• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin R Hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Neapolitan Mastiff

Bath 2018 

Neapolitan Mastiff 

Firstly, I should like to thank the committee of Bath Canine Society for inviting me to judge again at this show, and second the exhibitors for bringing their Mastini for me to judge (the standard was very high indeed).  This breed has literally come on in leaps and bounds!  

The weather provided a mixture of conditions at both ends of the spectrum – not unusual for this venue – torrential rain and thunderstorms caused me to abandon the outside ring area and extend the undercover adjoining ring which all exhibits used fully.  None of the exhibits, especially the PB, batted an eye lid at the overhead thunderclap unlike the stewards and spectators.  The weather redeemed itself for the post judging picnics with great conversation.  My BOB passed the vet check with ease and I was pleased that my BP was shortlisted in the group.  All in all a great judging experience despite the meteorological interference. 

PD 2.1 - 1st Mafi’s Tommaso Goffredo’s Taro.  Boy of 9mths. Excellent head piece for age lovely planes showing width of skull with defined stop, good width of muzzle and excellent depth with lovely dentition and bite.  All on top of strong neck, level topline with good general balance and conformation. Would prefer a tad bit more hind angulation which should come with age. Body of good width and length showing a little daylight below at this stage of development, but depth of chest shows this will rectify with maturity. Movement belied his young age.  Cracking pup with a great future ahead of him BP and shortlisted in the Puppy Working Group.    

OD 4.1 - 1st Slater & Mafi’s Easy To Love Ariki. 3 yr old lad.  A beautiful boy shown in great condition and fitness.  Balanced head piece and muzzle, parallel head planes showing good width, depth, defined stop, expression and clean wrinkle.  Clear eyes (would just prefer a darker iris shade) well pigmented with clean eye rims a bonus.  Good dentition and bite.  Strong neck creating lovely silhouette to level topline, body of length which would prefer a tad longer in loin. Good body width and spring of rib, moderate angulation fore and aft.  Good depth and width of chest.  Straight front when viewed from front with strong round bone, up on pasterns.  Not yet the finished picture and should mature to advantage.  Moved with great reach, showing power and drive from behind.  BOB Passed the vet check with aplomb.  2nd Evans’ Makaevo Horlicks At Kormese TAF.  Medium sized boy of 2 yrs and showing maturity.  Strong in head showing good width, depth and head planes.  Good expression, nice angles, topline and substance all atop of strong bone.  Moved well around the ring RBD.  3rd Pervenis’ Jun Ch Large Paw Roma Del Mastini.    

PB 1.0 - 1st Pervenis’ Mastini Dasha Gods Gift. 7 mth old grey brindle baby of quality and unfortunate to meet the PD today for BP.   Lovely head piece that’s raw at present but showing great potential.  Good skull depth and muzzle shape but would just prefer a slightly smaller eye rims.  Neck, conformation fore and aft, topline and underline all in balance producing a lovely shape with substance and type.  Stood like a little rock when assessing her in show stance despite overhead thunderclap.  Sound on the move due to her correct conformation.   Very honest, balanced pup who should continue improving with age. PB   

JB 1.0 - 1st Evans’ Nannina At Makaevo (Imp Ita). 14 mth old bitch of great substance with balanced body of impressive depth and width for age.  Head needs to catch up with body at present but showing good wrinkling, well-defined stop, good width and depth of muzzle with good dentition and bite. Wide chest into good spring of rib and standing foursquare.  All held up on strong bone, good angles and neat compact feet.  Very tidy mover around the ring. RBB 

LB 1.1 – Absent.  

OB 2.0 – 1st Slater & Mafi’s Acts Of Heroic Ofa.  3 yr old bitch of maturity with stunning head piece.  Great skull width and depth of stop showing lovely parallel lines of muzzle to top of stop and occiput with lovely expression.  Eye clean and clear but would just prefer a shorter lower eye rim to complete the picture.  Muzzle of depth and width with good bite and dentition.  Great silhouette created by strong neck with body of great length and depth. Substance in abundance throughout all held up on strong bone with conformation showing maximum angles.  She filled my eye, shouting Mastino. On the move she had good reach, was very sound but to be picky today needing a little more drive behind BB.  2nd Pervenis’ Large Paw Selestia Del Mastini.  Black brindle of 23 mths in lovely coat condition. Nice expressive head with a lovely sweet temperament and nature.  Body of some length and depth but would prefer a little more substance and spring of rib (which should come with maturity).  Moved well round the ring coming, going and side profile.  

Judge C R Hill.