could be better and I would have liked tighter feet, very good hindquarters, well-set tail, not a big dog 2. Knowles’ Tokaji Klassic Trickster at Sarawana, sizeable strong dog, very masculine and a little coarse in head and I would have liked him cleaner all over,good topline, strong body, good legs & feet, showed well, rather close behind going away

Limit Dog (7) 1. Grayson & Rowland’s Embeau Sun Seeker, top quality dog of beautiful make & shape, very good head, eye, ears & expression, good neck, body and topline, well-set tail, accurate mover, adequate angulation. A very typical dog whom I was delighted to award the dog CC. 2. Hardy, Halam, Kite & Gillespie’s Tokaji Klassic Tribesman JW, masculine tri-couloured dog, very well-constructed throughout, masculine well-shaped head, eyes could be darker, would have oreferred him a little shorter in body, but nonetheelss a very good dog whom I liked a lot, well-presented moving soundly 3. 3. Stewart’s Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi

Open Dog (8). Lovely class but with great variation and consequently much food for thought 1. Nicholls’ Nganga It’s One Heck of a Storm, beautifully constructed red & white dog, very good neck, body and topline, excellent rear, quarters and tail, masculine head, ears set a little wide and eyes could perhaps be darker, moved with style and showed faultlessly. Pressed hard in the challenge 2. Palubicki’s Ch Woodella True Song, another very good Basenji, tri, well made body, front and rear, excellent moved, a trifle heavier in build and head than the winner, but overall a quality exhibit. Well-presented. 3. Clinton’s Westlawn Diablo

Champion Dog (2, 1 ab) 1. Trasler’s Ir Ch Defying Competition ex Silva Densa, top quality dog, hard to fault presented in top class condition moving really well, pleasing head, good legs & feet, tail, could perhaps use his ears more to advantage, lovely overall make & shape, res CC – not an easy decision

Special Bred by Exhibitor Dog (3) 1. Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream o’the Crop, easy winner in this class, excellent overall conformation and pleasing outline, really sound behind with well-set tail, stands a little low on the legs and I would have liked him more parallel on the move, typical head and expression, shown in very good condition. 2. Matthews’ Flugelberry Free Cuba, brindle dog standing on good legs & feet of correct length to body ratio, pleasing skull, ears and wrinkles, rather fine in muzzle and pasterns could be stronger, excellent mover, not overly happy being handled on the table 3. Addis’ Savannastorm Born to Be Wild

Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog (2) 1. Stewart’s Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi, pleasing brindle dog, good front, body and rear, excellent topline, would have liked a little more length of leg for perfection of balance and he could be more masculine overall, good mover 2. Knowles’ Tokaji Klassic Trickster at Sarawana, see previous class

Veteran Dog (1) 1. Grayson’s Ch/Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau, 10 year’s old strikingly masculine dog of quality, excellent legs & feet, very good body & topline also for age, masculine head, moved happily striding out well, won Best Veteran to thunderous applause – well done!

Veteran Bitch (5, 2 ab) 1. Drummond’s Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser ShCM, 9 years’ old, lovely type and very correct to go over, pleasing head, sound front and rear, good mover for age, hard to fault, a close decision for Best Veteran where she lost out marginally to the striking dog, full marks to her owners for keeping her in such lovely condition 2. Legget’s Ir Ch Elsco Amastunner at Swanwite, another good good bitch of a larger frame, perfect tail and rear, typical head, good body and swift movement, front lets her down. 3. Matthews’ Flugelberry Fizz Princess

Minor Puppy Bitch (5) 1. Richardson’s Momba Tonga Empress Eugenie of Cooperland, top notch puppy teaming with type and quality, lovely outline, perfect tail and rear, excellent head, and expression, easy mover, must have a bright future ahead. Best Puppy 2. Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi, lovely brindle puppy of quality, really lovely neck and topline, feminine head which chould have a little more strength in muzzle, stands on sound legs, showed well, excellent drive in front on the move , rather close behind 3. Nicholls’ Shyllar Born to Perform

Puppy Bitch (1) 1. Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi, see previous class

Junior Bitch (1) 1. Holloway’s Aksaifleet Russki Rose, feminine bitch of excellent type and size, good body, excellent tail and rear, very light in bone and I would have liked her more coordinated on the move, feminine typical head

Post Graduate Bitch (2) 1. Matthews’ Flugelberry Cherie Trifle, feminine brindle bitch, well made front and rear with good movement, sound quarters, good tail, needs a little more quality in head and expression, happy show-girl 2. Gaskell’s Memetuka Rize n’Shine, better in head and expression than the winner and equally sound in front and rear, good legs and feet, rather long cast and movement could have been more parallel going away, excellent temperament

Limit Bitch (6) 1. Banton’s Embeau Sun Treasure, ultra-elegant bitch of really lovely type, excellent head, body and topline, sound legs and feet, good tail and quarters, easy fluid mover, a bitch I really liked and she was a serious contender in the challenge 2. Hardy & Hallam’s Tokaji Klassic Trinity, very well-mde tricoulour bitch, correctly made all over alas a little heavier in build than the winner and not quite as pleasing in head, moved with great precision, very striking overall picture 3. Matthews’ Flugelberry Fizz Princess

Open Bitch (7) 1. Drummond’s Kissangani Ask No Questions at Djoser, strong, very correctly constructed bitch with all the essentials, good head, eyes and ears, pleasing expression, excellent legs and feet, good neck and shoulders, excellent body and rear, tail could be set a little higher. Sound mover and another bitch who made her presence felt strongly in the challenge 2. Legget’s Ch Swanwite Katrionah, lovely feminine bitch with pleasing head and expression, sound front and rear, good body and tail, tight feet, would have liked a little more turn of stifle . Excellent mover. Not an easy decision between two very good bitches. 3. Richardson & Wood’s Woodella Purple Haze over Cooperland ShCM

Champion Bitch (6). Class of outstanding quality and a great pleasure to judge 1. Steele’s Ch Akmar Empress of Egypt JW, outstanding bitch of intense overall quality in gleaming condition combining soundess and type perfectly and living proof that it is indeed possible to combine all the requirements of the breed standard. A magnificent bitch and my notes were very brief: wonderful!! CC & BIS –thanks for allowing me the pleasure of judging such a beautiful Basenji. 2. Dunsdon & Fox’s Aust Ch/Am Grand Ch Kazor’s Breaking the Bank, another glorious bitch teaming with quality, really lovely head and expression, perfect front, body and rear, good tail, coat and condition, easy fluid mover and very well handled, just a tad shorter on the legs than the winner which was a deciding factor between these two grand bitches. Beaten in this class by the narrowest of margins, Res CC & Res BIS 3. Gaskell’s Ch Hi-Lilte Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka ShCM, completed a trio of top-class bitches

Special Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (5, 1 ab) 1. Legget’s Ch Swanwite Katrionah, see previous class 2. Gaskell’s Memetuka Hi-Roller, small feminine bitch standing somewhat low on the legs and still looking immature at 2½ years of age, well-constructed, good mover 3. Holloway’s Aksaifleet I’m Cheetah

Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (3, 1 ab) 1. Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi, see previous class 2. Biliunas’ Vyva Pamarion Vilke, small, very finely built bitch lacking body here today and she is too narrow in front, ok in head and expression, good tail, coat and movement.

Brace Dog/Bitch (4, 1 ab) 1. Gaskell’s duo of red and whites looking very similar in type and size, also heads and expression, moved well in unison to win this class 2. Matthews’ brace of brindles, very close.up and like peas in a pod for type, colour and body properties, just preferred the better heads of the winners, easy movers 3. Drummond’s brace

Team Dog´Bitch(0)

Progeny Dog/Bitch (2) 1. Gaskell’s Ch Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka with her group of red and whites of lovely type albeit a little uneven for size, sound standing and moving, very good heads, temperaments and movement 2. Matthews’ Gooses Glint of Gold at Flugelberry, another pleasing group consisting of three brindles and one red and white, very even for type tempereament and soundess of movement, not quite the heads of the winners but nevertheless a pleasing quartet of Basenjis.

Dan Ericsson (Sweden) judge