• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Welsh Terrier

Blackpool & District

Canine Society


Welsh Terrier

P/D (3.1a)

1st Robertson, TILTSER THUNDER BAY AT RENEVIS. Very good in coat color, full of quality and type, good in profile and on the move, clean in head with good expression, ear carriage good used to his advantage, dark eyes and correct bite, bodied well for age and good angulations, moved well keeping a good topline and tail set, nice tight jacket, B/P.

2nd ASHTON, CANNYYATTON DIGGORY DELVET FROM KITESPRITE. A taller puppy and leaner than my first placing, all there just needs to mature, coat starting to harden, moved well covering the ground with ease.

J/D (2)

1st Maughan & Griffiths, BROCOLITIA BUGSY MALONE. Good size make and shape, plenty of bone and substance, strong short and cobby, powerful head with correct bite, well ribbed and hard thigh’s good harsh coat, but played up on the move, hard to handle.

2nd Roe, DEZREZ SILVER MACHINE. A lighter dog all over but balanced, pleasing head shape, ears used keen and alert good dentition, good shoulders and body for a youngster, well developed thigh’s put down in good condition, and in good coat, moved well.

L/D (1)

1st Roe, DEZREZ KEEP ON RUNNING. Would have like an bit more bone and substance for a doge of this age, good in size and balanced, correct ears and dark eyes, good bite, nice neck and shoulders, hard lean quarters, good tail set, harsh coat and moved with ease around the ring.

O/D (6,1a)

This was a good class of quality and breed type.

1st Smith & Gabel, MONALINE LANCELOT /ATC.

Plenty of breed type to this dog, good size, make and shape, dog with plenty to like about him. Good headed dog with correct ears and expression and correct bite, good shoulders and body, well developed thigh’s put down in excellent condition, and in good harsh coat, moved and handled to perfection, plenty of drive from the rear. DCC & B.O.B.

2nd Vickers, ESKWYRE WYART EARP. Great color to this dog, strong short and compact, a well balanced dog, pushed hard for top spot, in great condition, very good head and ears, dark eye and good dentition, ample rib and strong thigh’s harsh coat, moved well keeping a level topline and tail set, proffered the drive of the first. Res DCC.


P/B (0)

J/B (2,1a)

1st Spragg, WESTPENN SUGAR MAMA. Nice make, shape and size, pleasing head shape, good dark eyes, correct bite, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, short back and good angulations, good color and coat texture to her moved well. B/J.

L/B (0)

O/B. (4)

1st Hughes, & Pearce, KNOWLELION MORNING SKY. Strong, short and compact, well balanced, good shaped head, dark round eye, correct ear carriage, good bite, ample bone, well upon her toes, strong muscular thighs, correct tail set, very hard and fit harsh coat, moved well, BCC.

2nd Graham, STANSTEAD SHINNING STAR. Great color to this bitch, top draw material and full of bread type, not as short as the first place but put down in immaculate condition, moved with ease around the ring, just proffered the muscle tone today but could easily swap on another day. Res BCC.

3rd Smith & Gabel, KEBULAK SHE DEVEL.


Mr. Colin Powell