• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Gundog Breeds Of Scotland 10/11/18

Labrador Bitches.

My thanks to the exhibitors for the super entry at this my first CC appointment in the breed. I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging your lovely exhibits, quite a few very close decisions were made.


1 Dawson Sh Ch Beskerby Larksong JW

Quality 7 1/2 year old with lovely feminine head & sweet expression, correct ear set & eye, Strong to good front assembly, deep brisket & good ribs. Strong bone & good legs & feet, strong quarters, clean in outline & lovely otter tail steady mover. 

2 Scrimgeour Velvetine Shawnee SHCM 

10 years young and giving a good account of herself, pleasing head & soft expression, shoulders well laid back, Body well conditioned and in proportion, Good forechest & well sprung ribs, retains a firm topline & good tail set, a true mover.

3 Dodd Sh Ch Brockburrow Breaking Dawn

Minor Puppy lovely Quality Class. 

1 Lewis Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo Just 7 months A beautifully young bitch that oozed quality, super feminine head shape dark soft expressive eyes, neck strong & well muscled leading to well made forehand with good depth, ample bone on neat well padded feet, strong well coupled loin, good turn of stifle, hocks well let down, moved soundly with confidence, should have a bright future one to watch. 

2 Schopen Meadoovilabs Superstar Of Barnagrow

8 months with a very feminine head, good eye colour & correct earset , devolving well in body and ribs, has a lovely outline, strong hindquarters, good otter tail, in good coat and condition sound action. 

3 Woodburn Centenalee Spring Time another lovely puppy. 

Puppy Super Class.  

1 Percival Wynfaul Wind Chimes An impressive bitch of 10 months, good type & quality. Classic head, dark expressive eyes, clean neck which is set well to shoulders, body is deep & powerful so well balanced, true front with deep brisket, strong well made quarters, free mover with an easy action, another one to watch BPB. 

2 Fairgrieve Alkaruss Something Special 11 months and close up to one, lovely feminine head, lovely eye shape & ear set, correct bite, strong muscular neck, correct length to height proportions, body deep with good ribs, well boned limbs & good strong hindquarters, lovely tail action on the move, lovely type 3 Ferguson Precious Miss Charlotte. another nice puppy.


1 Roberts Bronia Yokanga Gold lovely classic head & dark eye with soft expression & good scissor bite, strong neck into good shoulders & forechest, thought her to be well balanced throughout, ribs well sprung, she presented a lovely unexaggerated outline, well muscled body, straight well boned limbs on neat feet, coat in good order, moved positively fore & aft covering the ground well.

2 Coode Warringah Timouron Cooladdi 14 months quality bitch with a lovely well proportion head, dark expressive eyes, well developed forechest & good Spring of ribs, compact well muscled body, correct topline in good coat & condition, strong well constructed hindquarters, strong well let down hocks, lovely otter tail, just pipped by one on movement today 3 McGillivray Woefdrams American Abbygaill With Antonine (imp NLD) 


1 Percival Wynfaul Vickers JW Beautiful head with lovely eye & alert expression, strong neck to good firm top line, deep brisket, elbows tucked in, well ribbed body, strong through the loin, ample bone on good legs & feet, hindquarters are strong with good stifle, sound easy action with good tail action, 

2 Woodburn Centenalee Miss Madelyn 22 months pretty bitch impressive head & dark eye with soft expression & good scissor bite, strong bone with good feet, in stack she was a lovely overall shape, strong topline, deep chest, not as positive on the move as one. 3 Scrimgeour Velvetine The Bride


1 Wynfaul Wind Chimes 1st in Puppy 

2 Warringah Timouron Cooladdi 2nd Junior

3 Meadoovillabs Super Star Of Barnagrow


1 Woodburn Centenalee Silver Ice 21 months feminine head, dark eye with kindly expression, Strong neck into good shoulders. Good depth of chest well balanced all through, deep well ribbed body, straight front limbs, hocks well let down, shown in good coat & condition, shown to advantage, sound on the move. 2 Steele Loumar Novascotia Another quality bitch of 19 months. shapely head, eyes still to darken, appeals in outline especially when free standing, balanced body with deep brisket & good bone & feet, Could not match one on the move today 3 McGillivray Woefdrams American Abbygail With Antonine (Imp Ned)


1 Loumar Novascotia 2nd in Novice

2 Smith & Bobby Meadowline Mi Suena Bruxinho JW 3 years. Not as forward as one finer all through, feminine head, correct bite strong neck clean outline, deep body, shown in good coat & condition, neat feet, not moving well today 3 Bratton Foulby Elina For Millbraden

Post Graduate

1 Dawson Beskerby Sing Song liked her head, sweet expression with good shaped dark eyes, well developed nostrils, strong bone on & neat well padded feet, lovely well developed body of good depth & length, strong hindquarters, lovely otter tail, shown in super coat and condition, sound free mover 2 Steele Ashbypark Honey Spun Silk At Loumar close up to one, 4 year old with good overall balance, soft expression on good head shape, strong neck to good lay of shoulders, clean outline, quarters well developed, she as a lovely otter tail used well on the move 3 Smith & Bibby Bruxinho Thunder Rolls 

Mid Limit. Super class of quality.  

1 Park Ramsayville Rhubarb Rock At Kinchyle

An impressive 3 year old of good breed type, classic head with good eye colour & expression. Muscular neck leading into well laid back shoulders, straight well boned front, elbows tucked in, deep powerful body of balanced construction & firm topline, well coupled in loin, strong hindquarters with well let down hocks, good otter tail, so sound on the move a quality bitch who topped a super class 2 O’Brien Maxfield ArabellaAnother quality bitch, 3 years old of good breed type, has a lovely feminine classic head, broad skull, dark eye with a soft expression as & good scissor bite, balanced outline, strong neck into good shoulders, super legs & feet, body deep and compact, strong well developed quarters, moved well 3 Mowatt Claychalk Costa Grand 

Limit Super class quality. 

1 Gawthorpe Waterbrook Pillow Talk Very super bitch who has all the essentials of a true Labrador 

Typical head of good proportions, soft expressive eyes, good width of skull & wide nose, her strong neck flowed in well place shoulders & firm topline, mature well conditioned body with deep brisket & good ribs, well defined loin, quarters sting with well turned stifle, moved well, pushed hard for top honours 2 Scrimgeour Velvetine Dream Chaser 

4 year old, pleasing head, Kindly eye, ears well set on, Good length of neck, well developed forechest. Correct amount of bone on good feet, well balanced throughout, good ribcage, she presented a lovely balanced outline. Good otter tail moved well 3 Powell Seatallan Yellow Archangel (A1) 

Open. Super class a pleasure to judge. 

1 Harvey-Major Anubis Everybody Is Fine In Linjor (Imp Ita) “Wow” was my initial thought when this bitch entered the ring and she certainly didn’t disappoint, a very impressive exhibit who I thought screamed quality & good breed type, super head showing the desired proportions of skull to fore face and correct stop, eyes dark with a lovely expression, wide nostrils, good pigmentation, good muzzle & underjaw, strong muscular neck into well laid back shoulders, deep brisket, strong straight well boned legs on lovely round well padded feet, elbows held close to her compact well ribbed body, retains a strong topline on the stack and on the move, good tail set, well rounded quarters, hocks well let down, was in good coat & good condition. 

Shown in super coat and condition, she was very sound on the move fore & aft with good foot fall, a joy to watch, delighted to ward her the CC and in agreement with my co judge BOB.  

2 Allen & Guildford Allenie’s Athena At Mandursan another super quality bitch who pushed one all the way today, lovely 6 year old of good breed Type, lovely well proportioned head, good eye colour & expression, correct scissor bite, strong muscular neck into good shoulder placement, body deep and well ribbed with strong loin, firm topline to lovely well set otter tail, shown in good clean coat & condition, sound free moved, well handled.

3 Powell Seatallan Waterlily

Judge: Colin Woodward