• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Blackpool & District

Canine Society



V/D/B (2,1a)


Gave his one a second in 2011, still enjoying her self and aged well, move free and easy around the ring, looked well in profile and on the move.

P/D (1)

1st Burns, BURNEZE WILD AT HEART. Stood alone but lots of ring presence to him, keen and alert, well balanced and good in profile and didn’t disappoint on the move in good coat, very easy mover BD.

J/D (0)

L/D (2,)

1st McLoughlin, LEYHEY LOCAL LADDIE. Pleasing head & expression, dark eye & good bite, short back, good tail set & carriage, moved well keeping a level topline.

2nd Bartley, ATELIB THE GENERAL. Balanced dog, dark eye and good ear carriage, enough rib and bone, short in back, were carrying weight and soft in the rear moved well, coat a bit sparse.

O/D (2)

1st Cooper, BRORASTAR WANNA BE YOUR MAN. Good in type, good head with well placed ears, dark eye, nice neck and shoulders, short back and good angulations, moved well and with ease. RBD

2nd Bradbury, GLENMOORE MIDWINTER MAGIC. Top size dog well off for bone and substance, good ear carriage and dark eyes, would like better dentition, and harsher coat, moved well.

P/B. (3)

1st Burns BURNEZE FOLLOW MY LEAD. Very well made puppy, all the things in the right place for her age, bags of confidence, well balanced good pigmentation and angulations, good in profile, coat of good texture, move covering the ground with ease, good drive in the rear, the owner puts the dogs down in immaculate condition (White) RBB.

2nd Lancaster, CLANESTAR CARELESS MOON. Another one of good type, typical of the breed, good head shape and nice ear carriage and dark eyes, well balanced short with good rear angulations, moved well in good coat.


J/B (3,2a)

1st Davies, HILLCLOUD RIGA AT MANAKEL. Typical of the breed, good head and expression, well bodied and good strong quarters, handled and showed well, moved with ease keeping a level topple and good tail set, well presented. B/J.

L/B (3)

1st McLoughlin, LEYHEY LUCK BE A LADY. Good expression with small ears, darkest of eyes set wide apart, distinct stop, strong jaw with large teeth and corrects bite bodied short and compact, good angulations, in good coat, moved with ease around the ring.

2nd Bradbury, LIZANDYCRIS MISSCHIEVES AT FOURASTAY. Clean in head with dark eyes and good ear placement, correct bite, short back, good tail set and coat texture, moved well.


O/B (2)

1st Burns, CH BURNEZE OUR MARNIE. Loved this bitch when I gave her 4th place in the terrier group at S.K.C. at ten and half month old in 2016, she had exceptional potential, and a very bright future ahead of her, can’t say much more only that she as matured into the bitch you see today, always put down in immaculate condition, handled and moved to perfection, B/B & B.O.B.

2nd McLoughlin, LLOVALL LOOK HERE LEYHEY. Pleasing head shape good ears and eye placement, strong jaw, good in body and strong rear quarters with good set on, moved well and coat just starting to harden.


Mr. Colin Powell