• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Skye Terrier

The Welsh

Kennel Club


Skye Terrier

V.D (2)


Good shaped head and expression, ears and fringes used to his advantage, body of good length, moved well and in good coat in very good condition. B.V.

2nd Parker, GLORFINDEL DEACON BRODIE Sh.CM. Another one of good type balanced and moved soundly around the rind, not the condition of the first placing.

P.D (2,1a)

1st Manson, BHATAIRNIS FASACH TAF. Just 6 months old and full on keen and alert, owner had his hand full, couldn’t really go over him to much but looked of decent type, a bit erratic on the move, ok once he settled down just wants to play, coming on well for his age.

J.D (0)

P.G.G (0)

L.D (2)

1st Kendrick, FRISCO KIAORA AT JERARO (IMP) Correct shaped head and expression, dark eyes and erect ears enough neck and body, good angulations, moved well for and aft, good in topline and condition.

2nd Large, JUGER EDELWEISS MICKEY MOUSE IS MADAZA (IMP) Heavier set drop eared dog, strong in head and jaw with correct bite, plenty bone and substance to him, good muscle tone, moved well with level topline and good coat, not the length of the first placing.

O.D (4,2a)

1st Curtis, CH BRAKEMILL BARNUM Sh.CM. Good size make and shape, correct head shape and dentition, good fringes to ears, very good in neck, body of good length and well muscled thigh’s great coat and put down in immaculate condition, moved keeping a good topline. CC & B.O.B.

2nd Breeze, CH SALINA THE MAGNIFICENT ONE. Another worthy champion that’s always showed in tip top condition, well balanced for size, good in head, expression and pigmentation. Neck and front correct, good in topline and strong quarters, moved covering the ground with ease, long straight coat, Res CC.

V.B (1)

1st Grainger, WHICHEATA CELTIC CONECTION. Pleasing head shape, dark eye, good in head and reach of neck, long and low and level topline, moved well owner strudels to keep up with the exhibit at the moment, (new knee) I can sympathies there, in good condition.

P.B (3,1a)

1st Curtis, VERUMAMICUS AURORA OF BRAKEMILL. Good in size make and shape for her age, good head with correct bite, nice neck and body, in decent coat,

Moved well for a youngster, B.P I.B.

2nd Large, PARRIMA-ARIH UNIVERSE OF MY FANTASY IS MADAZA. Not as mature as the first placing, but very good expression and pigmentation, darkest of eyes, and correct dentition, not the coat at the moment but moved well.

J.B (1)

1st Grainger, BEARRERIG ISLE NA H-AIRDE. Pleasing head shape, dark eye, correct bite, good reach of neck, good body and quarters, just a bit nervous on the table wanting to back off, moved well and in good coat.

P.G.B (2)

1st Parker, TWEEDSMUIR FEEBEE MINE. Good head with correct bite, nice neck and body, ample rib and strong thigh’s, moved well keeping a good topline, coat of good texture and straight.

2nd Roberts, GLORFINDEL EFFORT AT SUNABIL. Enough bone and substance, dark eye and correct bite, ok for rib and good quarters, in good coat and condition not the mover of the first placing.

L.B (2)

1st Miller & Ryan, FEORLIG UP UP AND AWAY. Pleasing head shape and expression, dark eye, and correct dentition, good reach of neck, good in body and strong quarters, moved with drive keeping a level topline, coat good but would have like to see more furnishings.

2nd Heath, PERRYLANDS HELLO AGAIN. Another tidy one of type, good head shape, ears and eyes, good dentition, neck shoulders and body good, nice angulations, moved well and in good coat, just not as hard as the first.

O.B (4,2a)

1st Breeze, CH SALINA SLIVER SAPPHIRE, Typical of the breed, long low and level, good expression and pigmentation, good head shoulders and front, ample body and strong muscle tone, in great condition, didn’t put a foot wrong today move like a dream, CC.

2nd Curtis, CH BRAKEMILL BRIAR ROSE. Typical head shape and ear carriage, correct bite and strong jaw, good neck body and topline, well off for bone and substance, in good coat, just proffered the movement of the first, Res CC.


Mr. Colin Powell.