• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Australian Terrier

Birmingham National Dog Show


Australian Terrier

M/P/D (0)

P/D (1)

1st Nottingham & Cawdell-Owen, VALMAR VON DEN GRAUEN ANFURTEN. B/T. A pup of good size, make and shape, pleasing head shape, keen and alert, mature nicely, a lot to like about this dog sound in all departments, coat just coming through, moved with ease and confidence, B/P.

J/D (1)

1st Ferris, & Russell, B/T. Keen expression, used ears well dark eyes, and correct dentition, good pigmentation ( dark gums) a bit weak in pasterns and soft in coat showed well for its owner, moved well keeping a good topline.

P/G/D. (1a)

L/D (1)

1st Skelton & Spitewinter, OOH AH HENRY. Red. A lot to like about this dog, one of good breed type, very alert with good expression, used ears to his advantage and a dark eye, correct bite, good neck and front, fibs well sprung, strong hind quarters, in good condition, moved with drive covering the ground with ease, Res CC.

O/D. (2)

1st McCourt, Eardley & O’Reilly, CH SILHILL RED CRACKLE. One in immaculate condition and handled and showed to perfection, full of breed type, sturdy and well made, great coat texture and good ruff around neck. Typical head and body, strong thigh’s moved as one with the handler keeping a good topline and tail set. CC & B.O.B.

2nd McCourt, Eardley & O’Reilly, CH SILHILL BARNEY RUBBLE, Red. Another one of quality and type, good head and expression, dark eyes, correct ear carriage, good dentition, nice furnishing, enough rib, good angulations, moved and handled well.

V/D (0)

M/P/B (2,1a)

1st Thompson & Lapthorne, JENINA JIVE BUNNY, A little nervous on the table but sound on the floor, nice type keen and alert, correct bite, good expression, moved very well for such a youngster.

P/B (3,1a)


Good in type and temperament, pleasing head and expression, well placed ears, small dark eyes, correct bite, well ribbed, strong quarters, good coat, moved well keeping a good topline and tail set.

2nd Thompson & Lapthorne, JENINA JIVE BUNNY.

J/B (0)

P/G/B. (0)

L/B (3,1a)

1st Jones, WYEAFRON MIRANDA FROST. B/T. Great pigmentation, good in type with pleasing head and expresion hard and fit, well bodied and strong quarters, good coat and furnishings, moved well and covered the ground with ease.

2nd Lapthorne & Thompson, JENINA JEZZY JAY. Another one of type with a keen expression, correct ear carriage and dark eye, good bite, nice feet and front, enough rib, moved freely keeping a good topline and tail set.

A class of excellent quality and breed type.

O/B (3)

1st Whitehouse, SILHILL NUTS IN MAY, Red. Not the furnishings and glamour of the big girls but by far one of the soundest true moving exhibits today, can quote the standard of this girl, perfectly straight front and parallel when viewed, level topline, and good angulations, she is keen and alert and soundly constructed, moved effortlessly around the ring and with drive. CC

2nd McCourt, SILHILL THE SEQUEL, A worthy champion of quality and breed type, good head shape ears, eyes and mouth correct, good in profile and on the move, handled and moved very well around the ring, in good coat, Res CC

3rd Skelton, CH MILLVALLEY BLUE PERSIMMON. Can see why she made a champion, great furnishing and coat condition.

V/B. (1)

1st Jones, SILHILL BLUE MOON OVER WYEAFON. A lady that still enjoys her days out in the show world, true in spirit and type still keen and alert in good condition for her age, moved like she owned the ring.


Mr. Colin Powell.