• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Avery Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Bloodhound
I would like to thank the Windsor Championship Show Committee for the honour of being invited to judge the Bloodhounds at their 2018 Show. This has always been my favourite championship dog show and I think the committee do a five star job year in year out come rain or shine. Also my thanks to the exhibitors for entering under me and the opportunity to go over their hounds most of them travelling many hours to do so this I really appreciate. I understand that my BOB gained her title today so I can think of no better way than that to bow out at the ripe old age of 72 of show judging and hand over to our up and coming younger Bloodhound judges I hope they get as much pleasure as I have over the years. Colin Avery (Millvery) Veteran Dog/Bitch. No Entriea Puppy Dog. : 1 Entry 1 : Fiona Mc Kenzie : Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander (Imp) Blanket Black 10month old well matured dog plenty of bone with lots to like about him and will I’m sure have a promising future : Best Puppy Junior Dog : 1 Entry 1 : Miss E Burnside & Mr R Manley - Hounseeker Abbot (ai) Liver&Tan 12months old nice hound with lovely head good clear eyes and kind expression. Good length and low set leather Correct length of back and stern moved well and one to watch in the future. Post Graduate Dog : 2Entries 1 : Ms C Rowland : Castledee Monlight Sky 14month old liver/tan very nice hound with clear eyes correct bite correct length of body. Stood and moved well still young and needs time to mature .RDCC 2 : Lady E Watson : Scentall Zorro Black&Tan 2 and half year with good head correct bite and good clear eyes with adequate length of leathers just needs time to mature. Limit Dog : No Entries Open Dog : 4Entries 1 : Ms L S Priestley : Ch Railside Pluto Of Quikotic What can be said about Pluto that has not been said by many judges before me. Mature 4year old Black&Tan with a lot to like about him lovely head correct bite clear eyes correct long low set leathers which gives him that lovely kind expression. Well knuckled (cat like) feet the best feet I judged today. Moved well shown in excellent condition and pleased to award him DCC. 2 : Miss Sam Clark & Ms M Faucq : Precious Poppy Truffe Medievale Avec Farlap (Imp) Two year old red well matured red boy standing over a lot of ground. Strong masculine head with correct length of leathers and strong hind quarters. Movement adequate. 3 : Miss E Burnside & Mr R Manley : Defender Od Hadiho Potoka at Houndseeker (Imp) Two and half year old light Black and Tan with correct length of Scull good clear eyes correct bite and length of back for me still needs time to mature further. GC D/B : No Entries SB D/B : No Entries Puppy Bitch : 3Entries ( 1 absent) 1 : Mrs J Hudson : Nancy de la Colline du Bosc at Graceminster Blanket Black 9month old with good length of scull good clear eyes with correct ear set. Nice length of back and stern set moved satisfactory and overall a nice bitch. 2 : Ms C Rowland : Harvidene Mercedes at Castledee 14month old Black and Tan with nice head good length of leathers good bite and clear eyes. Nice length of back and again overall a nice bitch. Junior Bitch : 2Entries (1 absent) 1 : Miss E Burnside & Mr R Manley : Houndseeker Amber (a.i) 12month old red bitch with good length of scull and low set leathers. Correct bite and nice clear eyes. Adequate length of back and movement satisfactory Post Graduate Bitch : 1Entry 1 : Ms C Rowland : Castledee Daydream Star 14month old Black and Tan head and length of leathers both adequate with correct bite bold clear eye but unfortunately this does not give that lovely kind expression. Shown in excellent condition. Limit Bitch : 1Entry 1 : Mrs T J Howie : Marksbury Wheedle Von-Jaegersmann Two year old Black and Tan bitch I liked her as soon as she came into the show ring. Such a lot to like about her. Lovely mature bitch with beautiful head correct bite clear eyes low set leathers nice square lip. Moved well and shown in beautiful condition .Well deserved BCC & BOB and showed well in the group. Open Bitch : 3Entries (1 absent) 1 : Ms E Cuplip : Harvidene Love Me Tender Lovely two and half year old Black and Tan bitch and unlucky today to meet my BOB. Another bitch with everything to like about her from her beautiful head clear eyes correct bite lovely long correct set leather good hind quarters. Shown in excellent condition RCC. 2 : Mrs T J Howie : Ch Marksbury Hessie Another very nice young bitch from this kennels again nothing to dislike about her all the qualities of my 1st and another day another judges could easily change places with my 1st in Open and my 1st in Limit. Colin Avery (Millvery) Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad